happy halloween

Let's get to it then, shall we? Lots to post on this spooky day... first off, my Zombie Jar swap parcel arrived from Angela - just in time for the big day! Can you imagine this dragonfly tissue paper, how divine is that? And the penmanship on the card, I would die to have penmanship like that!

Inside the box was waiting the lovely Nessa Rose as Loopy and I have named her. We're fans of Wicked the Musical and it seemed fitting! She is so sweet, thank you Angela! She traveled much more safely than Ghoul Girl and she is so sweet and tiny in her jar.

She fits in well at the dollhouse... it's all decked out for tricks and treats tonight... and look! There's a package on the front step from Amy at Inspire Company! Who let Duke out? I'm very busy trying to get ready for this party tonight... someone let him in for me.

Veto needs to do some raking around the dollhouse too. That tree is dropping leaves like crazy around the driveway.

The pumpkins are ready to harvest! Mmmmmm tiny dollhouse pumpkin pie. Buddy Budderson's favourite dessert, in miniature.

Yesterday I had a delightful coffee break at Starbucks with Pam and her sweet baby Kennedy. We bonded over salted caramel hot chocolates and jewelry. We swapped pieces. Here is the cozy little necklace I made for her, dazzled among the yarn sit Swarovski crystals:

Pam is an amazing jewelry maker... I'm just a little out of my league... look at the bracelet she made for me, all vintage looking, and the perfect colours for the season. I'm planning on wearing it when we go out in Chicago.

She made a necklace for Loopy too! Loopy was thrilled, she lurrves it. She's hatched a plan to wear it on Monday with the new sweater The Fan brought back from Europe. Check it out being modeled by Smudge the Halloween glittery cat:

There are just some images I love for Halloween... don't know why... cute Frankensteins really get me in the spirit. Eyeballs too. Isn't that strange? I saw these candy dishes and was a goner.

At Loopy's school, the kids don't wear costumes for Halloween, it's called "orange and black day"... don't even get me started on that. Here's Loopy with the secretary Deb on "orange and black day":

Yesterday's give was about Halloween, too. While we watched The Office and Kath and Kim, Loopy and I stuffed plastic gloves with popcorn for her to take to school and hand out today to the preschool kiddies she volunteers with:

How utterly cute these turned out. They're also very inexpensive, I buy the gloves at the dollar store (of course) and the spider rings, too. Popcorn is cheap, cheap, cheap.

I did up a wacky hairdo for Loopy for "orange and black" day... do you see how I sneaked that in? An extra Wacky Hair Day, just because.

The preschoolers are allowed to dress up! Why not the big kids? Everyone over preschool age wears black and orange... if they have it. I think "black and orange day" keeps more kids out of the fun than Halloween costumes. Not everyone owns orange clothes, you know!

Well that's it for me for today... Happy Halloween! I'm off and running to get the rest of the stuff ready for tonight's party and I guarantee a great post about it tomorrow, okay! With costumes.


Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

The doll house blows me away! Happy Halloween to all of you!!!


Happy Halloween!

Have a spooktacular day!
Come and visit!

~ Gabriela ~

Cassandra said...

How cute are they!?! I went a little crazy with the costumes this year, I couldn't decide which, so I have all 3 of the costumes in the front row from left to right, PLUS an elephant (also from Costco) and Brody ended up wearing Logan's Lion costume from last year. I'll donate all 5 to charity since none will fit either of my boys next year.

Yummers! said...

Love your dollhouse! I'd love to see more pics of it. Please share what you do with it for Christmas!

My husband built a dollhouse for me a year ago and it is in need of paint and landscaping... however I did have fun furnishing it Scandinavian style.

Do you have other pictures of it on your blog? You've inspired me to get my painting done. It's just sitting in the guest room looking sad.

Genevieve said...


Alright, are you taking orders for that necklace, cuz I would lurrve one!

Saucy said...

Well I guess you could say I get my jars at Home Sense... Winners actually, the same company here in Canada. Good luck shopping!

Lisa Milton said...

Orange and black day, pish. (Although that's just what I'm wearing...)

Hope you have a great time.

(Hope you are feeling well too.)

Laura said...

Love the popcorn hands! Hope your party is a smash! Happy Halloween!

Sandra D said...

Your creativity (and that of your friends) is amazing. It warms my heart to think of Loopy volunteering at the playschool. Those kids are very fortunate!

Happy Halloween!

KAGS Herself said...

Lucky you - coffee with Pam (& Kenadi) I love Pam's jewellry - one day it shall be mine! Have a great full on Halloween party tonight!

Dayle said...

Thanks for the jar tip, I bet they'll have them at Home Sense. In Alberta we have both. But Winners here is stricly for clothing and accessories, and Home Sense is where they have all the home decor stuff. I try to stay away from both, as I tend to "just pop in" and leave 2 hours later. gah! I love a deal.

Rosa said...

Happy Halloween!! Love that dollhouse! Wow!!! and all your goodies. What a fab idea with the gloves!!

Rue said...

Halloween Saucy :)

Your swap, the doll house and the necklaces are all amazing! Loopy looked very cute, despit not being able to dress up :)

I hope your face is better now.

halloween hugs for the whole Saucy family!

Amber said...

That little giraffe is precious. I bet Loopy had so much fun with all the cute little ones decked out in their costumes!

I would LOVE for you to do a tutorial on how to make the yarn bracelets & necklaces. They are SO perfect for winter! Cozy jewelry with sparkle.

Jenny S said...

What fun! Thanks for the comments on my blog and I love the popcorn hands! Might have to remeber that for next year!!

Scrappy Jessi said...

Hey there spooky ghouls!!!
your house is adorable!!!
super sweet jar!!!
Loopy looks so cute!!!
Hope you had a fab Halloween!!!

Starshine said...

I'm so proud of you for sneaking in an extra wacky hair day just cuz!

The Inept Aspirant said...

Saucy, please adopt me and do my hair and makeup every day and take me to photo shoots and do awesome crafts with me and decorate my room and have all my friends over for parties that you make amazing dishes for...whew! You are my dream momma. Too bad I'm 40 years old!

Doreen said...

I hope you and Loopy had a wonderful Halloween and a great party! You are so creative with your treats! I did make one earwax treat to freak out my husband - I took my 2 year old into the bathroom to "clean his ear" and walked out with that so show hubby OMG look how much wax was in his ear! Then I licked it! He freaked! Then I ate it and he knew something was up. Thanks for all your fantastically creative ideas!

Angela said...

Sounds like you had a great Halloween, Saucy!
Oh, btw.. I am starting to freak out, every time I come to your blog and see something about 'Angela'. It is rather disappointing to see your name on a post and then realize that you are not the one that is to be the recipient of Saucy's goodness...
just a little jealous I suppose.


Angela Harris said...

Hooray! I'm so glad my package finaly came to you. I'd hoped tha jar wouldn't break because of how thick it was but she's much cuter out of the jar :)
I must go see all the stir you've created while I was gone.

Christine said...

That dollhouse looks awesome! I love that you decorate it for the seasons too. The frankenstein dish is cute and reminds me of the movie Young Frankenstein for some reason. My favorite holiday! I'm glad someone else gets as excited about it as I do.

Christine Bruce

Dressycostumes said...


Thanks for sharing. I really liked the popcorn gloves, fabulous idea. And the Doll house seems to be a fantasy for me.