dear america

For Canada, watching your American elections is like watching a big sister pick a new boyfriend. A more popular, slimmer, blonder version of yourself... out playing the field and flirting and making a choice of dance partner for the next four years.

We stand by idly as you bat your eyelashes, cast possible suitors aside between conventions and debates and eventually you set your sights on the two most viable contestants for the position of... boyfriend. Oh, and you talk about it day and night, like we have nothing going on in our lives that you care about, but that's a story for another day.

Back in the day, it wasn't that hard to watch. You had plenty of good men to pick from. You didn't seem to care about superficial things like teeth and hair and swarthy good looks. Heck, you didn't even seem to care about the way they dressed. It was all about what they had going on. You were so cool back then. Those first few boyfriends were all that.

For years, you had your pick. Oh sure, you had ups and downs, just like any gal playing the field. When you were in a bad relationship, you got out and started over. It was like the world was your and you could just log on and get a new boyfriend - every four years, like that.

We're not sure when it happened, but at some point, you lost your mojo:

Sister, we say this because we lurrve you. Sometimes you have lousy taste in boyfriends. And because you can't be on your own, you always have rebounds... and rebounds can be good guys, but clumsy and oafish and even though they mean well they always feel like a rebound and maybe it just doesn't gel for some reason:

And sometimes, you pick real good-ol'boy types, and that's fine with us... we don't care as long as you are happy. But if you're not happy, we're not happy. We want you to be happy.

So were you happy back then... were you really happy? Or did you just want a change?

We understand, everyone falls in love with a movie star hero-type at some point. And whether or not he is good to you at the time, you will always hold him up on a pedestal because of his charm, his looks, his communication skills. And while we agree that all good boyfriends should have these traits, we still just want you to be happy.

Because, ultimately, we know you really haven't been truly happy since...

It seemed like you got pretty close for a while. We actually got busy with our own stuff and stopped obsessing about your relationships for a while. We're sort of like Jan Brady that way... it's always "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha"... and even if you have a boyfriend that is a little smarmy and Greg thinks he's up to no good, he generally treated you well and we wanted you to get on with your life and make the best of it.

We knew you couldn't keep on with this guy because things were getting strained and you have all those constitutional issues... but we thought you had your eye on a new guy and he looked pretty good to us... you remember Al, don't you???

We talked to our therapist about your self-sabotage. We worried about you. It was like you'd changed, from back in the old days on the playground when you could have any guy you wanted and you picked the best of the best and let's just say they didn't have "daddy issues" and now, here we are, you are in such a bad relationship and you can make another choice that will change your life forever. And maybe ours, too.

We just have to ask, what did you ever see in him in the first place? We never liked him. Now you're just stuck in this crappy relationship until it comes to its anticlimactic finale and we can hardly wait for you to break free and find someone new. Someone who will respect you and treat you like the great gal that you are and not just show you a good time but take care of you and help you get on your feet again.

Sister, please. The whole family begs of you. He's the right guy for you.


3continentfamily said...

This is so awesome. So very, very awesome! Yes, we seem to have our crap together- tired of the self abuse and realizing a healthy relationship with an honest, reliable and genuine guy is better for us and everyone around us...

Katie said...

what can we say? Really, boyfriends come a dime a dozen. There are times that one must take the good, then the bad and just pray for better. *sigh*

Saucy, this was one hilarious post! Katie just lurvved it!

Liz said...

You are so cool. I love your posts and this one needs to be nominated for POST IF THE YEAR! Here's hoping that we get a really great boyfriend this year.

Sarah and Jack said...

This was clever. LOL

Here's hoping. I know the world is watching.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

1) Great new blog look.
2) Most awesome post I've read in MONTHS.
3) You rock, little sister.

Mindy said...

This is too funny and all too true! I hoping for a great boyfriend who really makes "change" happen in ours lives! Let's hope big sister picks the right one!

Courtney said...

Great post! And just so you know, if part of big sister picks the wrong boyfriend, I am moving in with little sister!

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed your blog for quite some time, especially since you mentioned once that your daughter has Aspergers, and so does mine. However, today I am rather fascinated by your clever yet uninformed supposition that Obama is best for our country. There are still some Americans left who do not want to become a socialist nation. Keep watching, oh little sister, - what will follow if Obama is in office will not be such a fabulous relationship.

Rach said...

This was hilarious! All so true but hilarious all the same. I will AMEN your thoughts and hope the rest of our country does the same. Thanks lil sis!

Oliver Rain said...

This was a wonderful post, very funny. True saucy style. I so hope sister US chooses well tomorrow.



Every time I visit a great post!

~ Gabriela ~

Anonymous said...

It's official, you're PERFECT.
Little sister, we love you~let's hope we get it right on tomorrow's date with destiny!

Keep posting, you are more additcing than starbucks!
xoxox big sis in america

Sherry said...

I am still not sure who I am voting for, but yours is one of the best ads I have seen!! I love it and I hope we do pick the right one this time around!!


