another installment of we're into it

We've always been into Carmex, it's addicting. I mean, just thinking about Carmex while blogging... time lapse... that's better. We found cherry flavoured Carmex in Chicago. We are so into it.
Veto treated me to Van Gogh Dutch chocolate vodka. I'm into it, Loopy isn't. I'm really into it with Dr. Pepper. Seriously.

Winter can be so drying for our skin but we've discovered Jergens Naturals line of moisturizers. These are the most intensely skin-quenching body lotions we've found. The scents are pretty yummy and we're into the all-natural thing going on.

We also dig the nerdy love-in "The Big Bang Theory" on CBS. Battle-bots, Comi-Con references, Dr. Who and DNA jokes rule.

Veto's gift to the family for Christmas was Apple TV. We lurrve it, now that it's all set up and operating. We can rent movies without leaving the house! We can watch YouTube on our TV. I can sync to the computer and while iTunes is playing from the music library the TV screen can display our favourite photos.

Loopy and I are into drinking chocolate milk... on the rocks. Try it. You'll love it.

At Sephora, we bagged the Smurfette collection by Too Faced. Loopy looks ad.or.ab.le in glittery blue eyeliner and Smurfy illuminating face powder (not blue). Who wouldn't love some Smurfilicious lipgloss?

Reader, what are you into?


karen said...

marshmallows melted in the micowave - i actually get cravings for this - like right now

Rosa said...

Pizza with ketchup, kitties with pink noses and cupcakes! Oh my. (chocolate vodka w/dp?)

Pam said...

i am into salted caramel hot chocolates (thanks to you) and bubble baths with cany cane bubble bath from sephora.
ps I will pop off the stuff tomorrow...are you still in town??

sassy studio said...

Oh your "into's" are just smurfy! I nearly smurfed myself laughing at the new makeup line you love! I most smurfily will seek it out in Vegas!

Starshine said...

Ooo! I want smurfette blue eyeliner! AWESOME!

Leica said...

saucy, fabulous list. for me I am soooo into juicy tubes lipgloss-lancome. never leave home without it. I actually stock up at the airport in duty free! best deals.LOL

love the smurfette makeup, blue is fun, however, I think when I first was introduced to wearing it was in the Mary Kay days and it wasn't cool how we wore it...seriously where was help when we needed it?

Dayle said...

oooooh Van Gogh is the yummiest! My fave is the espresso flavoured one! Espresso cocktails this weekend I think:)

Junie Moon said...

My sister is a Carmex fiend, she cannot live without it. Good to know that other people appreciate it, too.

What am I into? So many things, that's for sure. Right now I'm thinking about my new Coach bag that just thrills me, all my "new learnings" classes I'm taking this year to meet my 2009 goals, and I would really love to have the new eSony Reader.

Mrs. G. said...

Who new the smurfs had make-up?

Right now I am into peanut butter stuffed pretzels dipped in chocolate.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Smurfette make up? Wow. So much I don't know about!
I'm into Wilmar's chocolates and turtlenecks!

Amy said...

Carmex is definitely one of my vices. Diet Mt. Dew is my current drink of choice and man I could have a few posts on what I am into right now. Thanks for sharing yours!

Christine said...

Very tempting things! Sigh...I am into the soup diet right now along with fruit and veggies.

Missy said...

Justin has been wanting Apple TV. Looks cool. I used to use carmex all the time, for some reason I switched to Burts Bees which I also really love.
Right now I'm into making homemade bread.

tidymom said...

Chocolate Vodka? OMG I'm going to HAVE to give that a try!!

I haven't hear of Apple TV, sounds AWESOME!!

What am I into?.......Twilight, Sierra Mist w/Cranberry splash, Burts Bee's chapstick w/peppermint!


3continentfamily said...

One glass of red wine and a little dark chocolate after Little One goes to bed. Ahhhh.
Aveda lipstick. Everyday. No other makeup, just that.
My macbook. Still :)

Rachael said...

Okay...I just can't get past how yummy that vodka sounds....

My hubby is actually very into chocolate milk right now too!

I am into.....salted caramel hot chocolates too, and greek style salad dressing on a salad loaded with feta cheese!

Angela said...

hmmmm... I can't think of anything.. how pathetic.

That chocolate dr pepper concoction sounds divine (might be great with Mr.Pib too!)

Have you used the Strawberry carmex? If not, I'll send you some if you like!

Wondering if you could make ice cubes out of chocolate milk and then pour the chocolate milk over that? Imagine all of it frothy in a blender- Yum! Oh, and I am not sure if you can get Wilcox's chocolate milk but it is INCREDIBLE, 2nd ingredient on the label right after milk...cream!


Stacy said...

Chocolate milk and the Big Bang Theory are fabulous! I like original carmex but will have to keep me eye out for the cherry! The chocolate vodka sounds marvelous as well. Thanks for sharing what you're into - I always love a good excuse to try something new!

Linda Crispell said...

Coke Zero must have crack cocaine in it because I wake up needing it. Martha Stewart's beautiful glitters, whipped cream cheese, polar fleece eye masks, giant underpants.

Meredith Teagarden said...

Love this post! I always like these kind of posts that tell what other fols are "into" :)

abigail @ Piece of Cake said...

i am just floored by the smurfette collection. she was my favorite when i was young... makes me feel a little old now - sniff sniff.

i am into my new kindle... it goes good with just about everything.

Pam said...

I just bought the smurfy eyed eyeliner yesterday. Pics to come on my blog!!!

michelleb. said...

I'm with you on the cherry carmex (all year long). I had a bottle of the V.G. Dutch Chocolate Vodka, but I needed a hostess gift on-the-fly and never even tasted it, so I guess I'm not "into" it.
I am still into Panini sandwiches, if you can stick it between a bun or bread, it gets Panini'd.
I'm into Fruit Smoothie Protein Shakes.
As of yesterday I'm into chicken/cheese Toquitos from Costco.

blaze said...

Im into aveno face lotion and i absolutley love the i-pod touch!

Christine said...

OOOOO. Another what are we into session.

Supernatural - best show in the world.
Shorts - it's almost summer!
Celebrations - because I get to see the people that I love most
My laptop - it's addicting
Those spaghetti cupcakes you had on here - seriously, it's all I can think about right now

Christine Bruce