zombie jar swap reveal... and a movie review

Read on for my cupcake movie review of High School Musical 3... it was part of our give challenge today... but first:

Today is reveal day for the Zombie Jar swap I hosted this past month. It has been great fun to connect with new bloggers and artists and certainly much more organization than even I anticipated! Let's start with my sad story, shall we? I made a special Zombie Jar to send my swap partner Angela. In the spirit of high fashion, I called her "Glamour Ghoul"... get it? Of course you do.

I took pains to pack it so carefully. You must know where this is headed. Enjoy the "before" photos. I packed with special stretch plastic around the bell jar, then I used bubble wrap, shredded paper and tissue:

Here is Glamour Ghoul before her journey: She is a vision of haute couture under glass....

Replete with a black cat, tiny shoes and a very swank handbag as accessories, should she wish to go out on the town upon her arrival.

Oh! And a lovely orange vintage brooch I had been saving for an occasion such as this!

Adorning the cloche was a black vintage millinery flower and a crystal from my very own chandelier. But look:

Even the most careful packaging could not ensure her a safe journey. I am heartsick about it. Angela and I are trying to organize a major reconstruction, if she can find a little cloche. I have another (but not in orange) to send, but I daren't. How shameful that the host of the swap sent something that got destroyed. I will make it up to Angela, I promise.

In the meantime, pour some tea and browse the photos that have been submitted so far and make sure you check the links to see more detailed photos of the completed projects... these are just teasers.

Amy F. sent this little beauty MJ's way. Her girls are going to love it. They are the perfect age for such fanciful things to arrive in the mail.

You must visit Amy at Inspireco to get the full story about the lovely little creature that she captured for Lisa... I hope Amy posts all of the lovely photos she took of her live creature so you can get the full effect.

Sweet AwtemNymf took so much care in crafting (and packaging) this jar for Sara.

My sweet cousin Sassy outdid herself too! Look what she made for Oliver Rain:

Ginger's creation is so utterly cute... you must visit her blog to see the other side. I won't spoil it for you.

Grace's interpretation is a classic! Go have a look. She sent this to Aunt Pitty Pat.

Our Crazed Crocheter Leslie really went to town on her jar for Ginger! Are you loving the variety? I am.

This is an amazing ghoulish creation by Marcel made for Grace... talk about artists on the same wavelength!

MJ made this shadow box style zombie trap for Amy F... she sent quite a few other wonderful goodies along to so make sure you check out her blog for details.

Oliver Rain crafted a really sweet zombie wedding for the newly married Sassy (check out Sassy's blog to see how it was packed... ingenious):

Fellow Saskatonian Pam interpreted the zombie jar as a very spooky and nifty rack of potions! How cool for Karen:

What a clever and creative group we have. These are all of the photos I have so far but if you visit our swap blog there are all of the partner links in the sidebar and you will be able to look at everything in more detail and read about the process! I will attempt to post these photos on that blog too for convenience. I just have to recover from...

Reader, High School Musical 3 is a simmering cauldron of ingredients from High School Musicals 1 and 2, every preceding Disney animated musical, the career of Bob Fosse and a dash of Footloose. Make that a heaping, steaming, pile of Footloose.

Why the long face? Did I expect to love it? No. I expected to like it, and I did. But halfway through... and this is the point when I thought about you, dear reader, and I slipped into my Juicy bag and grabbed my camera - in spite of the risk of being prosecuted - to bring you the proof. This movie ripped off Footloose. And if I harken back to 1984, Dear Reader, I didn't like Footloose. At all. The word "trite" springs to mind. I really did not like Footloose.

But methinks Kenny Ortega liked it, and alot! Several scenes in High School Musical 3 pay direct homage to the Kevin Bacon/that girl from Fame/future superstar Sarah Jessica Parker vehicle denouncing controlling pastor fathers who forbid the dancing. There were a few of those themes thrown into HSM3 also.

But oh my, that Zac Efron is a Lord of the Dance for the new millennium. Methinks he should be my new underage secret celebrity crush, after Kevin Jonas. Ewww. Saucy is going to low security prison, right next to Mary Kay letournau.

And so dear reader I have no choice but to give you two reviews of HSM3... Loopy gave it a resounding:

Of course she did. Ever the critic, in spite of the young man cake and the fantabulous production numbers, the openly gay brother character (you didn't get that?) and the sweet costumes... Saucy gives it

You let me know, Reader... after your kids drag you to see this... am I right on this one?