PatQ said...

I've already cast my vote for this boyfriend. Let's hope everyone else see's it that way too. Some of us are stubborn.

Lisa Milton said...

We did our part here, Saucy. I hope our guy makes us proud.

Mrs. G. said...


Pam said...

After living in the USA for 7 years while attending University and Grad school I experienced the ups and downs...the good boyfriend...the bad boyfriend...terrorism...war...and general unhappiness...but it truly amazed me how people can stick to one party despite the seemly "great" candidate in the other party...I was amazed by friends I made who followed their families political views rather than taking a stand on their own! I can vividly remember a friend saying "my family is Republican" and I just thought but what if your candidate is not the one for you??
please vote for the "good" boyfriend...I beg of you!!!

koehmstedt said...

This was the best post ever, thank you for your honesty and humor. I sure hope we do the right thing, too.

Jan said...


Barb said...

I totally agree. He's THE ONE. Keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow, where I plan to vote bright and early at 7:00 a.m., or as soon as I can make it through the line.

alittlebitofscrap said...

and that he IS! :)

Anonymous said...

you're crazy if you think this lying, baby killing, socialist boyfrind is good for us I'm just glad you are in canada and can't vote! Ha!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are in Canada, at least I can kill another vote and not yours. I am so amazed at how people who are not affected directly can endorse someone, especially someone like him. Like I said before, I'm glad you are in Canada......I still love living in the FREE United States of America, with the original National Anthem (oh by the way, would you like "I'd like to teach the world to sing as your national anthem?) Not me.....and don't even think about changing MY flag that my husband fought for (which by the way, HE DID NOT)!

Missicat said...

Great post! I soooo agree...

Anonymous said...

You know what this is a brilliant post and to the people who oppose my brother in law is a navy reservist, who is a journalist and is now being sent to Afghanistan to the hot zone to "fight", as a non combantant because that's what a Republican government will do, send in people who've never held a gun to a warzone. You vote for MCCain and your as good as killing him since he has no plans for pulling out troops before 2013.. Your husband had to fight because Bush is an idiot! Get a clue! Stacey because I have the guts to post my name!

Anonymous said...

Amen, from a fellow Canadian! Let's hope they get it!

Anonymous said...

Oh and to the above anonymous commenter that stated "I am so amazed at how people who are not affected directly can endorse someone, especially someone like him". Who you vote in tomorrow does affect us Canadians directly, why do you think we care what happens! Look outside your little box and you would know that. So do what all Canadians can see is so obvious and vote for change...Obama is it!

Anonymous said...

Yes, he's charming, handsome, and smooth......the makings of a great boyfriend. That is if you are in to liars who you aren't certain where they truly stand. A boyfriend that will tell you how pretty you are to your face, and talk about how big your butt is to his friends. A boyfriend that tells you what you want to hear just to have his way with you. Yeah, that's the kind of boyfriend I want. And don't get me started on his partial birth abortion stance. That's just sick. I will not be swayed by his charm. I will stand on my values. And yes, that may mean sending our sons and daughters to war. That's the price we pay for freedom.....the same price our forefathers paid during the French and Indian War, the Revolutionary War, The Civil War, etc. That's called standing up for your beliefs and freedoms not just sending them off to be killed.
And George Bush hasn't been perfect but he did not run this country into the ground by himself. I'll have you know that it was the Democrats responsible for the current economic crisis with the housing market. George Bush came into office and faced 2,000 Americans being killed on 9/11 and most of the county backed this war. How soon that is forgotten. Also, my family of 6 has greatly benefited from the Bush administration. We really struggled during the Clinton years but have been blessed with great jobs and children tax credits in the last 8 years. I had to laugh the other night hearing Obama praise Bill Clinton. Are you serious?? I guess they are two peas in a pod. Both smooth talking, likable, liars. "I did not have sex with that woman!".......... Ok Bill. And OK Obama. You must have never gone to church if you never heard your pastor talk like I've heard him talk. And do you really expect me to believe that Ayers is just a guy in your neighborhood?? God I hope people aren't that gullible.

Nope, not the boyfriend for me.

I'm happily voting for McCain tomorrow and praying God has mercy on us if we elect Obama.

Chris said...

Here here, I am so glad you did this post , bravo sister.

Mimi said...

I have been reading your blog posts for the last few months. Everyday I stop in for a dash of humor. It is not a surprise to me to discover you are also very wise as well as funny. Thanks for this post. Obama is my vote. Best wishes

Rosa said...

AMEN sista!!

Beckie said...

Fantastic post! I couldn't agree more.

Saucy said...

Saucy wonders when socialism became a bad thing? Happily socialist. I will post about it.

Sherry said...

