that's going to leave a mark

Guess what happened at the Blue Jays game today? Loopy and I were settled in nicely, with hotdogs, ice cream, popcorn, soda, candy apples and nachos. No word of a lie. We don't mess around at the ballpark. We were sitting not too far back on the third base line, with Dear Veto at our side.

I explained to Loopy that in seats this close, you have to pay close attention to the ball when it is in play because a stray foul ball could really be dangerous. The ladies sitting behind us agreed and we all decided that we'd like the balls to continue flying into the upper deck, away from our teeth, our eyes and our noses.

In the bottom of the sixth inning, Loopy asked how fast the ball was traveling. I showed her the radar gun and the speed display. The ball was averaging anywhere between 85 and 95 mph and just when she asked me what I thought the record was for the speed of a baseball...

The ball came right off the end of the bat, with a nasty curve and headed straight for us! My first instinct was to push Loopy away, and I did. She covered her face, Veto tried to deter the stray ball, but it was too late at that speed. It landed squarely on my ribcage.

Veto asked me if I was alright, everyone around us seemed stunned for a minute (not the least of whom I) and the ushers came running to our seats. I looked Veto squarely in the eye and said, "I'm fine. I think we're on TV right now". Whatever possessed me to say that?

Yes, it hurt. It hit me pretty hard, I had an instant red mark the same size as the ball that was planted safely in my lap. I'm going to have a dark black bruise the size of, well, a baseball. There was a crowd of 28,576 at today's game... what do you think of those odds?

thank goodness for the fan

I can't really write a very long post, it's after 1:00 a.m. and we finished the reno - just barely. It was too late and too dark and I was too exhausted to take any pictures for you yet. Pepper stopped by in the afternoon to witness the bedlam: a fridge that didn't fit (into the carefully planned kitchen reno - how in the name of Martha Stewart did that happen?), a cleaning lady that didn't show, a rainstorm while the movers loaded in the staging furniture, and me working The Fan right out of her manicure. The Fan was on site from 9:00 a.m. until we packed it in at midnight, there to watch me hang the last painting on the wall.

Worst part is, she's back tomorrow morning with The Secret Weapon to do some more touchups just before the open house in the afternoon. You know, the fiddly, stupid things that just can't go right on the last day. Like putting a doorknob on the front door... why is The Fan pressed into service yet again?

Veto, Loopy and I are off to Toronto tomorrow (whoops, make that in four hours!) to see family, the Blue Jays, The Jonas Brothers, and my doctor. I'll leave you with another wedding picture and my thanks to everyone who participated in my Virtual Wedding Party on Thursday. I'll see you when I get back.

virtual wedding party

... and graduation! And prom! Today was Buddy Budderson's day. Here he is receiving his diploma at the morning graduation ceremony.

How about the ridiculous "grand march" at prom where students are required to enter the hall as couples. Buddy had no date tonight, he went stag. So did one of his friends... and here you have...

There were some hoots and hollers and it was all in jest but of course some jaws were on the floor. I love that they took a little jab at the establishment and stuck it to the man a bit. C'mon... really... they have to pair up into couples? Whatever happened to independence? Why do they still have a grand march into the prom? Can we say antiquated tradition that no longer applies??

Buddy and his band took the stage as the entertainment for part of the evening. They were, of course, excellent. And that's just not me talkin'. They were rockin'.

Proof that he cleans up real good....

... anybody hear the Bee Gees playing in the background?

Loopy cleaned up pretty good too for the graduation dinner.

Oh my, hasn't she grown since I married Dear Veto? Look at the two of them dancing the night away, four years ago today.

And now... what you've all been waiting for... welcome to my Virtual Wedding Party! Time for some blog-hopping, wedding crashing, champagne sippin' fun! Drop by these blogs sometime today for wedding photos and stories. If you decide to take part too, leave a comment so we can all visit!

