twist of lime wedding

I am just now recovering from the busy weekend - my cousin's Twist of Lime wedding! I was at the venue early with Uncle Bug, The Fan and The Secret Weapon to set up the wedding huppah and get some things done...

Like making sure there was plenty of ice for the lemonade stand for guests... before we begin looking at the wedding album, can I offer you refreshment? It's pretty hot outside, but a beautiful day for a wedding. Would you like a Corona with twist of lime or a Jones Soda... strawberry lime or lemon lime?

Here is one of the flower pots that are the base of the huppah. Do you want to know a secret? Yesterday, I drove around town returning the silk flowers that are in those pots... I guess you could say I just "borrowed" them for the day. Thanks to a liberal return policy at Michaels and Wal-Mart... well you know I am a bad, bad girl. This just ups my badness. There were eight hundred dollars worth of silks in those pots. Can you blame me? Don't look too close... the price stickers are bent inside the pot so none of the guests can see. You'll keep my secret, won't you?

Let's make sure all the tables are set up for the meal. It all looks lovely, doesn't it?

Have a look at those adorable lime table linens... inside poking out is a little paper napkin for your drink. Every place setting has lime BLAST gum, too.

Don't you just love Gerber daisies? Each table has a good sized galvanized pot full as a centrepiece. The Fan made sure all of them have a good drink in the hot hot sun.

How about those customized cartoon placemats? I think they were done by the groom, he's quite the artist... good thing he married into this family. We need another artist.

The couple ordered personalized green m+m's for the occasion. Are you going into sugar shock yet? You will....

The bride put me in charge of balloons, too. She must have read on this blog that I worked at a balloon decorating place during college. Plus, I'm a real Bossy Bosserson. I was bossing all of the balloon-volunteer-relatives around. Everything had to be just right. And it was.

What do you give the couple that has everything? Good memories, of course. I used the photos I took the day before the wedding and all of the goodies and ephemera that I could find... and seven memo boards... voila! Not much sleep the night before, as you can imagine. I placed one board under each balloon bouquet.

Look closely... I used cubic zirconia "stunt rings" in the flowers. I circled them for you.

And little flamingos! I hope The Bug got a shot of the flamingos outside of the venue. I took 400 shots and kept 375... he has over 300 as well.

More stunt rings! I have one more board for them and I hope she can make a little checker-board display of the eight of them in the new studio space that is being built for her. Maybe now that the wedding is over, I can help her plan her studio.

You know I just can't resist showing you a shot of Loopy... love the lime streaks in her hair. They came out the first time she dipped into the pool over the weekend, by the way. Here she is before the ceremony, enjoying her Jones Soda and reading a Jonas Brothers mag that The Fan brought along to entertain her with. As if she needs something to entertain her at this wedding!

A candy bar! Every kid's dream come true! Check out the lime gumballs, and random limes thrown around!

I also helped operate the popcorn machine... a sketchy proposition. It was so hot outside. Hot day + hot popcorn machine = overheated Saucy. Plus, I lost my sunglasses. Cousin Todd offered his kids five dollars to find them for me. Thank goodness.

The pens were all neatly lined up at the guest registry.

The guests "signed in" on the photo frame matte. So cute. Look at Steven's autograph, willya?

Then - the unthinkable happened. Just after my sunglasses were located... the groom arrived and asked me to hang on to the rings and the license? Is he crazy? I just lost my sunglasses!

But it was all okay... sunglasses on, check. Rings on the table, check. License, check. Adorably cute wedding couple? Check!

Something old, something new, something borrowed... something lime. Of course.

How stinkin' cute are the flower pot wedding cakes? Absolutely ingenious.

But not as ingenious as the contraption that the baking ladies had to carry them in on! Now that's smart!

If flower pot cake isn't your thing, have a slice of key lime pie... it was delicious. Each piece was decorated with those photo-chocolates, also delicious - and cute!

Speaking of cute, here is my Veto. That's one twist of lime I'd like to squeeze! Oh look, he's blushing!

The happy couple danced to "How Deep is Your Love" by the Bee Gees. Don't you love black and white wedding photos?