Boy, did you ever create some controversy???? I for one love your post and think you have every right to be concerned about who our next president is, after all, we are neighbors and what happens in our country does effect Canadians. I think a lot of your anonymous commenters out there have forgotten that America is about Freedom. With that freedom also comes respect of other peoples opinions, race, religion, sex. Why does the election have to be so nasty. I know the presidential election is a major thing, but people need to vote who they feel is best and not run other people into the ground for their beliefs. We have the freedom to choose for ourselves without other people being so mean and nasty. I love that your post is not mean or nasty but done in a humourous and honest way. You are showing Americans what being an American is all about!!


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Also... you are one amazing party hostess. Look at all of your cool Halloween food. Where do you come up with all of this stuff??? Your blog is soooo delicious :).

Yin said...

This is SO hilarious! I love it! If things don't work out with new bf Obama, I'm moving in with you Li'l Sis!

Lisa said...

I love the way you did this Saucy. It was fabulous. Absolutely fabulous.

Obama is SO my new boyfriend.

Tiffany said...


I have lurked your blog for some time, and oh how I love the humor and the quirks you share each and every day.

Your post today on US politics certainly gave thoughts to ponder. Although I don't agree with your choice of "boyfriend"-I love your take on it.

I am very ready for the elections to be over. I have already cast my vote (early voting in my state), and now I wait for tomorrow to be over.

The grand thing about democracy, we can vote for our leaders every four years. It's certainly not a job I would want, but one I respect.

Whomever wins tomorrow will have my support-regardless if it's the "boyfriend" I voted for or not.

I'm sad for those whom leave the negative comments, they are not necessary...Canada is our neighbor and we should be kind to her! Maybe, just maybe if all of us to could show more kindness to each other, this would be a better world.

Thanks again for your insights, I truly did enjoy!!


Tracy said...

oh saucy-
it has been more like an arranged marriage if like me you didn't vote for the current choice. Today my 10 month old son wore a t-shirt that says "vote for my BETTER tomorrow" . Fingers crossed everyone else feels like that to :)

Anonymous said...

Yep, that's the kind of boyfriend I who will lead you right down the path of destruction. I only hope God has mercy on this country if we elect Obama. Sorry, I just cannot vote for someone named Hussein for President of the United States. The name says it all in this case.

suzy said...

Great post Saucy!!!! You are so very clever, i enjoy your post!!!

Michaele said...

Rock on!

It felt good to vote out of hope than out of fear.


Anonymous said...

Truly I think that McCain is the lesser of two evils. I don't like either one of our boyfriend choices, but I agree less with O's "change". Regardless of race or name, I really don't think that he is the right choice for America. Another country maybe, but not America. I'm not even sure that McCain is the right choice for us either, but I agree more with what he believes in and at least he's patriotic. Scary times we have here, but I still wouldn't want to live anywhere else. God bless the USA, and help us.---Allison

Susan said...

You are so absolutely RIGHT!!!! Really sometimes I wonder what Ms. Liberty is thinking! I haven't really wanted to vote for anyone since Bobby Kennedy. The Kennedys had the right stuff! I hope the tall, dark and handsome one with good manners wins out!

Amanda said...

"Great post! And just so you know, if part of big sister picks the wrong boyfriend, I am moving in with little sister!", DITTO... Move over little sis, this train could be rolling north!

Rebekah said...

I think big sister is showing some signs of dissociative identity disorder. But even if she can't agree with herself, she should agree that all her other siblings are VERY NERVOUS about the way Current Boyfriend has been treating them and are justifiably invested in Current Boyfriend's successor. It's not just Big Sister in this relationship, you know.

Your post made me cry a little. PMS tears, sure, but also just...pleasure that it's important to you. Thanks for a great post!

michelleb. said...

Hmmm, what a clever post Saucy. You've really seem to touch a nerve. So many interesting comments, too. Capitalism is one of the things that makes the United States of America a great country. Such a shame to know that so many people think "earning" is a dirty word. Every one has an opportunity to succeed. From the people born with silver spoons in their mouths to the kid who is born into a single family home with a parent working two jobs. So many have forgotten that "...all men are created equal." It's what you do; not what is done for you. I already share what little pie I have and I am insulted by anyone (any Liberal, any Democrat, any Conservative, any Independent, anyone who lives in our country or another) who tells me I have to give more. It's especially irksome, when their pie is so much bigger and they give very little themselves. I come from a long-long-long line of democrats and am very proud of the conservative views I have formed on my own. I am proud that I live in a country that follows a Constitution as a living document. I hate that there are those who feel that government should have more control over individual lives. Yes, we've had our problems, yes we've made oh so many mistakes as I'm sure we will make more and very soon I might add. There's change and then there's radical change. I could go on and on, but seriously we all know the outcome: Be careful what you ask for, you might just get it.
Saucy, thanks for your concern for our country.

michelleb. said...

Oh, and for all of you Anonymous posters: Have the balls to post your name! I'm sure Saucy wouldn't hold your opinion against you should you leave a comment in the future. But damn it, be respectful not hateful!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Miz Saucy. My sister just called me and said I might want to log on and send a little support your way today. It's a great post you've written. Witty, and funny, and oh so true!
All of Merryville's electoral votes will be going to Mr.Obama. Hope prevails.


