summer movie wrap up

Now that Labour Day has come and gone, Saucy feels compelled to take final stock of her cupcakes and list the summer movies from her least favourite to her most favourite. This will allow the reader a handy wrap up to refer to at the video rental counter, if that is where you are headed.

Saucy's least favourite movie of the summer? Hancock. She is saddened by this, as she usually lurrves Mr. Smith (The Pursuit of Happyness, Ali) but the script was choppy and ridiculous, and dear reader, Saucy looks back on the evening and surmises that she just wasn't in the mood. It was loud. This summer, Saucy didn't do loud very well.

While Ana Faris was delightful as an aging (27) Playboy Bunny in The House Bunny, Saucy felt that the entire script needed tweaking and by tweaking she means rewrite. Mrs. G pointed out that it was a derfish move to go see this movie, but hey, Saucy just wanted to get out of the house for a couple of hours while Veto watched a fight. It was the only derfish choice left at the cineplex. The concept was cute in a Legally Blonde sort of way but it wasn't well executed and well... you know how it turned out. She got the guy, saved the day, and Saucy gave her only two cupcakes. Two well-proportioned, oversized, ridiculous, scantily-clad cupcakes.

Saucy can't even remember what she gave Step Brothers in the cupcake department but as she compiled this list and tried to reckon some sense of order she decided that while she liked it better than The House Bunny, it fell short of Get Smart... so if you decide to scroll through the archives to see what my cupcake score was for these two shows and it doesn't jive, too bad. Sometimes distance brings clarity in these situations.

The best part of Get Smart was Anne Hathaway's wardrobe. That's all Saucy has to say about this movie.

Saucy recalls enjoying Baby Mama much more than she anticipated she would. It must be the brilliant combo of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Saucy finds the idea of comic genius women-friends who make snappy television and movies together very compelling.

The Rocker had less middle-aged-man-skin than Step Brothers, making it more favourable than say, Step Brothers and every other movie listed. The Rocker brought Saucy and Loopy to the altar of Teddy Geiger, and for that she will forever be grateful.

Saucy speculates that in reviewing some of the movies she sees, she may in fact be transferring some of the positive emotions that she has while she is at the movie or while she is on the way to the movie directly into her movie review. Take that as a caution. You may or may not be heavily medicated and on the way to a movie with The Fan and Loopy, making just about any outing a pleasant experience. This may in fact be the case for Kit Kittredge: An American Girl... but Saucy believes that it was pleasant nevertheless and thus it takes a high place on her list. This is the kind of movie you can take your mother and your daughter to and, if heavily medicated, enjoy very much.

Of course Indy makes the list... but again, he suffers for his noise factor and Saucy found some of the madcap racing scenes intolerable. Indy should not suffer for Saucy's lack of medication that weekend, so he still places high on the overall list.

The Pants come in fourth. Saucy laughed and cried and truly felt the joy of the Sisterhood even though this movie was a slap-happy jumble of three loved and tattered novels in Saucy's beach bag.

Saucy predicts that The Dark Knight will overtake the Academy Awards next year. While visually stunning and true art, it was so noisy that Saucy wondered if there was enough medication to get her into the cineplex ever again. Saucy also had to go to the bathroom but was too riveted to the screen by all of that evil badness... and now she realizes that if she had just taken the time to empty her bladder, the movie might have been just that much more enjoyable.

Again, the noise factor plays a part in this ranking and it is with disgust that Saucy admit she must be showing signs of old age. Insufferable complaining about noise, whether at the movie theatre, coming from Buddy's "band practice", Veto's fights on TV, or preventing entry into the Hollister store, Saucy realizes that she got old over the summer, she has the reading glasses to prove it.

Old people liked Mamma Mia! and Saucy is certainly no exception. Light and fluffy, it sat like a dollop of whipped cream on her summer movie list. She would see it again and again. She will go to the sing-along version (by herself) and she will likely purchase the DVD.

Saucy's number one, first favourite, bestest movie of all summer was Sex and the City, starring the uber-talented-but-not-as-cute-as-Loopy-SJP. There were just too many things to love about this movie including the costumes, the music, the sets, New York City, the costumes, the acting, the costumes and the costumes. Saucy left the theatre feeling as though she'd been swathed in couture, not the faux butter topping she often leaves swathed in. This movie was genius eye candy that made Saucy glad to be a girl. What can top that? Nothing.

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Lisa said...

I cannot wait to see all these movies, once they are out of DVD of course. I dont do the theater very often.

I did see Baby Mama today, as it came out on DVD. But you will have to wait until I do my movie review on Sunday to see what I thought.

BTW: I Lurrrve Will Smith too. Did ya see I Am Legend?

Lucrecia said...

I recently went to the Mama Mia sing a long - GO RUN, do not pass go! Fun times I tell ya!

MJ said...

I am almost embarassed to admit that I haven't seen Sex in the City (movie, that is, as I'm a huge fan of the series). I really need to get there. Soon. Likely on Max. Shoot.

Marie Antionette said...

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Fun! And I'm just like you when it comes to volume. It makes me so crabby when the noise prevents me from appreciating the rest of a film. Hence my tendency to watch at home. Oh, and the cost of babysitters;)

Starshine said...

Thanks for summing it all up for me!

Tiffany said...

I love your movie reviews - they give me a little insight before I hit the theater!

Angela said...

Oh, My, it must be so nice to go to the Theatre! I can't even remember the last REAL movie I watched!
If it isn't made by Disney or have an orange Nickelodeon splat on it I haven't seen it, in the last 8 years!


Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

I had only seen one of your movies. WOW! I usually see everything that comes out. But, now I am even more excited for DVDs to hit stores. Thanks for the great reviews!

A New England Life said...

The Sex and the City DVD will be on the shelves Sept. 23rd. One week from this Tuesday! Yippee!!!

I loved Mamma Mia! also. Had hoped to see Sisterhood 2 this week-end but it seems my girls schedules may be booked. We'll see.

Both my girls saw House Bunny and liked it. To me it didn't look that entertaining. Luckily I didn't have to go along ; )

Great reviews Saucy!