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I will update this post later on in the day... still working furiously to get the reno finished before we leave on Saturday morning. Cross your fingers... the next post could be the reveal! I will work away at it and let you enjoy the wedding party until then! Have fun and thanks for participating!

come dancing

We just really, really wanted our wedding to be like a great party. And then it started to sound like the greatest party ever, and a great party needs great music. I was crazy about the music. I hired two of my senior graphic arts students from that year to man the DJ booth. Then I provided them with a very specific playlist to stick to.

Before the wedding, while the guests arrived and enjoyed the tailgating party and some refreshing beverages (Mike's Hard Lemonade) songs about weddings played:

"Wedding Bell Blues" by the Fifth Dimension

"White Wedding" by Billy Idol

"He's Gonna Marry Me" by Dolly Parton

"White Trash Wedding" and "Ready to Run" by the Dixie Chicks

... and songs like that. The moment we kissed and were pronounced man and wife, "This Will Be" by Natalie Cole played. Then "Accidentally in Love" by The Counting Crows played - Shrek 2 was just in theatres and the song was huge - played while we signed the documents and came back down the aisle for photos.

While we had photos, the guests mingled and blue champagne was served. Fun, upbeat, happy celebration songs played.

We slowed it right down during dinner for Diana Krall, Elton John and Frank Sinatra. James Taylor too, of course.

Then for the dance - what a great list of songs we had, all hand picked! There was great dancing music - no Macarena or bird dance either. Everybody got up and danced to "Dancing in the Moonlight" by King Harvest, "Come Dancing" by The Kinks and even Rick Springfield.

For a cool surprise, I hired a Beatles tribute band called Liverpool to come by the dance and play a set. Nobody knew they were coming, not even Veto. They just strolled in with their instruments and began to play - as the fab four. The look on Veto's face was priceless. They played for a little over an hour, everyone stood on the dance floor and danced and watched, just like at a concert.

Now I have to go to bed. I've been up since 6:30 a.m. and it is closing in on midnight... and there is still so much to do but it will all have to wait because Buddy graduates from high school tomorrow. Yes, there will be pictures.

baby did a bad bad thing

Okay! Mission accomplished. At one minute after ten o'clock... these were the best seats I could get for Veto and I, Buddy Budderson and The Fan. Plus two extra tickets in case somebody we know couldn't get tickets. I'm no scalper, I'll sell them at face value to somebody I want to sit beside. I'm just really nice that way.

Whilst on the Ticketmaster website, guess what else was for sale?

The Eagles? Seriously. The Eagles. Okay, pretty good seats, right? I think that was real smart of me. Now I just have to convince Veto how smart it was and that he has to fly to Toronto to use the tickets! 

AMENDED: Well, we treated our friends Claire (who just lost her dear husband John) and Yoko (who is visiting from Japan) and of course The Fan and off we went to see Elton!  He was amazing.  The Eagles did not work out well for us.  We were unable to attend but Veto sent the tickets via UPS on a guaranteed overnight delivery to a colleague in Toronto as a treat, but they didn't arrive in time!  Boooo.  Those amazing seats went empty, what a shame.

Buddy Budderson picked our first dance song. When we heard it, we knew it was the perfect song for us:

I wanna make you smile whenever youre sad

Carry you around when your arthritis is bad

All I wanna do is grow old with you

Ill get your medicine when your tummy aches

Build you a fire if the furnace breaks

Oh it could be so nice, growing old with you

I'll miss you, I'll kiss you

Give you my coat when you are cold

I'll need you, I'll feed you

Even let you hold the remote control

So let me do the dishes in our kitchen sink

Put you to bed if you've had too much to drink

I could be the man who grows old with you

I wanna grow old with you

the final push - five days left!

I can't even begin to tell you how tired I am. It was a really long weekend. Now I'm starting to wonder about my self-imposed deadline... but it's too late. The advertising is done, there will be an open house on Saturday, ready or not. This week will be insane... there is still so much to do. Plus, with Buddy Budderson's graduation on Wednesday, I'm starting to feel pretty cramped.