Gracie said...

Damn Skippy OBAMA 08

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Well, I sure as heck hope WE don't get YOUR choice for OUR President!!!



dayle said...

Ooooohhh, some of these responses are a little scary. I guess it's one of the reasons why the US sometimes gives me a weird feeling, a nervous feeling. I guess I'm just a through and through Canadian, polite to the core, and happiest when people are getting along. I support you in your decision to speak your mind Saucy, and I like that you did it without bullying people, or acting like a jerk. You did it in a funny, light-hearted, and truly Canadian style. Way to go! And I hope that whomever our American friends vote for, that they are free to do so without being met by hostility or rage.

{Happy Homes} said...

Love your blog. Love your creative bent. You are much more talented than MARTHA. BUT please No love advice on this one. The strong-cowboy type has kept us QUITE SAFE over the past four years and do tell, I believe, my dear sister, you safe as well. Nothing but lurrrve.
I'm thrilled I get to cast my vote and it won't be for the handsomest, it will be for the ONE who WILL keep us safe so we can blogggedy blog blog to our hearts content.

Palin Rocks! said...

Little sister, you must understand: Our old boyfriend Thomas Jefferson wrote the most romantic of love letters (we never should have broken up with him), and his wisdom is still true today, "To take from one, because it is thought his own industry and that of his father has acquired too much, in order to spare to others who (or whose fathers) have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association, "to guarantee to everyone a free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it."" *We like to keep what we earn. Boyfriend shouldn't be threatened by a strong woman.

I'll admit, the pickins is slim these days, but let us remember that the first thing Hitler did when he came into power was take away everyone's guns. *Abusive boyfriend.

Nationwide healthcare can be looked at in this breakfast-y way: Nobody gets to pick what they want for breakfast anymore. The government will supply everyone with Cheerios. Everyone will get free Cheerios! But what if I don't want Cheerios? What if I want an omelet, and I'm willing to pay extra for my omelet? The government will say, "NO! No omelet for you! You get Cheerios for free!" Then when the government is running low on Cheerios some people won't get any breakfast at all. Not even Cheerios.

There's simply too many topics to bring up here.

Little sister, that Obama is one smooth talker, but after we sleep with him, he will lose all respect for us.

Doreen said...

Oh, Saucy, you just broke my heart. I will miss your blog.

toadman said...

Saucy - Your post was brilliant, but as you can see you've tapped into the hate and division that is American politics.

I think Obama is the best choice for this nation, others hate me because of this fact. Americans are a low-brow lot sometimes. Always shifting to the extremes and eschewing the middle ground. We are deeply and bitterly, and indeed, sometimes angrily divided on politics here, as is evidenced by some of the comments this post generated.

Frankly, it's sad. It's stupid, and it's sad. Do you realize that there are actually still people who think Obama is a member of Al Queda? killer is another one that is patently wrong.

If I were you, I'd be deeply concerned for the stability of this nation over the next few months. If McCain wins by a narrow margin, there will be great anger and potential violence. If Obama wins, it will likely set alight the fires of the extreme right wing terrorists in this country on the order of Timoty McVeigh.

Fear for our future, and yours.

BTW - do you have a room we can rent?

Anonymous said...

Wowwza Saucy! It seems that the comments keep pouring in! I enjoyed your post and will continue to visit. What makes us great and unique is that we all have different opinions. Isn't that okay and aren't we supposed to respect those differences and try to get along? All I can say is "O Canada".

Miss Wanderlust said...

LOVE IT! You rock saucy!

Anonymous said...

Hi: Nice post, Saucy. I haven't posted on your site before, but I just had to say something...
Sad to see just how polarized the politics has become in the US. It's like religion for many people. I think a lot of the blame for this comes out of the Bush years post-9/11. Somehow, much of the electorate got hoodwinked into believing that questioning things or having some "liberal" ideas is un-American. What IS un-American is believing that one party or one leader is always right. You know what Canadians (and most of the rest of the world) want to see? We want the old America back. The progressive, exciting, generous, compassionate America. The America of the past has lead the rest of the world to become a much better place to live. The current America (paranoid, loaded with debt, fighting on 2 fronts) is no longer looking like a leader. And it makes us sad. And a little scared.
Please America, don't make the same mistake a third time.

sassy studio said...

Hi Saucy,
McDreamy and I need 2 computers so we can blog and post together. Politics bore me. I would much rather shop. I know it does not make me look smart but I am...I just hate politics. I think everyone should just be nice and get along. Here is the only thing I found interesting about the election (besides your blog with pictures),
Election Day Cocktails

FLAG SALUTE - The flavors of pomegranate and blueberry make a fun red, white & blue cocktail!

