isn't she lovely?

One of the more popular assignments that I gave when I taught high school art was to "replicate" a photograph from a magazine layout or advertisement. The students really enjoyed using each other as models and I loved seeing their interpretations of famous photos. This weekend Loopy and I did the same thing, using Sarah Jessica Parker's ad for Lovely perfume as our inspiration.

I almost can't tell the difference between Loopy and SJP herself!

Okay... I think Loopy is cuter. I really do. Sorry, SJP.

Don't fret! You're married to Ferris Bueller, after all! Plus you have all that soft-box light around you. We only have the natural light outside against some black fabric. Good thing we also have access to Photoshop.

little things

Sometimes the sweetest little things put a smile on my face...

... like these little rotund fall floral arrangements Loopy and I put together for the owner of the salon and the manicurist who did her nails before last weekend's photo shoot.

This little ring arrived yesterday from an Etsy seller in Japan... a perfect little box of chocolates for my fingers. No calories!

A jar of Saskatoon berry chutney and a dragonfly spreader from MJ, when I visited her at her home on Monday night. What a treat! We drank tea forte and chatted for a couple of hours. It was a nice way to spend the evening and I got to see her adorable girls, K and N. Thanks again dear friend!

Her shopping tip led me to Crocus & Ivy the next day, where I found these sweet faux dragonflies.

Tell me, dear reader, what little thing put a smile on your face this week?

beautiful light

The quality of light near the river at about 5:30 p.m. is just so beautiful. We slipped down for some shots yesterday.

It's hard for Loopy not to be a Squinty Squinterson when the light is low but still, look at the beautiful way the background is lit and there is just something about the colour of the light at that time of the day.

I just wanted some photos to commemorate the beginning of Grade 8... the last year of elementary school. Scrapbooking, not fashion shots.

So grab your camera and head to the riverbank or another peaceful place when the sun is low - but not too low - and see what happens.

the rocker cupcake review

The Rocker is a great little movie to go to if you just need to get out and have a laugh or two, mostly at the expense of Riann Wilson's character, a down on his luck guy who used to be the drummer for one of the great 80's hair bands - before they made it big.

Reminicent of Jack Black's School of Rock (one of our all time faves around here) The Rocker is just a really fun piece about reclaiming your youth, reliving your glory and growing up... no matter how long it takes you.

What I am finding the most interesting about movies these days is the cross-promotion that takes place on the internet. Check out The Rocker's official website and link to its MySpace, Facebook profile and YouTube channel. There are some groovy downloads and a game where you too can be a rockstar and practice throwing televisions out of hotel windows. My hotel damage bill was $4500, what was yours?

The soundtrack to the movie was pretty sweet... check out the songs by Teddy Geiger, he's an up-and-coming artist featured in a role in the movie. He has a website too (of course) and it makes the mind dizzy to see what young musicians do these days to get recognized. His fans are called "Tedheads" and he's using the internet to let them choose the songs for his next album. He's got some good songs so go check him out.

Because it was so darn cute I gave The Rocker 3.5 cupcakes out of five and I probably could have given more but it was a bit too similar to School of Rock... enjoy.

make mine pink!

I am away at a very sad funeral today. In order to cheer myself up, I scheduled a pink post. Allow me to share with you some of my favourite pink things from my home and my blog...

Pink fuzzy bears with pink ribbon bows, tied in pink thread knots.

The pink sofa in my dollhouse with a pink tiny teddy on a chair.

Pink bass guitars and the girls who play them.

The Fan's vintage prom dress.

Pink tutus made for MJ's darlings last fall. They've only now just grown into them.

Pink felt hearts lovingly stitched by Loopy.

Pink peonies from my garden... they bloomed in my absence this year.

Pink gerber daisies from Sweet Sassy's wedding.

Pink scenery from one of my all time favourite movies...

I wish I could don this outfit, just once!

Instead I will take a turn with The Fan's lovely prom dress...

Pink flamingos from the day I married Dear Veto.

The glorious colours found in my friend Marlys' aquarium:

The pinks I glittered up for Loopy's Christmas tree last year:

Pink with a touch of lime...

My sadly neglected new gadget...

Yes I even adore baking in pink!

Who can resist wrapping a gift in pink?

I nibble on conversation hearts all year long. Veto buys 'em in bulk for Valentines. I never grow tired.

You already knew this one....

... and you knew this too but I had to show you again. I love dipping things in pink chocolate. Pink and chocolate together! Who knew?

Pink lululemon hoodies and the girls who "borrow" them.

And yes, you knew this one too. But I just had to show you again.