little things

Sometimes the sweetest little things put a smile on my face...

... like these little rotund fall floral arrangements Loopy and I put together for the owner of the salon and the manicurist who did her nails before last weekend's photo shoot.

This little ring arrived yesterday from an Etsy seller in Japan... a perfect little box of chocolates for my fingers. No calories!

A jar of Saskatoon berry chutney and a dragonfly spreader from MJ, when I visited her at her home on Monday night. What a treat! We drank tea forte and chatted for a couple of hours. It was a nice way to spend the evening and I got to see her adorable girls, K and N. Thanks again dear friend!

Her shopping tip led me to Crocus & Ivy the next day, where I found these sweet faux dragonflies.

Tell me, dear reader, what little thing put a smile on your face this week?


Jyl said...

Saw you over on Carissa's goodandcrazypeople site.

Great job on the flowers. And seriously, I love the dragon fly spreader. LOVE IT!

And... to comment on post below. What cute pics.

Kay said...

Love the flowers....they always make me smile. Another thing that put a smile on my face this week was a puppy.... went to visit my daughter and her roommate this week and her roommate got a new little puppy, an English Lab. She was just the sweetest puppy. I could have brought her home in a heartbeat!

MJ said...

Thought the spreader needed a place to land in your home! Who knows, maybe it'll be used alongside the chutney?

PS: N hasn't stopped wearing the ears since Tues. She wears them all over & gets so many compliments. One set has already fallen apart; other set is in use FT now! With all the compliments, she'll never take them off! The tag remains intact!

Liz said...

I really like the box of chocolates ring. It is perfect.
My little boy was chasing me around the park this week. Perfect chance to smile while catching my breath.

Jane said...

That ring is too cool.

I made your diaper cake! Check it out! Woo hoo!!! :)

Mrs. G. said...

The pink handheld Dyson I found at Target for my daughter to take to college-she has a corner room with two other girls and a bathroom IN the room.

What is tea forte?

3rdEyeMuse said...

oooh! fun, fun, fun! I adore little round flower arrangements like you and Loopy put together, that ring is really quite precious - and zero calories, to boot! who doesn't like being spoiled?!? (chutney & spreader) and those dragonflys! too cool.

it's been a wonderful week of little things bringing smiles, but the best was this morning when my daughter brought me breakfast in bed - it was a first. :) been a happy mama all day long.

Starshine said...

Playing Scrabble with Hubs, a great opening night at my play, and spending some time water color painting! Happy Labour Day!