Oliver Rain said...

So sad about your jar. It was so beautiful. The "Glamour Ghoul" simply brilliant. Lizzie is clamouring to see HSMIII. I suspect this will be on our agenda next weekend. Javier refuses to accompany us so it's going to be just the girls. I will post my photos of the Zombie Jar tomorrow.

Jerri-Lea said...

OH NO! Even after you took such care in packing her for her journey! She was a beauty.

Rue said...

Oh my! I'm so sorry Saucy!! It was really cute too :(

Oh and I never liked Footloose either or for that matter Kevin Bacon. Not a fan.



I'm heartsick about your cloche. What a perfect color. I love MJ's shadowbox. I have to take a group of girls to HSM 3 for Taylor's b-day next weekend. Now I think I'll bring a book. (Just kidding).

Genevieve said...

After all of that bubble wrap and it still broke. Blast! So sorry. It was gorgeous~

I'm not into the HSM but my god daughter sings nothing but. I wear ear plugs. ;)

AwtemNymf said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry the cloche broke to smithereens. Ugh! And that was such a beautiful Zombie jar too... Sooo Saucy-licious! BEAUTIFUL!
I want one of those cloche's and in ORANGE! Brilliant!

Tammy (Mom to this crazy bunch) said...

We saw it yesterday, too. Yes.. rip off comes to mind. But, yes there is a but, thank goodness it was something we could all go to see together. What happened to those movies? These days it is either talking dogs or horror. It was nice to spend the evening at the movies with the entire crew... minus the two who were working.

Carri said...

I have to completely agree with you about high school musical. I must admit I am secretly in love with the movie but this one was a huge let down. Of course we will own the DVD to finish off our collection but it was not nearly as good as the first two. It truly made me sad. I must agree 3 1/2 cupcakes is a good score because it definitely does not deserve more. I did however love a few of the songs.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Well, your review sounds fitting since I feel they totally ripped off Grease with the first HSM. That said, my sons ADORE these movies & we'll end up going to see it.

Wickedly adorable zombie jars! You clever people.

amyf4 said...

So sad about the broken cloche! I am cheating on HSM3, we are sending the kids off to it while we sneak in to Saw IV. I am a sucker for scary movies!

Petunia said...

I will be heading to the movie theater soon, I'm afraid, to see it.
Your Glamour Ghoul was so cute!

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

Those jars are FABULOUS! I love the little zombie! At least you have pictures of your sweet jar in all it's glory. I can only imagine what kind of crazy shakey journey it went on...

kari and kijsa said...

SO sad about your fabulous jar!! loved your review...so we will be prepped as our HSM crazy daughters drag us to it!! We think that Zachhie is a cutie too!!

kari & kijsa

Yummers! said...

I feel so sad for you that your 'creation' was destroyed. It was so perfect and fun and... smashed to pieces. Good thing you took pictures of it... but then again, what don't we take pics of??
Soooooo sad!

Suzanne said...

Poor sad little jar. :(

And I'm so happy there is another person out there who hates Footloose as much as me. Oh, look there! In the comments, I spy some others, too!

Aspergertopia said...

Awwwwwe. I can't believe it! What are the odds. An untimely death :(

Poor thing.

I am sure it will take awhile to get over your loss but I have no doubt you'll make it up to your partner.

All the jars look awesome by the way!

Rebekah said...

Haha! Stealing from Footloose is like stealing from...Condorman. It's ALREADY the lowest common denominator. Or it waaas...

Beautiful Glamour Ghoul! And a fitting, though sad, demise! Death by a thousand shards!

justhay said...

It's one month until it's released here, I'm still a little sore about it going to the big screen. How quickly the little people are forgotten in the hunt for the big bucks. My girls are hanging out to see it though, so off we will go....

I never *got* Kevin Bacon.

audrey said...

LUV U....but not not your politics. Very sensitive issue you touched upon. It is sad to see adults here who have NEVER in their lifetime cared to vote-cast a ballot on "sameness of race" alone. Most of whom when questioned said they love obama's running mate "Sarah Palin" THAT SPEAKS VOLUMES

Christine said...

I love the mummy with the funny facial expressions. All those jars are so awesome. As for High School Musical 3..I can't stand musicals but that Zac Efron. Whew. He definitely deserves a spot on the hottie list. Kevin Jonas!! He's such a cutie. I adore him. He's totally under rated. And I can't believe they are remaking Footloose. It wasn't that good in the first place..the only good thing is the song.

Christine Bruce