we're into it

Loopy is into these limited-edition Converse high-top sneaks. She spied them to wear with her dress at her elementary school graduation and with some great luck and timing, Veto and I stumbled onto them at a huge discount while we were in Toronto. They are planted in her closet waiting for the big day. They are mostly pink but they have so much black detail they almost look a little dressy... almost.

I'm pretty sure I have extolled the virtues of the KUMON math program here before, but we really are into it. Loopy does about fifteen minutes of math every day, usually after supper. Once a week she goes to her KUMON classroom where she meets with two wonderful teachers who introduce her to a new math skill and work with her until she has mastered it. All of her daily homework assignments reinforce the new skill using repetition and mastery - something there just isn't enough time for in school anymore, it seems.

Loopy started KUMON almost three years ago - and while she wasn't experiencing difficulties in math at the time, her confidence
has increased and she is working well beyond her grade level in mathematics now. KUMON is for mathematics skill mastery... it is a supplementary program rather than a program for students experiencing difficulties.

If your children are quite young, I highly recommend looking into the KUMON program. They can be assessed as to what their "KUMON level" is and work from there. It is quite possibly the best money we ever spent on an extra-curricular activity. Ever. Done preaching... now the fun stuff:

Loopy and I are into the C.O. Bigelow Lemon Lip Balm that Sassy treated us to on her recent trip to Las Vegas.... mmmm.... we did plant the notion in her head by telling her we'd nipped The Fan's right out of her Christmas gift pack, but Sweet Cousin Sassy forgives us our greed and brought us some of our own anyway.

We are into Soap & Glory cosmetics. Originally from Britain, this line is now available at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada and at Target in the US. We dig the retro packaging, the punny names (get it?) and best of all, the delicious aroma of the body products. They remind us of some fabulous products that may have lined our Granny's vanity way back when.
We're also into the Arbonne Intelligence Exfoliating Mask. We've been getting this from Sarah for some time now and only recently did we realize we hadn't told you about it! We're on our third tube. You don't really have to use it that often at all but when you do, watch out. Your skin will be clear and smooth... and a little red, so use it at bedtime or when you don't have to go out. It's irritating, but worth it.
We're into the tinted lip and cheek stain Posie-tint by Benefit. The lightweight gel formula makes it easier to work with than its predecessor, Benetint, and the light rose colour is more natural and gentle enough for Loopy. Plus, a little goes a long way and the staining formula means it lasts through the day. Available in Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart. Lurrve.

Finally, we're really, really into the new soundtrack from The Jonas Brothers 3D Concert Experience. The Fan took Loopy to pick it up today. Ever since we saw Jo Bros in concert this summer, Loopy has been pretty smitten. Actually, that might be an understatement. Veto despairs, "those little bugg
ers have cost me a thousand dollars this year"... and while that is a gross exaggeration, I see his point. The plane tickets, the concert, the book, the movie, the posters, the downloads, the fan club membership, the tee shirt and hoodie, the hat, badges and stickers... okay, I really get Veto's point. But it's still a great disc. Check out Joe's duet with then-girlfriend Taylor Swift "Should've Said No" and the live cover of a Shania Twain song.... we're into it.

What are you into these days? Spill.


3rdEyeMuse said...

what am I into?

- reading your posts
- random acts of artiness
- attempting to sew (sad, sad state of affairs there)
- Coco Chanel (then again, this is not new)


- breathing well

thanks for such a fun distraction!

Starshine said...

I'm really into:

~ taking pics with my new canon
~Stila SPF 30 tinted moisturizer
~Smurfy Eyed blue glitter eyeliner (thanks to your recommendation!)

MaryCatherine said...

"Luurve" those shoes! I just bought my my little sweetie a pair of toddler sized pink ones...A girl has to accessorize, after all!

Julie Cortens said...

Oh, thank you! i think I have to try the Arbonne Intelligence scrub!Sounds like an experience.

I am into taking pictures of Oahu right now. LOVE the ocean!

And the ususal ~ blogging and surfing...the net, not the ocean!

Chris said...

I too love that gloss , my husband brought me back two mint and orange from L.A., orange tastes and smells like creamsicle , devine , thanks to my sil who suggested he get them for me .
I am gonna NEED more .
I am gonna try to find that lip and cheek tint /stain .

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say how much I love your blog! Brittainy

Junie Moon said...

What a great math program; I wish they'd had something like that when I was in school. Good for you in getting Loopy involved.

The shoes and other products you're into are fun and interesting.

I'm into:

- Pantone's Shopping Color Guide (you may like this, I posted about it today)
- Taking classes and trying new things
- Improving my culinary skills (or lack thereof)

abigail @ Piece of Cake said...

miss loopy is a girl after my own heart! pink converse high tops, oh, it just makes me smile.....

today, im into:
chocolate raspberry coffee
my etsy shop
my new "aloe socks"
and, only halfway into Don Quixote

Kristi said...

I'm into all kinds of things...I'm just that kind of girl. Right this minute, I'm really into:

- my fiance and planning our wedding and honeymoon to Ireland

- Davies Gate Lemon-Made hand salve...yum!

- my new ceramic (and completely dishwasher safe) super-cute travel mug.

How fun!

:) Kristi

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I have that mask! It makes my face feel like a baby's butt!
I'm into my Horny Toad cashmoore fleeces, snuggling with Mr. G every morning when he comes down at 6:00 a.m. before I hop in the shower, Anna's ginger cookies and the new radio station I found that only plays lounge music.

Linda Crispell said...

White sheets
White towels
Big Hair
Saving Money
Purging excess

I am such a simple girl.

sassy studio said...

I'm into your blog Saucy.....and also the Masters program at u of s! I'm in I'm in! In Spec ed of course......I have early condit. accept. upon completion of my online course. ahhh! I'm scared and excited! First on my list of things to do is to redo the office into a new school work space.....blue and brown with a twist of lime I'm thinking! Lunch soon? I'm free Friday!

Saucy said...

Friends, I have us some bad news: the Arbonne Intelligence line is being... discontinued. If you have a rep or a way to purchase it may I suggest that you stockpile it. I will be doing just that, faster than Elaine Benes stockpiled the Today sponge.

MJ said...

Yup, Kumon. Check. Thought I'd start K in about Grade 2 so that I would get a little leeway before having N do the program too (as N would be in kindergarten then).

The Things We Carried said...

The future is looking very nice according to Loopy's fortune :)!

Grace said...

what am I into?
-your blog
-shopping events
ok I could go on forever...So I posted about your vanity and now am totally obsessed!!!! You are a trouble maker missy..lol Hugs Grace xoxoxo

Aspergertopia said...

What I'm into right now...

-Tiffany blue and apple red
-ripping up magazines and making my own inspiration binders.
-big picture scrapbooking
-the bachelor
-writing down at least 3 things I'm grateful for - everyday.

djavellana said...

I love you for preaching KUMON!!!!

Dorothy (KUMON instructor)

Tricia said...

I love your "what we're in to" posts, I have totally gotten into a lot of the same things you and Loopy are in to....

michelleb. said...

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion
Panini Sandwiches
Making Color Pencil Rolls as gifts


mblaise3 said...

I am into:
decorating cakes
collecting knick-nacks
other crafty things

Christine said...

Burts Bee's Lip Balm! - its so tingly and minty
Twitter - It's addicting
Chris Pine - Mmmmm. Hottest Captain Kirk ever :P
Sleep - Because I'm seriously lacking it and I would love to sleep for the rest of the week

And as for the Jaylor duet it's <3

Christine Bruce