Tonight Loopy and I saw Bolt, starring John Travolta and Miley Cyrus as the voices of the lead characters - a dog and his owner, Penny. It was an awesome Disney 3-D movie experience. I highly recommend this movie to be seen over the holidays on the big screen! The production value was amazing... the animation was just tops. The story: ad.or.ab.le. So very typically Disney but all the much better to lose yourself on a holiday weekend.

Plus, am I not the only one out there who finds John Travolta's voice hypnotizing? I suppose he should be added to the list of secret celebrity boyfriends, what with flying his own jets, his mad dance moves... but the scientology... oh well. We can debate about that over some good wine and the strains of the Bee Gees in the background. Four out of five cupcakes!

There were several winners of the iPod earring giveaway... I will be contacting you via blog comment and email to get your mailing info. Yes, it was Carson Kressley of Queer Eye fame, we were at the International Emmy Awards in 2004. He did compliment my dress, announced that Nicole Kidman wore the same dress in pink at the Oscars when she was nominated for Moulin Rouge... burst my bubble... and then ditched us for Harry Belafonte.

post 500 caption contest

In the past two years and nine months, Saucy has explored the world of blogging with abandon. She has made friends, logged hours in photo editing software, received anonymous hate comments and blog spam, changed templates, designed banners, changed templates again, and made more friends. It has been a wonderful ride.

To commemorate the 500th post on the bloggedy blog blog, Saucy is offering up a pair of these bad boys:

A pair just for you! This pair is modeled by Loopy. Yours would be sterile, worn by nobody but yourself.

But wait... there's a catch! Answer me this:

This photo was taken four years ago tonight. Please don't say anything about the makeup. I had it done at the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon on Fifth Avenue and paid a pretty penny for it. By the time I was dressed to go out for the evening, I had no time left to wash my face and do it myself. Thus, like my prom night, this was only the second time in my life I had makeup professionally applied. And hated it.

I have been...

Both MJ and Genevieve nominatedme for this award. Go and check both of them out, Genevieve is a great digital artist. I lurrve her work. As soon as I get my act together and send her some photos of Loopy, she will be painting her... in the meantime, her blog is a good read and she herself is a Superior Scribbler. I have known MJ for *cough* many years and she is a wonderful mother to two of the most gorgeous girls I've ever laid eyes upon.

In an effort to play by the rules, I will pass this award to five other deserving bloggers. If you've already played... sorry. I hereby nominate:
Pam, jewelry maker extraordinare
... and my sweet cousin Sassy, her list could be strangely familiar to mine because we are sooo much alike! Freakishly so.
If you decide to play, here are the rules:
  • Link back to me for nominating you.
  • Nominate five other bloggers and link to them on your blog.
  • Post these rules.

introducing the:

Pom-poms + googly eyes + craft rings + glue = christmas pinkie rings for Loopy to take to school to share with all of the girls before Christmas holidays. They're all ready to go, we just have to wait (patiently) for the last day of school.

Oh and while I am writing this post, Buddy Budderson is serenading me with an Italian aria. I have no idea what any of it means but he has the most beautiful voice, ever.

Esther the Bear arrived at her new home in Texas yesterday. Click here to see her with Miss G and Stiletto Mom.
I decorated my home office for Christmas. Buddy Budderson helped me re-assemble the wedding tree and it doesn't look half bad. It doesn't look nearly as sweet as it did, but it is upright and I guess I will just have to start collecting again.

The office is decorated with red birds and berries. These are the remnants of a tree that The Fan put together for The Festival of Trees a few years back... we always make too many ornaments. Who, us?

Under the tree sits a sweet nest and some boughs around Veto's grandparents photograph.

Do you see what I mean? Too many berries. I'm not sure how I feel about this arrangement on my tickle trunk. It looks better in person.

So: three trees are up in the house. How sure am I that Veto doesn't read this blog regularly? I am not expecting the phone to ring when I post... only three more to go.

charm bracelet reminders - and a peek!

This is just a little peek of some of the charms I have been working away on... somebody stop me! I haven't even started my extra-specials.
We will be taking orders for lunch when you arrive... your choices are listed above and the food will be delicious!

We have word from some participants that they have made more than one set of charms! What creativity and enthusiasm! I know Sassy has been charming away also. If you just bring your initial twelve, don't fret. There will be plenty of sharing going on to fill out those bracelets.

While we will have extra spilt rings (jump rings) and findings available, it might be quicker to have your charms fitted and ready to go. We will have a sorting system set up for easy swapping.

Don't forget to bring tools if you have them... please mark them with your name.