On the bright side, one of the carpenters put in the weekend to keep us on schedule. Painting will resume tomorrow and hopefully finish on Tuesday.

I still have to fit in my pedicure, a manicure for Loopy, pick up Buddy's suit, see my doctor tomorrow, cancel my eye exam (how could I possibly get anything done with giant pupils?) and pack for our vacation.

Oh, and attempt to get Elton John tickets when they go on sale tomorrow morning. Do you think I will get it all done?

reno thursday

It was another long day. Lots of painting by Randy and Devon. Carpentry by Rylan. Flooring installation completed by Daryl and Chris. Backyard leveled by John and Vince, sod and landscaping done by Duane. I put thousands of plants into the flower beds today.

I know this news won't be too exciting to anyone but me - there was enough sod delivered (at no extra charge to me) to do both the back and front yard. Buddy Budderson will lay the rest of it tomorrow after his exam. Isn't it nice to have teenagers with work skills?

I'm dying to show you photographs but at this stage, it would just give too much of it away. I think I may make you wait for the reveal. Then you, dear reader, will have the full impact of the before and after photos. I think painting will wrap up on Monday. Hardware and bric a brac installed Tuesday, light fixtures on Wednesday, cabinet doors and touch ups on Thursday... I have an open house scheduled for Saturday, June 28th but I won't be here! I will be on

Andrew is my sweetheart friend. We've been buddies since Grade 9. He used to practice doing my hair and makeup... and even making outfits for me! I was his model when he was in hair school, thus my fabled hair history of being blonde, brunette, darker brunette, redhead, blonde, yellow, darkest brunette, burgundy, blonde, highlighted, lowlighted, beehived, crimped and braided.

It was Andrew who insisted that I go out with Veto. Andrew had a sixth sense about us. My only regret is that I didn't make him one of my bridesmaids. Well, you know what I mean.

No Rabbi or Minister for us... we had Veto's retired boss sworn in as a Commissioner for Marriage just for the occasion. Just like Joey on Friends at Monica and Chandler's wedding! It was personal and sweet... he kept the ceremony light and fun (and he got a few jabs in at Veto, just because he could).

reno by the numbers, the sequel

Do you remember playing this game last year? Here we go again:

47 days
1 house
1940 square feet of hideousness
1 saucy
1 veto
1 crazy demolition
3 extra large waste bins removed
1 bank of kitchen upper cabinets removed
800 square feet of laminate flooring pulled up
800 square feet of laminate flooring sold on eBay
2 bedrooms merged into one large suite
1 bathroom added
1 bathroom (unworking) bathroom removed from basement
1 basement gutted
1 basement re-insulated
1 basement floor painted
0 working bathrooms
743 drives to use public washrooms
16 iced caps
2 cartons of smores granola bars
3 cases of water
1 fridge on the deck
1 fridge on the porch
11 bundles of wainscoting
1 drive to Prince Albert
7 bundles of wainscoting
1 friend buying wainscoting in Regina
1 drive to Davidson
1 friend meeting Veto in Davidson
5 bundles of wainscoting
1 shipment day at lumber yard
17 bundles of wainscoting
1 super adorable young carpenter
1 old wiley veteran carpenter
1 new carpenter, not very old but not really young
200 linear feet of crown molding
2 really sweet helpful young plumbers
1 really cute young electrician
2 amazingly helpful painters
1 fantastic hardwood guy
1 idiot drywaller
1 tiny fire
2 excellent flooring installers
1 very professional young landscaper
2000 dollars worth of sod
6 peony plants moved to saucy's garden
1 tree removed
1 eyesore of a tool shed demolished
3 new appliances for saucy's house
3 used appliances moved to reno
1 very cool vintage hospital surplus desk found in garage
1 really happy teenager, proud owner of surplus desk
1 really nifty young metal worker
1 quilted stainless steel backsplash
2 strong young stone workers
1 gorgeous marble countertop
2 snoopy old guys working next door
1 reluctant tour given
1000 little things pointed out by snoopy old guys
1 lesson learned
1 set of ho-hum oak kitchen cabinets
27 cabinet doors
1 paint sprayer
2 gallons of blackish-brown melamine paint
27 crystal door handles
12 drawer pulls
1 faucet liquidation sale
1 very early morning for saucy
2 shoulder checks and cart pushes
5 hot deals on plumbing fixtures
2 very impressed plumbers
1 bathtub retrofit
1 more lesson learned
400 Martha Stewart paint chips
1 colour choice
29 inquiries about "freshwater aquarium"
13 people think it is blue
11 people think it is green
2 people think it is grey
2 undecided
1 colour blind husband
1 new roof
1 new water heater
1 old light fixture sold on eBay
45 dollar money order sent to hold light fixture
0 light fixtures picked up as yet
1 old light fixture in the way
1 old dishwasher for sale
1 reno on schedule
1 budget pretty much on track
10 days left

