when not blogging

When not blogging, Saucy can be seen driving to Calgary with Loopy and Buddy Budderson to have Loopy's braces tightened and visiting with Veto's mother.  Saucy can be seen dropping sweet mother in law at the Calgary airport to catch a flight to Italy.  Saucy can also be spotted:

Conferring with The Fan to obtain tickets to see those super fantastic Rock Gods the Jonas Brothers in Edmonton on July 2nd.  Just look at her happy expression!  Where are we sitting?  Oh my Jonas!  Check out the seating plan below.  Section 119, Row 7.  Heh.  

That's what being a Team Jonas fan club member three times over and having a slightly obsessive mother and grandmother will get you. Approximately fifty feet from your hero... I mean, future husband.  Saucy can also be seen:

Giggling at the thought of Veto being blogspotted at the airport.  A reader approached him and said that she knew who he was and that she knew him as "Veto".  Just the thought of that makes Saucy's face hunk with a grin as she imagines his reaction.  She wants that reader to know that even though we have never met, Reader is invited for tea anytime she wants.  Saucy can also be seen:

Oohing and aahing over the lovely swap parcel that arrived from her partner Roseanne in England.  The theme of the swap was the four suits: spade, club, diamond and heart.  Roseanne outdid herself with what has to be the most generous and thoughtful swap parcel ever:

Thank you Roseanne for all of the lovely treasures.  You especially have a gift for making the sparkly bits.  The whole package was enchanting and Saucy hid the sweets in all of her little places around the house nobody knows about, to be enjoyed bit by bit.  And by bit by bit Saucy pretty much means in one afternoon, when nobody else is around.

Saucy can be seen shirking her household responsibilities and diving into these fantastic reads about Mary Queen of Scots and the English monarchy... Saucy can also be spotted scratching her little bleached blonde head:

Wondering who on earth that little gal is in the postcard Roseanne included... it doesn't say quite who she is and yet there she is perched, waving at Saucy from the Royal Balcony as if to say you absolutely should know who I am... you should get your head out of the Martha mags long enough to look me up.  Or at the very least, you should post me on your blog and surely someone will tell you who I am and why I am sandwiched between these two dreadful people looking so terribly happy... as if I were Loopy and these were the super fabulous Jonas Brothers and my engagement to Joe was just announced.

Oh, well.   Saucy can also be seen:

Rearranging and reorganizing the top of the vanity with pretty trays and our perfume collection.  Can you tell which are Loopy's and which are Saucy's?

Well, what have you been doing while Saucy has not been blogging?


Coco said...

Did Veto get freaked out over being recognized by a stranger? We missed you.

Where have I been? Working way too hard and visiting my sister in New Orleans.


A New England Life said...

Won't Loopy have a great time at the concert! And what great seats!

Another purfume Loopy might like is Tink by Disney. Not Tinkerbell (for little girls), but Tink. It's sold at Hot Topic, or you could find it online. Both my daughter and I love it!

Those two people ARE dreadful looking! How I miss Diana.

MaryCatherine said...

Why, reading Saucy's archive, of course ;-)

3continentfamily said...

What a cute post!

Hmm. I'm being a mommy to a very active 19 month old...the days he is at creche, I'm working hard in my studio focusing on my little business. The rest of the time is deciding if I can wear that shirt covered in baby stuff just *one more day* and if I do, will anyone notice? ;)

Vintage Kitten said...

Another fab post! Love the perfume bottles, and what a lovely swap.

Hey Veto you are famous!!!

How come Loopy looks so pretty wearing a brace?. If it was me I would look like that man 'Jaws' from the James Bond movies LOL! X

KAGS Herself said...

Where have I been? At home, caring for a sick hubby and wondering how to fix the rest of this school year.
I would love to have seen veto's face - spotted by one of your geeky friends in an airport.

Now if you're going to make some jam tarts with that lovely jam Roseanne sent over feel free to notify me, and I will not make any Essex jokes!

Anonymous said...

Hi 'Saucy',
It's me, Jenn Molloy, the one that blogspotted Veto- I couldn't tell if he was amused or alarmed. I hope I didn't scare him...
We 'lurrrve' what you have done with the house, we have the best memories from 209, hopefully you will too.