2 parts Stirrings Authentic Grenadine
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Layer this shot by adding grenadine first, followed by the cold vodka poured in slowly off the back of a spoon. With a steady hand, add the Blueberry Mixer on top by pouring it off the back of a spoon. Decorate with flag toothpick.

Love Sassy

Saucy said...

Thank you Sassy and McDreamy... and others... for coming to my rescue. I certainly will need that drink of yours Sassy and will be right over so please start shaking - STAT!

McDreamy, you are a physician... I wonder what your thoughts on socialized medicine are?

Anonymous said...

I love the people who are victims of the cold-war and so brainwashed to equate everything socialist with communist. Lets see.. most socialist countries in the world have health-care that works. Nowhere near as many homeless. We pay just as much taxes as you too. None of us feel that 'our money' is going to lazy good for nothing drains on society either. I know if I needed to pay for an emergency operation I wouldn't have to decide on that or my mortgage for the next 20 years!! You know who wins with your health care system? the health care companies!!! You could look it up, or just be lazy and call me Michael Moore America hating pinko. I imagine thats the option you'll go with. I'm OK with that. I think most other people in the world are good with that too.

Ironic how the Communist Chinese have out-capitalized America too. Besides crappy cars, war machines and stupid movies about talking chihuahuas, whats made in America now a days?

I also love how McCrambo and Payless have told you what to believe about Obama. 'He associates with terrorists' was one of the funniest things that came out of her mouth. At least with her kids she proved that not everything that comes out of her is retarded!!

And you know we have the same god up here as you down there. He told me that he wants Obama to win. It was on my toast when it came out of the toaster oven! Oh he also told me to let the llamas and penguins have North Dakota as their own and that pickles are now a holy food too. You can't argue with gods word!

Christina said...

You're so clever!

I researched these candidates in the beginning and decided I'm not hip on either. And I don't think it really matters anymore. I think some higher power already has the new president picked and my vote would be just for show. I dunno. I'm bummed that I can't be president.

Sherry said...

Saucy your post has definitely made me go from an undecided voter to an Obama voter. I have been reading the comments all day from other bloggers and honestly, I am embarrassed by so many Americans. Most, and I stress the word most, of the McCain voters are so angry and hateful that have commented on your blog. What's up with that?? I have been doing research all day trying to make up my mind on who to vote for and now with your help I have finally made a decision.

Thank you for your humerous way of looking at the election and your concern for our country. I truely appreciate that!! I am sorry that you've had to put up with so much abuse by Americans today.

I totally agree with the comment from Dayle, "I guess I'm just a through and through Canadian, polite to the core, and happiest when people are getting along. I support you in your decision to speak your mind Saucy, and I like that you did it without bullying people, or acting like a jerk. You did it in a funny, light-hearted, and truly Canadian style. Way to go! And I hope that whomever our American friends vote for, that they are free to do so without being met by hostility or rage".

Maybe I'm part Canadian or maybe I'll have to move there after leaving this comment!!!

Anyway, Thanks for a wonderful pre-election day and for helping me to make a decision!!

Christine said...

Wow! Hahaha! My goodness me oh my!

Loved the post and the way you did it. Blog-o-licious! And to think that you live just a little bit down the highway from where I live!

Hmmm...I think I read that you are a teacher? Better watch my grammar. My daughter is a teacher and she corrects me all the time. I think that if she read some of these comments she would have wanted to return them with red check marks all over the place first, then she would have demanded that everybody play nice.

I started out in favor of MCCain but have totally changed my mind. Reading the comments of the MCCain supporters have convinced me that I was correct...well that and the health care issues and the economic issues.

My heart goes out to big sister. I am still a citizen of hers. I hope she makes out fine.

Rudee said...

Interesting post and more interesting responses. I will point out that American politics have been hateful and deceitful since, well, the beginning. Look up the hate between John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson. Andrew Jackson's wife was still married when she married him. Grande Scandal of the day!

Or check out the name calling between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. These elections are not for those with a delicate constitution. Jefferson said this about Adams: "hideous hermaphroditical character, which has neither the force and firmness of a man, nor the gentleness and sensibility of a woman." In response, Adams had this to say about Jefferson: Jefferson is a mean spirited, low-lived fellow, the son of a half-breed Indian squaw, sired by a Virginia mulatto father." You can plainly see then that it's always been ugly. Unfortunately, these days, news travels fast and knows no boundaries.

Canada is indeed impacted by what we do down here and those who reside here should at least respect that. Living in a Canadian border town, I'm sensitive to this in a way someone in Florida may not be. If it's any consolation, four of us in my home are not voting for McSame.

Angela said...

I've always wanted a sister ... I just knew you'd look out for me!

Thanks, as always,

(btw: Toadman (above) is my hubby- he loved your post)

karen said...

Is this a record for posts - can you imagine if you included a give away? Seriously this is great satire of an issue with much at stake. Wonderful writing and all too true. I'm proud you are Canadian and a woman

BOSSY said...