When I mention that the tradespeople are young, I mean young! I guess I must be old. Our carpenter Rylan is only twenty. The plumbers have just started their own business... they just got their tickets this year. We got their names from our metal guy, he's only about 25 if he's a day. The boys who measured and installed the counters wore baseball caps tipped over to the side of their foreheads, that's how young they were. The landscaper is just a young fella who works at the golf course like Buddy Budderson. The average age of worker on this project if I had to guess... about 27. If that.

I think this photo pretty much speaks for itself. With the children over at The Fan's for a visit and Veto out of town on business, I had the whole place to myself. I had a long bubbly bath and when I got out, I slathered myself with Oscar de la Renta lotion and plopped my feet into the whirly foot soaker and then the paraffin wax dip. I drank a chilly Dr. Pepper and watched my favourite design show on TV. Can you say heaven?

ever have one of those days?

Yes, it really was a two-steps-forward-three-steps-back sort of day. In spite of minor setbacks, lots was accomplished. The dog and I both remain heavily medicated with stomachs full of ice cream. This also has to stop: the vet announced Duke to be "obese" at the age of eleven months. Really, its not my fault. It's the renovation. It requires lots of ice cream and medication.

on father's day

How lucky am I to have The Secret Weapon for my Daddy? He can do anything. No, really. I mean anything. His is an artist, a goldsmith, a carpenter, a painter, a printmaker, a craftsman, a photographer, a computer guy, an electronics guy... I could go on and on. Well I guess I will then.

We've have lots of crazy projects over the years. If I can dream it up and get us into it, he can figure out how to make it work and get us out of it. For instance... the Festival of Trees.

Like the year I decided to make a circus theme tree? I wanted to make sno-cone ornaments in the worst way. I thought until my thinker was sore. I bought the sno-cone paper cone things but how would I turn them into non-melting fancy ornaments?

The Secret Weapon went into his basement (code word for genius hangout, also sometimes referred to as a batcave) and came out with an entire shoebox full of those little tiny silica gel packets that come when you buy a pair of shoes. Like, every time anybody in the family for the past thirty years I guess bought a pair of new shoes, he nipped into the box and saved the desiccate. Wow, did those come in handy. He figured to open all those packets onto a cookie sheet and bake them in the oven until they dried right out. And they did. They looked all icy and crystal-y. And then - he inverted halves of round clear plastic cup lids and painted them with clear red paint. Finally we sprinkled the silica gel on the wet paint.

You can imagine, that people stopped in front of that Christmas tree for hours and wondered how those sno-cones were made. They absolutely looked real.

