bake sale!

I saw these beauties at Foodlife in Chicago, at Water Tower Place. I just had to try one (or two) for myself as I am a sucker for nice packaging.

Our version, for the bake sale to benefit the preschool that Loopy volunteers at. We had to hold our mouths just the right way to get that shredded paper tucked in and not obstructing the view of this:

We hit the Dollarama and got those candy trees and lollies to embellish the house... it looks pretty sweet - pun intended!

Our peppermint bark hearts are always a hit! I get the mini candy canes from the dollar store because they aren't wrapped in those tight tubes... you know what I mean... they are in little cello envelopes and are much easier to get into. Plus, they weren't all broken into bits like the more expensive ones I got at Safeway this year. Also, we use only Wilton Candy Melts when we bake with white chocolate. It stays smooth and soft longer than any other brand. Assemble these bad boys on silicone parchment paper.

We also use only the Wilton sugar cookie recipe for roll and cut cookies. The dough is soft but firm and easy to re-roll as you need. The secret is to use real butter, not margarine.

1 cup butter, softened
1 cup sugar
1 large egg
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 teaspoons baking powder
3 cups flour

Cream the butter and sugar. Add the egg and vanilla and beat until light and fluffy.

Sift together the baking powder and the flour, add gradually to the sugar mixture. You may have to add a tiny bit of water or milk. Roll on a lightly floured surface and cut into desired shapes. Bake at 400 degrees for 6 - 8 minutes, remove from oven and cool on rack.

The marshmallow skewers look amazing this year! We drizzled melted red chocolate on the top of them and sprinkled on some of the crushed candy canes.

This weekend, everything got dipped in melted chocolate... marshmallows, cookies, pretzel rods. Loopy and I do some of our best visiting over melted chocolate. I dip, she drizzles and sprinkles.


Genevieve said...

My gahhhhhhd woman, you are divine!

Super job~

Laura said...

Those houses are spectacular! You and Loopy have been busy, busy, busy! Love the candy cane hearts too!

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Oh, everything is sweetly delightful!! I especially like those candy cane hearts!
Merry Christmas!!

sassy studio said...

Ooo thanks for the sugar cookie info! A great family time activity! Your ode to the Secret Weapon made me blink away tears as it makes me think of my secret weapon, Yoda. We are so lucky to have such amazing Dads, Yoda spent all morning looking after the Sprout so I could work on my yoga grant! Your words about your dad are so kind,loving and sensitive, a true reflection of the wonderful family he has built! Happy Birthday Secret Weapon!
oxo Sassy

The Pumpkin Pink Cottage said...

Yummy,,,and the packaging is the peppermint are always busy with something, hugs, lisa

Anonymous said...

The Secret Weapon was really touched by your birthday tribute yesterday! He thought some of his new 'secret girlfriends' would like to see the jewelry he has made for us (I am horrified that a lot of it was sold before it was even photographed..but..)
So, here's his address for those of you who might like to sneak a peek: and the key words on the left hand side of his blog are 'prints' and 'jewelry'.
Sadly, he does not include any of his oil or acrylic works - and I must say, they are my favorites! He 'paints realism' and 'prints abstract'. Aside from all this...he's just the nicest man I've ever known and we have super-delish children!(even nicer grandchildren!) xoxo the fan

Mina said...

Very beautiful Candys, I love Sweets

Pam said...

it all looks so yummy...would it be wrong to eat chocolate for breakfast???

Linda Crispell said...

I was also admiring those gingerbread houses at Foodlife. I must say that your house is a million times cooler!!! Wonderful ideas, love the candy cane hearts! I have never seen anything like them.

Jennspiration said...

Gorgeous! I've been wanting to make gingerbread houses this year...yours is amazing! Can't tell the difference between yours and the ones that inspired you.

AwtemNymf said...

Fun Fun Fun! I'm flying over there now :O)
Good Luck at the sale for the school! Way to go Gurls!
Holiday Hugs!

Amy said...

I am so craving sweets now! Once again, everything looks gorgeous!

Yummers! said...

That is the most BEAUTIFUL blog today, Saucy! And your photography is perfect! The houses are adorable as are all the other creative goodies. You are sooooo talented and generous. May only good things come to you the rest of your life.
From my heart,

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

It's those pretzels that always make me salivate the most.

Jerri-Lea said...