Don't be ruffled, you have a good grasp. Obama!

Mary Alice said...

Ahhh saucy, I saw your comment at Mrs G's a decided to pop over....THIS was most excellent!

Couture de Papier said...

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Jo said...

Saucy what a fun post! Witty and clever. I agree with your stand point, but I fear a big sister never takes advice from her little sister until it's too late.
I can't wait for today to be over, it will be interesting to see the results coming in. Good Luck America!

Tabitha Blue said...

Haha, what a great analogy! Very clever :)

Chris said...

Oh Suacy , I am so sorry it turned out this way , some so vicious , but some have cooler sides , OBAMA is the choice , look at the alternative , all the hatred and and anger and the turning on you , can't we all just get along , give peace a chance.
Oh and apparently I posted a photo of your lovely laundry room , I wish it was mine,
Cheers ,
I hope you can catch a breath after this brave brave post , now you see why I said you were brave, blogging and elections can be a scarey combination

tidymom said...

This post cracked me up!! you are too funny girl!!!


Anonymous said...

I saw your comment over at Bossy's and had to come see what the fuss was about. Not too much to fuss about really. Liked your humor but I'm not thrilled with your choice for my boyfriend, but I'm not thrilled with the other one either. I have studied the issues of all the candidates and will cast my vote according to that.

I am most concerned with people like the commenter Sherry who said she will vote based on your post and the comments made. Sherry, if this post endorsed McCain, the comments from Obama supporters would be just as hateful. Cast your vote for Obama because you agree with his plans.

Rhys & Kenadi Jewellery Designs said...

I have been reading all of these posts since yesterday afternoon.
All that I can conclude from the comments posted is that nothing divides a nation like religion and politics.
May the best man when, whoever you as a voter believes this "best man" may be.
Good luck.
Today will be an interesting day!

Linda Crispell said...

Dear Saucy,
Brilliant!!! It is such an obvious choice, our friends in Canada see it, the world sees it, how I wish all Americans could see it! Racism unfortunately is still a factor, but now it's hiding behind words like socialism.
Your Friend,
P.S. Isn't it amazing that people would no longer visit your blog because you expressed your opinion? We have gotten pretty complacent with intolerance and trampling on freedom of speech in the past 8 years.

Anonymous said...

On the issues rather than the candidates for a moment:
Saucy asked, as a physician who has worked on both sides of the 49th parallel, what I think of socialized medicine.
I think that the Canadian model (i.e., essentially no private health care) would not work in the US. But that is not what Mr. Obama has in mind. I do think it is time for the US to join the rest of the free world in offering universal health care to at least cover the basics for the millions of Americans (mostly the working poor) who are uninsured.

Sherry said...

This is Sherry again and to the anonymous comment made on your blog regarding my decision to vote for Obama I have something to say back to you. Don't be worried or scared about my decision. It is not just because of the hateful McCain Voters comments but also because I do believe that Obama is the right choice. I have researched both candidates and made my choice according to the research and my gut feeling. I am not so ignorant as to just vote for a candidate because of comments. Although the comments really did make me think harder and do more research, which did help me to make my decision.


Anonymous said...

Sherry, This is the anonymous commenter. Thanks for clearing that up. I'm glad to hear you've done your research and chosen the candidate that's best for you. I just didn't get that from your previous comment. I will no longer worry.

Sandy said...

I have been reading your blog for a bit now and I love your spunk and creativity. It was even more apparent today. I'm sorry that it hit the negative nerve of so many. I think it is amazing that little sister cares so much about what is going on because you know big sis is pretty clueless about little sis. No matter which side it supported I just wanted you to know I loved your way of saying it. However it turns out today, I just hope we can peacefully move forward. . .

Carmen said...

The comments are almost as interesting as the post (which was very clever, by the way). I find it frustrating that many people are concluding that "all those McCain supporters are hateful", when several anti-Obama relpies have been presented calmly and respectfully. Is anything against Obama "hatin", even when it is the truth and cast in an intelligent light? Also, while there are many who tend to polarize politics and get pretty feisty about it, I also would like it out there that there are many people who are moderate in their approach...and I would say that a good portion of these people aren't enthused about either candidate. I view the future with great apprehension if Obama wins merely for the fact that he is sooo extremely left. Couple that with Democratic majorities in the other sections of government, and where's the balance. Ooohh, creepy shivers.

Kimberly said...

Just read your last two posts. You are such a hoot. My own opinions are nowhere near as nicely former but I grinned and nodded along anyway.

Genevieve said...

Why I do lurrve you, I have to disagree with voting for Obama. As far as I'm concerned, I'd rather not vote at all because I don't favor either of the candidates.

He is a major risk to this country because of his views. And frankly after watching this video and listening to alot of his speeches, there's no way I'm voting him into office.

I still lurrve ya though.

Anonymous said...

Great post Saucy. Mrs. Sparky has been a frequest viewer of your handiwork and I must say, I wouldn't challenge you in the creative olympics.