We've made giant rocks out of styrofoam. We've made puppets. Lots of puppets. I fell in love with The Great Gonzo when I was about eight. Love, love, love. Huge crush on the blue guy with the long nose. Now this was long before the days of mass consumerism - these days if your kid loves a TV character, go to Target or any store to pick up the mass produced version. Not back in the 70's. The Secret Weapon grabbed his sketch book and when Gonzo blew his horn at the start of every Muppet Show, seen only on the screen for a fleeting second, my Dad sketched furiously to capture his likeness. This process took weeks, partly because Gonzo was not a very popular character yet and also because this was pre-VCR and playback.

Can you imagine that after weeks of sketching the little blue monster in a tuxedo that The Secret Weapon made a Gonzo puppet, just for me? Wearing - you guessed it - a brown tux. He had the special wires on his arms to move them just like Jim Henson and Frank Oz, my heroes at the time.

I've told you about my dollhouse. And the fireplace. He helped with Club Little House here and here. He was rewarded for a lifetime of learning and teaching here. I am the luckiest little Saucy in Saucytown. Maybe someday, I'll collect up pictures of the crazy things we have done, just to show you how crazy.

four days! just four more days!

Loopy is going buggy this week over the new Disney Original Movie, "Camp Rock" it premiers in four days, twenty hours and eighteen minutes... but who's counting? Loopy is. We think she's sorta like Lisa Simpson on the episode she got addicted to Cory and phoned the Cory-line hundreds of times a day. Veto has started calling her Lisa. Everything is about the Jonas Brothers right now. Jonas, Jonas, Jonas.

I asked her if she wanted to invite a few friends over to watch it with her and she said not. I will be so glad when this school year is over! The mean girls are on parade these days. What do you do with comments like:

"I was in Walmart on the weekend and saw your cell phone there! Did you get your phone at Walmart? That is sooo lame."
"You have the old iPod nano? Everyone else has the new generation. Yours is so old."
"Your pants are green and so is your jacket. Way to totally overuse the colour green."
"Sorry you're not invited to my party. It's just that, you know, I only really want to have certain people there."
Nobody needs to prompt Loopy with her replies... this is what she came up with:
"What were you doing in Walmart then, if it's so lame? What were you shopping for?"
"Yeah, I've had this iPod for two years almost. I love it. Did you just get yours?"
"Oh yeah? Well, way to overuse the insult. I like green."

... and my personal favourite:

"Don't be sorry at all. I only want to go to certain parties."

This is just an example of the fun little shots that our photographer got of the things going on throughout the day... the little details. How much am I enjoying going through my wedding photos this month for the blog? Soooo much.
Today Veto and I picked out the appliances for the kitchen at our home, not at the reno property. The reno is getting our current appliances and we are upgrading. Although, after reading this you may question my theory.

First, we are upgrading our electric range for a gas model. Gone is the Kitchen Aid with the ceramic cooktop. Ugh! Any haters of the ceramic cooktop out there? The constant polishing, the scraping if you do (and we all have them) have a little spillover. I have had two Fridgidaire dual-fuel ranges in the past and loved them. I was all set to go back to Frigidaire, but then I spied this bad boy.

For a cook with arthritis, it is a dream. The grates on the top are much lighter to lift. The door is also easier to open. Some might think these are drawbacks and that "heavy is better" but I think not in this case, I need to get what will work for me. Also, this oven cavity is 5.5 c.u. feet and that is huge for an oven. Can you imagine what I will whip up with that? When it finally gets hooked up there will be plenty of baking posts, I can tell you that.

At our previous home, we had a Maytag dishwasher and of all the diswashers I've ever owned or used, it was primo. I was determined to find one just like it. Lo and behold, because this week has been a lucky shopping week for me... there it was, my good old Maytag... just taken out of the display at the store and I got it for a rock-bottom price. And it was the one I really wanted. *sigh* don't you love it when things actually work out like that, because most often, they really don't.

What you may question is why am I ditching my Bosch diswasher and Kitchen Aid range for Maytag? A whim. The Bosch diswasher I am sending away has none of the features that I need: delay start, light wash, tough scrub and an extra cutlery basket. Plus, I find I have to wash all loads on "heavy duty" to get the dishes where I like them. Not cool.