Suzanne said...

Is that little girl Princess Louise, Edward's daughter?

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

How fun! Your gift to Loopy is sublime and I love that your blog has made your husband a little famous.

alittlebitofscrap said...

Sweet package!
I've been recovering from crazy trip south. Back in the frozen tundra again and actually thankful to be home :)

Amy said...

Fun post. I have some of the same perfumes that are on Loopy's side. What does that say about me? :) I will not mention to my JB fan that Loopy is going-she will have momma envy.

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

What a fun post!!

I think you've just coined a new phrase ~ blogspotting!! Gotta love that!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Linda Crispell said...

Does Veto sign autographs?
Loopy makes braces look so stylish!


I've been enjoying spring break with my kids. Lucky Loopy!

LisaInCT said...

Congrats to Veto.. hope he enjoyed his 15 mins. of fame. :)

Great post, as always!

I personally have been counting the days to spring and catching up on blogs! (Such an addiction!) And planning for my 30th High School reunion which I am in charge of and which I started a blog about!

I have NO IDEA who the little girl is!

Cassandra said...

Hello Saucy, another darling post! My guess for the little girl standing between Satan and his Zombie Bride would be maybe the Grandaughter of the Zombie Bride? I miss Diana too!!

Jerri-Lea said...

Yay Loopy! You must be thrilled to be seated so close to your future boyfriend at his concert, I know that he will be singing all his songs to you and only you!

CJ and I have been busy creating some 'spring' crafts and treats hoping to hurry her on her way to town!! And getting ready for Moto-Moto's Dinosaur birthday party!

Janeen said...

Cuuuuute post, as usual! I always look forward to your musings!

We've been busy working, doing homework, taking bubble baths, etc. Last night we went to our kids school to watch the Talent Show and it was so C-U-T-E! From preschool to highschool, they filled the stage. My 2 favorites were the young man who did Classic Guitar riffs (rock on boy!) and a little guy who told jokes... for example, "What do you get when you cross a Turtle with a Porcupine?" Answer... "A slow poke." ha ha

MJ said...

i was hoping to find out for certain who that little girl is from the comments. It can't be Edward's child as they would be preschoolers, not school-aged (I think). My guess? Someone from Camilla's family. But what do I know? I gave up monarchy watching when I discovered the likelihood of marrrying one of them was remote!

Tamara Jansen said...

Hey, are you anywhere near Edmonton on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday this week? We're up there for a presentation and I'm hoping to check out the Mall for some stuff I can buy for my future grand baby :) Maybe we'll see you there!

Rosa said...

That cracks me up that the V was spotted and recognized at the airport! That's kinda freaky, I bet, for him. Love the new pic of Loo. I love her perfume display, as yours. I need to clean mine up and put them on a mirror or sumfin. Yours are too perty. Mine are just dusty (although I do use them all--mostly Annick Goutal, I till blow the top before I open the lid--ha).

Christine said...

Hahaha! I can imagine the look on my husbands face if that happened to him. I would so invite that person over for tea. That is so funny.

I wonder who that little girl is. I wonder how she can look so cheerful? I to am scratching my head.

What have I been doing? Nursing a cold so really, doing nothing.

E said...

What a very lucky girl Loopy is!! I know several girls who would be very jealous!!

Amanda said...

Of course I am 'all ears' whenever you mention the JoBros in a post!! :)

michelleb. said...

Just curious, does the one bottle of perfume on Loopy's tray say "Play Doh"? If so, is that really the scent?

michelleb. said...

Ok...I'm a little slow to catch on. Blogger does not show my email and I never left it in my comment from 4/25

mblaise3 said...

WOW, those are really good seats for the JoBro concert!! and i like loopy's play dough perfume it seems very one of a kind.


Christine said...

I have a serious obsession with perfumes and sprays. I think I have at least 15 bottles stashed around my room somewhere. And then I get crazy about using them, its always JUST ONE SPRAY and so then I never go through an entire bottle and usually wind up losing them :\

Christine Bruce