step brothers

The cupcake movie review for the weekend is Step Brothers, starring Will Farrell and John C. Reilly. We saw it with the kids last night. This movie was pretty much what I expected - with few more... visuals... than I expected. Put it this way: Loopy was sitting right beside me, I covered her head twice. But that's okay.

It was a little infantile. That's okay, too... we were in the mood for it. Veto and Buddy laughed all the way through. I admit, I split my side open a few times too. The premise - two grown men who live at home become stepbrothers when their parents marry - is too good to resist. There are some obvious laughs and sight gags. I do mean sight gags - you might want to pack a blindfold. Will Farrell is as charming as ever (think Elf) and John C. Reilly plays a pitch-perfect 40-year-old slacker with rage issues.

Check this one out if you don't mind fart jokes. Three and a half cupcakes.


Niki (Crum) Worthen said...

Hello. I hope I don't creep you out, but I was reading Ashley's blog and on her "Share the Wealth," the other day, she told us to check your blog out. Of course she mentioned your beautiful laundry room, and I must say, I am smitten! It's gorgeous! But I must know, if you are willing to share, where did you find your wallpaper? I too love wallpaper and am always interested in new places to find it!

Elizabeth said...

My new favorite blog! Love, love, love it!!!

Sandra Evertson said...

Great movie! Riot!

Oliver Rain said...

I admit to having a bit of a secret crush on both of these guys. I guess I like slightly dorky middle aged men.

It's taken a while but I made it through all your posts. You've been busy while I was away. Love the 'twist of lime' wedding & rehearsal. Looked like it was a fabulous day. Saw Batman. Understanding why you could only give it 4 cupcakes but since Christian Bale has been a secret boyfriend for a long time, I give it 5 batwings. I love your Loopy photos. She's beautiful as always. And of course, Clara...truly a diva. Wait until you see who I brought back from my holidays!

Starshine said...

Your review is spot-on. I went into it thinking that it would be a comedy more in the vein of Tommy Boy. I wasn't expecting the sight gags (nice euphomism, btw) or the raunchiness. Still, Iaughed out loud several times.