My current range also has convection heat... and being a hard-core baker like I am I thought that would be pretty handy but guess what? Not so much. Most recipes don't offer a temperature conversion so really, it was more trouble than it was worth. I'll never bother with it again. Let me know if you think I am off my rocker.

Of course, I was a tad late for the ceremony because I was adamant that Little Jack have balloons for his big day. I walked into the dollar store, in full wedding attire, and had six balloons filled for him. After all, it was his day too. The Fan also went and got a special birthday cake with his name on it and we all sang to him. Oh that reminds me: his birthday is also on the day of our "Virtual Wedding Party" in blogland. I'll be seeing him a few short days later so I can take his gift with me to the cottage. I wonder what he wants this year?

that was a stinkin' long day!

After a grueling fifteen-hour workday, I did manage to cross lots off my to-do list, most especially having an iced capp and a doughnut break. Veto and I sprayed the cabinet doors and yes, I talked to super-cute electrician and super-sweet plumber but unfortunately super-adorable carpenter spends every weekend in his hometown, visiting his mother and his sisters (yes! now do you see why I must find him a suitable wife?) so I didn't see him today or take his photo for the blog, that will have to wait until Monday.

I don't know if I ever mentioned before on this blog, but on our second date, Veto didn't bring me flowers. He brought two doughnuts from Tim Horton's. He'd just stepped off the plane from a business trip and came straight away to pick me up for dinner.

I never did eat those doughnuts. I knew Veto was special, so I saved them. I still have them, in their original bag. They dried out nicely, sprinkles and all.

We really wanted a wedding cake of doughnuts, but I also wanted the challenge of baking my own cake because I'd baked a few cakes for friends and wanted to do my own! The idea of the groom's cake made it possible for us to have both. And in the category of I swore once upon a time that I would never ever be "that kind of bride" I just want you to know that yes, I did mix up those sprinkles myself for the baker - he let me bring in my own colours because all he had at the time was orange. Not that I have a problem with orange, per se. I just really wanted the bright colours.

Can you say obsessive-compulsive disorder?

my to do list

Last night was a late one so this is my Thursday post on Friday morning. We went to see a production of Buddy! The Buddy Holly Story with our dear friends, the Murrays. We also had dinner at a great restaurant beforehand and I had the rare opportunity to slosh back two pink martinis. It was delightful. The food, the company, the martinis, the show. Buddy is so fun and audience-interactive. I won't spoil any of the surprises in case you get to go.

This production deserves almost five cupcakes. For regional theatre it was amazing but unfortunately always compared to the original. But amazing nonetheless.

Unfortunately for me, the short lady who was originally seated in front of my was treated to some very chivalrous behaviour by a young (tall) man who offered to trade her seats so she could sit nearer to her friends. This was my view of the show:

Seriously, I have lots to do today, and over the next two weeks. Two weeks from tomorrow we list our reno property with the real estate agent and hand over the keys. Painter starts on Monday upstairs, flooring starts on the main floor. I have to get ready. Here's my to-do list:

fill those tiny air-nail holes in all of the wainscoting

paint the cabinet doors (yes, I decided black/brown)

find a nice girlfriend for my carpenter

borrow a router from The Secret Weapon and prepare the baseboard for after the flooring is done

find time for my daily iced capp and doughnut

pick up more staging supplies (seashells and rocks) at Dollarama

find a good home for the cool vintage desk in the garage

blog about the cool vintage desk in the garage

contemplate the cool vintage desk in the garage
mention to Veto that I might like to move that cool desk to our house

agree to list cool desk on eBay although I don't want to part with it

convince Veto that it would make an excellent kitchen island

this will mean convincing Veto that we need a new kitchen

break the news to Veto that his new fridge won't fit through the door of our house

help Veto realize that we will need to break a hole into the back wall of the house to move the fridge in, thus creating the perfect storm to build a new kitchen at our house

medicate Veto

add a second coat of varnish to the new oak handrail at the reno property

pick out an area rug from my carpet guy - he's lending me one for staging

start pulling things out of storage for staging

phone super-cute electrician and book him for final hookups

phone super-sweet plumber and book him for final hookups
phone absolutely adorable carpenter and tell him I've found him a girlfriend

update blog roll for the Virtual Wedding Party

add a new wedding picture for the day...