We are finishing our dipping tonight. We dipped pretzel in the left over caramel from the marshmallows. They were sitting up today and will be coated in dark chocolate tonight! I must get that candy cane bark done too!

Susan said...

Everything looks so beautiful and yummy! What talents you have!

Angela said...

All I have to say is "Yum!"


tidymom said...

Ok, all of that looks wonderful AND delicious!! I need to do some dipping projects!! Love the marshmallows! I don't remember if you've posted how to make them?....I'm off to go look.


Christine said...

Yum! How delectable!

Mrs. Staggs said...

Everything here looks amazing. You have so much talent Sasha. I bet all these things were a huge hit at the bake sale.

Jo said...

Does your creativity know no end Saucy? These look amazing, your little house is the SWEETEST thing ever!
And to The Fan, what a sweet comment, now I'm off to look at the Secret Weapon website!

scrappaleica said...

saucy,I LOVE your tribute to your dad, it was really beautiful, he is an amazing man. lucky girl! the patience he has with the tiny dollhouse projects kills me! working IPOD, wow.
anyways, your holiday baking looks fabulous! ours starts on Saturday! cannot wait!!!!

scrappaleica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rachael said...

Wow! That is all so beautiful!!! I appreciate you sharing that sugar cookie recipe, I think I will try that because mine always makes my dough too sticky to work with. I just love everything you made...especially the peppermint hearts:-) Thanks for showing your lovely bake sale!

Jerri-Lea said...

Saucy, where ever do I find bags to pack my pretzels & marshmallows? We finished tonight & have a little treat in the works for Thursday.

Chris said...

Uh yeah, those aren't baked goods anymore. They're works of art. I have NO talent when it comes to those things. I'm in awe.

Maija said...

Looks so good!
What do you use to add the red white and green drizzles?


Umm, those look so good, I'm getting hungry looking at them! Wish i was at the bake sale. I'll take 3 of everything. ( 1 to eat in the there, 1 in the car, 1 at home) LOL :-) Cathleen

alittlebitofscrap said...

What a little tease you are... I feel like I need some Sugar now! Right now! :)

adrienne said...

Those pretzels are a work of art.

Rue said...

Yum!!! You really are amazing Saucy :)

Loved the pictures of the trip to your favorite city and especially the one of Saucy with those sailors ;)

Merry Christmas hugs!

Please give The Fan XOXO for me :)

The Shabby Princess said...

Ohhh, I adore anything dipped in chocolate. Christmas baking are my favorite memories with my mom. Glad Loopy and you get to visit over chocolate. Chocolate really does make everything better, doesn't it??

Maremone said...

yippee! Now I know what I'm giving the hubbies coworkers and boss! Thank you for the recipes, inspiration and packaging ideas! You're the best

CC said...

That looks amazing!!!!!

I bought a roll of that cellophane with high hopes last year. All it led to was much cursing.

Katie said...

All of those goodies are too cute to eat!

Daisy said...

Oh, you are incredible. These goodies look too pretty to eat.

Tamara Jansen said...

I am also a SUCKER for good packaging! Love anything that's well presented :)

The Mrs. said...

Those houses are gorgeous!!!

MJ said...

I checked out the Secret Fan's website. The painting that was obviously missing (and I recall feeling envious about it in about grade 4) is the painting of you!

I liked the way he described the tiaras and why he made one for the Fan!

Your gingerbread house and candies are wonderful! We may attempt to do a gingerbread house within the next few days but I anticipate pandemonium will prevail! I am outnumbered!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Hey what bags are you using for your pretzels? I have such a hard time finding any long enough.

Love all your holiday platters. So creative. The candy canes with the melted candy....brillant.

Hey, go look at the shot I got for our Christmas card.....on my personal blog.

Charmingdesigns said...

Wonderful!!! Laurie

Yin said...

I just gained 2 pounds reading this! mm mm! beautiful job!

Yin said...

I just gained 2 pounds reading this! mm mm! beautiful job!

michelleb. said...

Your packaging is AMAZING. I especially like the marshmallow skewers.

blaze said...

soo sweet it makes me want some chocolate!! lol

Christine said...

Do you ever run out of amazing ideas and ways to make people smile?! Seriously, how do you do it?! That house is gorgeous, I don't even know if I could bring myself to eat it!

Christine Bruce

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