Also: just to build up the excitement further: we will be having door prizes! We just couldn't resist.


Today Loopy and I set up the wedding-theme tree. We had a wonderful time opening up our carefully collected ornaments that remind us of our wedding to Dear Veto in 2004. We also added beautiful new treasures this year and we were so excited.

Because, yes! We served doughnuts at our wedding. Notice the hundreds of clear glass bubbles swirling around the tree... we had a bubble machine.
Oh, there was goldfish glitter all over the kitchen island this weekend... but they were so beautiful. We laughed about some of the goldfish who "did the backstroke" before the reception... all of the dead ones had to be fished out of the centrepieces and replaced by my nephew Alex.

You have no idea how much pleasure I get when I find a tree ornament to go with this collection of things that remind us of our wedding. No matter what, I set this little tree up every year.

And all the while we were saying to each other, "Sassy should have a wedding tree too! A Twist of Lime wedding tree with gerber daisies and limes and martini glasses and m&m candies and flamingos also!"
And when we were finished, we stood back and admired our creation, we took photos for the blog, and we settled in on the sofa to watch the Jonas Brothers on the American Music Awards.

With that, the tree fell off the chest it had been placed upon and with one smash to the ground, our collection of bubbles and wedding cakes, martinis and shakers, champagne bottles and glasses, sprinkle doughnuts and bride and groom figures... were in a zillion little pieces on the floor.

Of course we both had a little cry and I cut my finger trying to pick up the glass. Loopy got me a band-aid and said, "it's alright Mommy, nobody got hurt... just a little cut" and we decided we were both just a little too sad to put it back together tonight.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

baby, it's cold outside

Buddy Budderson and I lurrve the song Baby It's Cold Outside. In his words, it is "the sweetest" song ever. It's been recorded so many times, we've decided to make it our mission this year to collect as many versions of it as we can... will you help us?

Of course, being JT's biggest fan/stalker/cupcake baker I have his version, sung with Natalie Cole.

Buddy's favourite version is from the film Elf, featuring Leon Redbone and Zoey Deschanel. Buddy is sweet on Zoey.

It all started when we picked up this version by Ray Charles and Betty Carter at Starbucks in September... we listened to the song all the way home.

I really must find this obscure version by Liz Phair and Wheat... indie Christmas tunes! Very cool.

Holly Cole and Barenaked Ladies frontman Ed Robertson had a version a few years back... must find it.

As a closet Fanilow, I need to find the Barry + KT Oslin version.

One of my faves for the last few years has been the Rod Stewart/Dolly Parton rendition. How could you not love Rod with Dolly? Did Dolly and Kenny ever record this song?
Reader, help us... if you know of a version of this song, please let me know so I can look for it. We want to collect as many of them as possible! It's my Christmas mission with Buddy Budderson for 2008.

pink saturday scrapbooking

Do you remember that brown blanket binding that I used on our Christmas tree last year? I never had so many emails requesting to find out where I'd found it... it seems like everyone and their dog is looking for brown blanket binding. This week I got another email from a reader who has a baby gift almost finished, save the brown binding. I decided to share it with her and off it went. Thus, the 29-Day Giving Challenge comes to a close.

Time for some pink scrapbooking! Saucy lurrves scrapping in shades of pink.

Our little friend Cadence's first swim - at our pool! She is always a vision in pink:

Loopy kicks the nail-biting habit! It took a few months of wearing gel overlays (in pink, of course) but they did the trick!

Loopy's pink streaks in her hair! Captured by my brother:

On my 40th birthday, Loopy decided to get her ears pierced! We knew the manager at Claire's, she is married to an old high school friend of mine. It helped with the anxiety.

Loopy's first concert... Hillary Duff. The worst concert ever but a great scrap opportunity! Dressed to kill. Arriving in a limo (best way to take seven girls and six moms) but Hillary only performed for 45 minutes with no costume changes and a DJ as a warmup act. Ugh.

Three years ago I morphed Loopy and three friends into Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Girls for Halloween... I dressed them wicked and gave them names: Love, Angel, Music and Baby.

The pink skirts and all of the tank tops with rocker themes came from the sale rack at Old Navy. Pink hair extensions, loads of accessories... it all came together and they looked like they belonged on the streets of Tokyo.

I loved using Mo Jackson's doo dads for digital scrapping our wedding... here I used combinations of her Boxers Two, Boxers Six and Sewing Boxers, among others.

Scrappers, do you scrap in pink? Let's see your pink layouts... post them and leave a comment here linking to your blog so we can all bask in the pinkiness of it all.