An interesting departure as I read through the comments though , but likely more unfortunate than interesting. Outweighed ten fold by the comments you deserve, the shallow, uneducated ramblings of the inept shouldn't be something you allow affect to.

Keep up the phenomenal work and thank you for the inspiration you provide to so many.
;-) - Sparky

PJ's talkin'.... said...

I kinda liked what you said... what's the big deal? We're still wondering how he got in there, and why nobody voted him out... and we'll be so glad to see him go...
I did notice the ugly ones didn't leave a name... My new very best friend is Obama, he got my vote today!

debi said...

Hey darlin!
thanks for the post on my as an "original" native of this great country (registered Muskogee Creek and the other half is part Cajun and Creole)....that means black/French. I must say both of these guys worried me...they each had good points and each had bad (as all humans). But, obviously we needed to make a choice. I truly feel that people voted on emotion this election and "against" anything or anyone remotely Republican. How could anyone go up against a "movement"...Obama could have done probably about anything and still would have probably won.

Regardless, he won and as my President....he will have my support because the people have spoken and he is the winner. So, everyone just don't complain and remember that it is CONGRESS that makes the rules and truly runs this country!

I pray that our new their best for what is the best for the majority in this country and concentrate on our own people for a change! We need to help and heal our own first and quit trying to play "big brother that knows everything" and take care of our own for awhile.

(just for the record...I am a registered Republican (have been voting for 34 years now), have lived & traveled all over the world...and my country is still where I would rather be.)

xo...the junkin' yaya!

Vanessa said...

Wow! Great post! And you sure pay attention to what is going on in our country. Can't really say that I know much about yours.

Don't know how you found me, but I'm glad to say, I've gone international and I"m adding you to my google reader. You are hilarious!

Chris said...

Wow. Look at all the conservative feathers you ruffled. Most of them anonymous, mind you. Just keep in mind that even though we've had some "bad" boyfriends throughout the years, it doesn't mean our whole "body" wanted it. Okay. I'm not as clever as you. That's the best I have for declaring I didn't vote for some of those morons. :)

She'sSewPretty said...

Oh my! I've never visited before but I will be back. If there is anyone that doesn't realize how the USA affects the rest of the world they are just not paying attention. I am proud that I picked the right boyfriend...and I totally agree with what you said about all of the ex-dudes. Thanks for this wonderful, refreshing post!

Cant Hardly Wait said...

well, we picked him. I picked him. i think we're finally in love.

Stef said...

Love it! Thanks for a giggle.

Kelly said...

Saucy, I must admit I have followed your blog for at least a year and I love it. I mean, I really love it. You are funny and crafty and clever and an amazingly generous person.
However, I was extremely disappointed to see that you cared more about the USA's election than our Canadian election as you did not post ANYTHING on election day in Canada.
Also, your view on Obama is unfortunate. I think that the US is in trouble now that Obama is the Pres. He is way too radical and will likely make the US a lot worse off than they already are.
I am saddened that Obama won, it is NOT a good thing.
I hope though, for the sake of the US that you are right and I am wrong or I will be eager to see you eat your words in 2 or 3 years (or less...).

Saucy said...

Kelly, I posted Buddy Budderson's first vote on election day in Canada! Truth be told, I think all of the blog readers are American and sadly... I should never assume... they wouldn't be interested in the Canadian election. I wonder? I care very much for Canadian politics and the state of our country as well, I only made the one post about American politics - we are also inundated with it! Our election was over so swiftly from the time it was called, the American procedure just dragged on and on!

Plus, this post was really more about the humour of the situation as I saw it and really, there wasn't too much terribly funny or amusing to say on election day in Canada - except for Buddy Budderson getting dressed up to vote for the first time!

My undergraduate minor was Canadian History. I lurrve me some Tommy Douglas.

Robin said...

Sorry I am not the first person to tell you... What a fantastic post! Really clever, original and extremely well- put! (Isn't it horribly wrong that Canadians often have a better grasp on our history than we do? Seriously, there are way too many Americans that couldn't come close to having the knowledge to write this post.) I'm new to your blog but I'm excited to check out the rest of it!
PS_ I love how you say we haven't been happy since Kennedy but that we came close with Clinton. So true. Here's to a (better) brand new day!

The Berry's Patch said...

I've been following your blog for some time now. I've always been a fan but now I'm in lurve. This post was brilliant and SO true. I'm just sorry you had to deal with the mean nasty people...the ones that call themselves conservative Christians. At least now you know that over half of America agrees with you. :-)

Tootsie Farklepants said...

Holy comments Batman!

And to the anonymous posters, a quote for you from today:

"The Republican congressman from Michigan, Thaddeus McCotter, told the Washington Times: "We're rock bottom. We are now free to start thinking again, acting again, and doing the right thing by what our constituents and our country need."

Wow! You mean for the last 8 years they haven't been doing this? I guess you can say with McCain/Palin losing the campaign that we've dodged a bullet.


asthmagirl said...

