there's something about...

Tiffany at is hosting "Show Me Your Form" today... allow me to reintroduce you to my houseguest-that-never-leaves, Clara.

Back in the day, she was all about politics and "Kennedy this" and "Nixon that"... and now it's all "Obama,Obama, Obama". The girl's no dummy.

She loves watching movies. Her favourite movie of all time is Titanic... can you guess what part she likes the best?

Put on a robe, Clara. This is a family blog.

ed hardy

In case you haven't heard, Ed Hardy is the next big thing. It's starting to be seen everywhere... even on Loopy. She loves her Ed shoes and hat. Today we did an Ed Hardy style photo shoot.

I am still working on my Photoshop skills. They're not mad skills like my brother's but I'm going to keep working on it. He helped me edit some of these shots tonight. He gets my brain working like a computer. Instead of art history, this year I'm going to take a Photoshop class... told you I took my New Year's resolutions seriously.

Now I'm just being a show-off! I ripped the logo off of a poster site, manipulated it and put it on Loopy's shirt (also known as my Ralph Lauren dress).

Yes, her streaks are that pink right now. And yes, they are temporary Ed Hardy tattoos.

Can I tell you a secret? I love tattoo art. I'd never get a tattoo... but some tattoo art is amazing. Reader, do you dig the idea of a living canvas? As long as it's not me. Or Loopy.
For more about Ed Hardy, check here.
Have you ever watched LA Ink? It's my secret junk food television binge.

let's talk about batman

Before Saucy even begins her cupcake review of Batman: The Dark Knight, she wants to address a few issues... but let's get those pastries out of the way and discuss more serious matters. Saucy gave The Dark Knight four cupcakes out of five, and she will tell you why.

Reason one: above... Saucy's only Batman. Yes, Christian Bale is all Bat Hot and Bat Handsome with his Bat Pecs and his Bat Chiseled-Chin. But study the portrait above, dear reader. Do you see what I see? I see the perfect not-so-secret celebrity crush. I see the world's best Bruce Wayne. Flawed, not perfect. That's how Saucy likes her Batmen. Furrowed brow and all.

Second... what's with all the movie posters? Saucy demands to know why Warner Brothers Pictures distributed so many variations on a theme. It's a guy dressed like a bat, we get it. And a guy dressed sort of like a clown, we get that, too. But why so many different posters? Is the art department that slow?

This one, a mere teaser. The undeniably recognizable bat image.

Perhaps some of the posters stress the them of the show: dark, sinister badness. Reader, I mean sinister badness. Do not see this movie if you cannot stomach sinister badness.

There's some good... in the form of Harvey Dent.

But that bat, he is a dark character, indeed. As it should be, a vigilante superhero and all.

Of course everyone is talking about Heath Ledger as The Joker. Has Saucy ever told her readers about her coulrophobia... her morbid fear of clowns? Knowledge of this fear may cause you to pause and wonder how Saucy ever sat through this movie in order to bring you, dear reader, her cupcake review. That's how much she lurrrves you.

Saucy shelved her coulrophobia, her arachnaphobia, her acousticophobia, cacophobia, entomophobia, and her lygophobia to sit through this two and a half hour movie. For you.

Her motophobia didn't help, either. Motophobia, be damned!

Come on... this one isn't even Heath Ledger. What is a fear of too many promotional posters called?

Dark. Sinister. You can bet on that. Long - Don't buy the big soda. Disturbing. It's a good thing Saucy keeps her Valium in her Juicy Couture. But see it, you must. Put all those phobias of yours aside and go see this movie. I only left out the fifth cupcake out because of all the sinister badness. Sinister badness and cupcakes do not go together.

i am wide open these days

Take a look at my day planner for this week....

So very exciting, because this never happens... maybe just once per year. I have nothing to do. Nothing. No doctor, no dentist, nothing. I'm going to keep it that way if I can... all the better to get little things done around here that have been hanging over my head, like Christmas ornaments!

I found these little beauties on a sale table for 75 cents after Christmas... they had horrible red glitter on them. That would never do for my wedding theme tree, an ongoing work in progress. I glittered over the red with white, silver and gold glitter. That's better. They look more like our wedding cake now.

About two weeks ago, Loopy and I took a workshop to make acrylic albums. I made mine to send off to our family in Ontario as thanks for having us at the cottage last month... has it been a month already?

I love these little albums, I'm going to make more small theme albums. The workshop was a great way to do it... all of the product was supplied, including embellishments. I added more when we got home, of course.

It was a nice way for Loopy and I to spend an evening together. Her book will be about what she did this summer. It will be jam-packed... mostly with pictures of the Jonas Brothers I suppose. She's working on a whole 8X8 album about her Jonas Brothers weekend in Toronto.

Here's to keeping my week wide open so I can get this shipped off and get a few more projects on the go. Loopy and I are starting on our InspiredFriends goodies too... but I can't show you those, now, can I?