How about black and white with a twist of lime?

Just when things looked like they were getting a little serious... what is going on here?

The Bee Gees are gone... and now they're dancing to Dee Lite. I suppose it makes sense, they did meet on a dance floor, after all.

And the bride and groom did the robot. And the funky chicken. And busted some major moves.

And the wedding party joined in, too. The groom and his best man did some good old-fashioned break dancing. Yes folks, this is a brain surgeon.... get this guy some rhythm, STAT!

No way! This had everyone in stitches. I posted a link below to see the video on You Tube. If you look closely at the beginning, you can see me behind the couple, snapping away.

The groom made these cute cartoon cutouts... don't forget the photo op before you leave to go home!

By the end of the evening, there wasn't much to do but revel in a gorgeous day that went off without a hitch, and enjoy some cake while the temperature cooled off.
I spent all day Saturday (interrupted by my returns only) sorting through photos and doing all the cropping and editing. Today I did this:


At Home Redesigns said...

Wow! A million great ideas here. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Well have out done yourself yet once again! Words cannot begin to express our thanks for helping to organize our special day. And to top it off your eloquent blogging of our day is perfect! dr d is especially fond of the pic of him break dancing - we laughed so hard we cried! Thanks again Saucy!
Love, The Newlyweds
ps - will you REALLY help me plan my studio?!

Chris said...

Spectacular work!! It may just be a little blog award, but I gave you one today. Stop by and pick it up--when you're done resting!!

Mrs. G. said...

If I ever divorce Mr. G, will you plan my next wedding. Wow, wow, wow!

Starshine said...

AMAZING! Great pictures. And the bride has amazing curly hair!

Saucy said...

The bride also has amazing creativity, talent and kindness... and yes, gorgeously curly hair. Some people have all the luck.

Alecia said...

What a FABULOUS wedding, love all the lime!!! FAB JOB!!!

LI Laura said...

Sounds like the happy couple caught an episode or 2 of "Rock the Reception" on TLC. Very cute!

Junie Moon said...

Wow--this is better than Disney's Fantasia movie. Just fabulous!

Jerri-Lea Kardal said...

I want to get married again and do this (maybe even to my current husband hahah)

Misty said...

what an AMAZING wedding!

alittlebitofscrap said...

I loved every bit of it! It's all in the beautifully orchestrated details! Very lovely.

Rosa said...

I want to hang with your crowd! How fun! So creative. Love the breakdancing! Bet those suits were a tad dirty afterwards!

misspro312 said...

Oh my goodness!! That was the cutest wedding ever! I just got married in Jan, and I am always looking for cute weddings. Good job!! I found your blog through today's creative blog!

hippyhappyhay said...

A candy bar?
Best wedding reception EVER.

Rach said...

What a stinkin' cute wedding!! Cool ideas all over the place. AND ya made me laugh with the silk flowers...I'm hoping you spread that over a few stores and not all at one. LOL!!

MJ said...

I bet one of those baking lady contraptions is on your "wish list" for the next gift-giving season!

Tiffany said...

OMG!!! So much fun! I love lime green and the ideas and inspiration has my head twirling!!

-not to mentioned you all looked like you had a fatabulous time! (and I love loopy's green hair)

Joy Zaczyk said...

Found you through Creative Blogs and just wanted to say how fab your blog is! And you're a fellow Canuck - how cool!

This wedding was AMAZING - loved all of the details!


April D said...

Simply Amazing! What ideas you have! Your blog background looks familiar, free one right, yeah I had one too from that site till I found some really rockin' ones that are wayyyyyyy cooler...go check them out...

Tamara Jansen said...

What a cool event! Lots of amazing memories...and ideas.

Anonymous said...

So much more creative than the traditional wedding celebrations.

michelleb. said...

I so wish all this creativity was happening when my husband and I married 22yo this Friday. Those bright colors, the complete and total un-stuffiness of the gathering is just too much fun.

Laurieegowen said...

I just LOVE the wedding cake and would love to be able to do the same at my wedding in August. Can you share the details? Were the cakes baked in the pots etc? Thanks for and all help