Thanks for posting this! It was cute and sweet and we're glad that your concerned with our dating health!
We're also glad that the outcome of this election means we don't have to leave our homes en masse and move in with you!

Kristy said...

Speaking as a neutral observer, (I'm British) I just want to say that I am deeply impressed with your creativity and your amazing writing talent. It doesn't matter who people support, one thing that can't be denied, is your skill and the entertainment value of your writing.

My view on the boyfriend situation? Well, I think anyone who wants to be a Politician is probably not boyfriend material - but then I'm British, and I don't think we've ever had a Politician, let alone a Prime Minister, that was not corrupt in some way! As the saying goes: 'Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely....'

Angela Harris said...

It's too bad about the negetive comments. Don't worry. I'm sure it's the same person over and over. Oh well let them be.
I though it was a creative and funny post!
& I voted for the other guy:)
I'm still happy obama won because I know God is who is really in charge!

Ginny said...

Very clever and well said! Lurrved it! I did not vote for Obama but I truly do hope that he lives up to everyone's expectations and makes the good ol' USA an even better country.

Peggy Sez.. said...

I am reading this after the election,and after all the hoopla and fireworks of becoming Barrack O'Boyfriends main squeeze cool down a bit you have earned the right to say...
I told you so!

Nice post!

hunnybunny said...

Whoa a girls computer breaks and she come s back to read ALL this! Now I know why I didn't want to leave Canada when we were driving through. Canadians rock! I'm glad this election is over, we have a new boyfriend and people can stop being all super amped up crazy so we can FINALLY move forward.

Jillian said...

I have not commented on your blog for quite a long time...probably because of something I read a long time ago that I didn't agree with. I still read your blog from time to time and just found my way here from MJ's blog. Today I feel compelled to leave a comment about your post on our American election.

As Americans we do not know what goes on in Canada or why our election affects you. It surprises me to read Canadians are so interested in Americans and our events, Television, stores, celebrities, etc.

It also surprises me that you could be so UNAFFECTED by our election to almost make fun of it by referring to America as a silly young girl looking for a boyfriend. Ouch.

And Obama is definitely not a good boyfriend choice...I guess you are swayed by the media and our celebrities. What do you really know about him? What experience doe he have? I certainly don't think it is great to support abortion, to give our hard earned money to those who don't work for it, and to make plans to change our fundamental beliefs that my ancestors actually fought in wars for. I cannot sit back and watch their sacrifices go down the drain.

Half of the country voted for "the other man" so I do not see how you think we are all happy with the outcome.

I'm sorry to leave a post with a negative tone (I normally don't) but this time I just had to.

Maybe this post was too clever for its own good.

I'd be interested in hearing more about why Canadians are bitter towards Americans because we don't realize how much our culture affects yours. The truth is, we really don't know because we don't hear anything about it. I didn't start communicating with Canadians until I started my blog and I have really really enjoyed meeting and writing back and forth with many Canadian bloggers.

I actually have distant relatives in Canada and my Great Grandfather was from Canada so I'm all for learning more.

Thanks for your time...


Jillian said...

Dear Saucy,
Thank you for taking time to reply to my comment.

I do agree with you on one is okay to disagree!

And John McCain is Pro Life ... you asked me to correct you.

There is much more I could say about your reply but then we would just go round and round and I do not have time because I am taking care of my newborn.

But it did sadden me that you said killing babies (abortion) was like carrying a firearm or voting.

Let me point out:

You need a permit in Pennsylvania to carry a firearm.

You must be 18 to vote.

To have an abortion you don't need anything.

Have a great week and thanks again for your reply.


Fantastic Forrest said...

Amen, Sister Saucy. It has been a beastly eight years. My poor country has been the victim of a really abusive guy and his friends.

I found it interesting that the previous commenter is so worried about abortion at the same time over 4,200 of our fellow citizens were killed thanks to a war founded on lies.

Those who commented negatively on your post as Anonymous are gutless.

Those who supported you are awesome.

Thank God we voted for change.

Anonymous said...


jkddz said...

Loved it... and the nerve of people getting so upset..
like really people....

michelleb. said...

Wow! I really came out of hiding here! I left 2 comments and neither were "anonymous". Still don't care for Obama and really don't agree with many of his choices of Cabinet members, but hey, he did win (for better or worse). It's not like I applied for the job.
I promise to not talk politics should Maia and I be hanging out with you and Loopy in July.

Taiya said...

Do you still feel that Obama is the right "boyfriend" for us? I'm just curious after what he has done in office so far?

Christine said...

I love this post. It's pretty true coming from Canada and watching the difference between the American and the Canadian elections. There was alot more media attention here over the Presidential election than our own federal one not so long ago. And even now many of my friends talk about how if they could have voted in the American election then they would have and yet they didn't vote in our own. I am glad that they got Obama in though!

Christine Bruce