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Poor Lena... she still hasn't found a home. Someone mentioned that they wanted to adopt her... she thought it was a done deal. She might break out that lipgloss and use it just to make herself feel better.

Gigli is starting to wonder if she's been cursed by the movie of the same name. Oh, how she adores that ruffly Ben Affleck. She should have gone home with Matt Damon when she had the chance. At least there'd be an opportunity to see the Red Sox in action.

And Esther? She is just too sweet for her own good. She's not really into the new-fangled movie stars of the day, she prefers Cary Grant and Fred Astaire. She got an email from Elizabeth Taylor (yes, that Elizabeth Taylor) telling her to keep her chin up, so she will. Elizabeth Taylor has been through much worse than this.

Two cozy winter necklaces still available. Click here to see.

And still two ironing boards left! These are little replicas of the work I did for Club Little House last year... it did create a frenzy and I must say I had so many emails after that wondering if I would be selling any on etsy or filling special orders. Here is your chance.

And speaking of Club Little House, today is sign up day! Pop on over to Amy's blog to get in on the action... if you want one of what I am whipping up for 2008, that is.


Jo said...

Well I for one really want one of your new creations Saucy - you're a CLH legend! I've signed up, so will you put in a kind word for me to Amy when she's making the parcels up?! I can't wait to see who's joined - are you going to give the secret away before sending them off to Amy or are your lips sealed? Hugs, Jo

Oliver Rain said...

I got signed up for CLH and I'm so excited. I've always loved the ironing boards.

Yin said...

Oh I would just love, love one of your creations but I don't have a dollhouse =( is that a pre-requisite?!

Mrs. Staggs said...

Well, Lena now has home, and Miss Luna and I are so looking forward to her arrival.
I'm so honored to have been the inspiration for one of these charming creatures, and I promise to give her a wonderful home! Thank you!

blaze said...

aww thats soo sad i hope both bears will find a home!