The Fan and The Secret Weapon made the wedding huppah. It was genius. I used for the cover a Ralph Lauren white tablecloth (from Winners of course) that I slipstitched and when the wedding was over, I pulled the stitches out and voila! We have a nice white tablecloth for special occasions.

Oh, and the music. The music was great. I hired two of my senior high school students at the time to play my carefully selected playlist. After the wedding, so many people told me it was like being "in a movie" but secretly I think that was the power of the music. It was like a soundtrack.

when the going gets tough...

... the tough get shopping!

Yesterday in spite of all my drywaller/hardwood installer drama, I had lots of running around to do. I had to give my landscaper a lift home... right past one of my favourite haunts in the core of downtown. It's under new ownership. Maybe, if we say "pretty pleeeeze" the new owner will let me feature her adorable shop here on the bloggedy-blog-blog. Now, when I say the girl has "an eye" you will have to take my word for it until I can show you photos. In the meantime, I found a vintage pink clock for the craft room. You know I adore clocks.

As I was walking out the door of the store, I spied with my little eye a beautiful vintage glitter Nicole Sayer ornament. Of course I needed it, I really really needed it. I had some mad money in my bra.

While taking those photos in the craft room of my latest booty, I realized I'd never shown you the replica Marshall Field's clock I found in the vintage department of the State Street Marshall Field's (now Macy's) in Chicago. Natives of the Windy City arrange to meet under the clock at State and Wabash. I usually spend a day or two by myself in when Veto and I visit the city, lolling about at the Art Institute. We always arrange to meet under the clock when his meetings are done for the day. It's the heart of the theatre district and we like the restaurants there. When I saw this baby in the vintage department... I had to have it for home.

Then I booted into one of my other favourite haunts... Liquidation World. What a good day to slip into that place. It was packed to the rafters with beautiful LG appliances. This was the exact refrigerator that Veto had his eye on for our new kitchen we are planning. He's a fridge man. I won't even tell you how little I paid for it. You might cry. The only little problem... it may not fit through the door into the kitchen.

Did I ever mention to you that I was secretly hoping to knock the outside wall of the kitchen to the backyard with french patio doors? I may have to look into that further.

That sounds like enough shopping... but I was on a roll. I had to take Buddy Budderson for dress shoes to go with his suit for graduation. We ended up at Winners. As usual. Score! As well as Buddy's shoes - Juicy Couture casual footwear for me! Excuse the paint on the Levi's please.

And these bad-boys! So comfortable. I've worn this brand before, you can walk miles in heels and never feel it at all.

If one pair makes you feel good, two makes you feel great... and three... nirvana. These wedges are Guess brand. Very comfortable.

I was so worked up about the fight in the reno yesterday, I forgot to post a wedding picture for the day. Let's make up for that glaring omission right now:

Oh I did, I really did. The Fan's house smelled like a bakery. We baked and baked and froze and baked. We scratch coated, crumb coated, frosted and fondanted. I made batch after batch of royal icing and piped hard little roses onto trays. I made way too many. I ended up making a wedding cake for a friend of my matron of honour the weekend after my wedding, using all those extra roses. And there were still too many.

Piped onto the fondant the day before the ceremony... then I filled in the holes with leaves and a funny dot pattern, it was all very forgiving.

What a perfect cake topper for us! Two dogs coming together in a family. How symbolic. Remembah! Saucy lurrrves pastry pictures. Dig 'em out for the Virtual Wedding Party on the 26th.