the reveal

This is what our reno property (our flip) looked like when we got it. The lawn was dead and filled with ant hills. We removed that giant tree blocking the front window. Buddy Budderson laid new sod and I landscaped a sweeping flower bed in front of the hedges, that have now all been pruned down and are in full bloom.

Ech. Before, the step said, "NOT WELCOME" at all.

But now, after Veto laid slate, hung a new mailbox and a new doorbell... and new house numbers made a big difference also.

What do you think of my window boxes? Somebody snitched the sweet potato vines from them! Who on earth would do such a thing? Somebody who likes sweet potato vine, I guess.

Some areas were overwhelming. The biggest decision was turning the useless L-shaped layout of the master bedroom (formerly two bedrooms poorly integrated) into a proper master suite with an ensuite.

Success! But not at a discount price. Still well enough planned to include a walk-in closet, room for a large dresser, and a private water closet (not pictured).

Here is The Fan, contemplating what we've gotten ourselves into on inspection day. You can see the wheels in her head churning away. But I have a vision, I really do...

Oh man, the potential in this place was incredible, but you had to look past their junk. Pictured below was their idea of a back entry/mudroom. MUD being an operative word in that sentence.

And now... ready for its new incarnation as a proper mudroom with hooks on the wall and a place for footwear. Room for a closet too, if the new owners want to do that.

Personally I am not a fan of the mudroom/laundry room combo. I wasn't prepared to change that for a flip... just tidied it up for the new owner:

From THAT to THIS: a much cleaner place to do laundry. Room for drying racks and storage now too.

I wonder why when people are selling their home, they can't be bothered to clean up before a viewing. It's a good thing I can see beyond stuff like this:

...and envision something along the lines of this: Do you just adore bridge faucets? I do.

The countertop is quartz in a "misty carrera" finish. I love it so much, I'm planning to use it in our own kitchen reno (stay tuned)!

Pepper insisted on the removal of the wavy valance above the window. Good call. We added crown moulding to the tops of the upper cabinets. These are NOT new cabinets, by the way. The old ones were painted, new hinges and hardware selected in brushed stainless steel finished, and valances with under-cabinet lights were added as well.

The stainless steel appliances are courtesy of my own kitchen. You know me, angling for new appliances for myself. These are great brands: Bosch, Kitchen Aid and Frigidaire. They just didn't have the features that I want. The new owners will like them just fine.

Ewwww... what can be said about this? This needs to be Saucy-ized, pronto!

Check out the beadboard backsplash above the carrera. I love the quilted stainless steel behind the range. I'm totally doing that in my own kitchen. The baskets were a great solution to fill the void left by the wall oven. We added the tower of baskets for extra storage and compensate for taking out the upper cabinets that blocked the view into the dining area. It's way more open now.

Here you can see my little solution to the boring undermount sink. I had the carrera fashioned into an apron-front to give the illusion of a farmhouse sink. The Secret Weapon made those little feet at the base of the cabinet to make it look more custom.

I don't know about you, but the oak had to go. Do you remember my poll? An overwhelming number of dear readers agreed that I should paint the oak. I'm so glad I did. My inspiration was the kitchen I posted here.  I went with a paint from Home Depot: Behr Melamine Kitchen paint.  The colour is "Bitter Chocolate" and the number is 790B-7.

I just love the little crystal knobs we brought back from Arizona... Target, no less...

I tricked out a dead space as you enter the kitchen and made a chalkboard/message centre. People love kitchen chalkd boards, don't they? Again, swiping that idea for my own house later in the summer as my own reno unfolds.

I detest wasted space in a kitchen. It's also a pet peeve of mine to see the water cooler and the garbage out in the open. We fashioned a pantry with a power supply for the water cooler, and a place for the glasses:

The kitchen waste and recycling is now appropriately under the sink, where it belongs.

The wall oven HAD TO GO. Mostly because I was determined to bring my unwanted appliances to this property. Welcome, seagrass storage baskets:

Oh? Beadboard is my new best friend. It hid the horrible damage left on the wall by the removal of all those ugly mirrors. Plus, it is a fresh, classic look.

Pre-beadboard. Now do you understand?

We contemplated whether or not to remove the upper cabinets over the penninsula. I am so very glad we did.

Sometimes, it was just a matter of visualizing the space without the previous owners... uh... treasures. They were also not big fans of dusting.

Here is our modernized, bright and dust-free version of the living room. We had the hardwoods refinished to a dark walnut colour.

Even the main hallway had an overhaul. Every interior door and closet door was replaced with a modern, beaded version to add to the "beach cottage feel."

An area in need of change was the front entry/foyer. It was dark and cramped with rickety, outdated stair rails.

Now... some beadboard (this renovator's best friend) along with some drywall repair to enclose that funny shaped opening between the staircase and the family room... and of course a simple classic handrail and spindles to enhance the traditional theme.

Do you see that sweet table in the foyer? The Secret Weapon made that in his eight-grade woodshop class. It's mine now, and I treasure it. I just had to put it there for staging. It's truly vintage, at almost seventy years old.

My proudest room in the house is the family room. Check out the ceiling - it was faux timber detail with bad lighting on top of uneven spray on the ceiling. Nice mirrors over each skinny window.

The laminate flooring was all mismatched and had to go in favour of soft berber - it's more family friendly. Some people bought all of it off eBay and were thrilled to get it for their own house. It was in good condition, I didn't want to waste it. I sold it to them for a song.

Here is the nasty "keyhole" opening between the two areas. Can you say, "buh-bye?"

Veto sprayed the fireplace white and we closed in the corner (previously mirrored, of course) with - you guessed it - beadboard. I put the slate on the hearth myself.

Ugh! Someone save us from this mess... and the mismatched woods and... everything.

Ahhhh... that's much better. Do you want a little laugh? Veto admitted that he hated that little ship I put on the mantle, but I really needed something there to finish it off. I kept the price tag on the bottom, and thanks to a very liberal return policy, it's going back to the store I bought it from when the house is sold. Veto admitted, however, that it looks very good up there and "it's just what that spot needed."

This spot needed much more than a little model ship. It needed to be edited, edited, edited. Clear out your stuff if you plan to sell your house, folks.

Now we can see the great "bones" this house has. What potential. Do you want to cozy up by the fire on a cool evening and relax with a good book?

Not every corner of the room needs to be filled with furniture. Let's edit again... what do we have under there that a little paint and some more wainscoting won't fix right up?

Now there is room for a sleek console or a little writing or computer desk. That little niche would be a great spot for a plant or a tall bureau, don't you think?

When in doubt, leave it out.

Yes, I rented furnishings to stage the home for showing. Some of the pieces and all of the accessories are mine. I'm hoping the new owners might like to buy my coffee tables and a few other little things... I don't really have room for all of it and some of it is Veto's from before we got married.

Frankly, this is the most distressing shot of all. How about looking right into your powder room from the family room? How do you feel about the badly-executed stencils over the doorway? They were purple... and unfinished. The wall sconces were way too high and this room just wreaked havoc on my chi, which is easily unsettled on any given day anyway.

Updated by Saucy, washroom door closed.

The old powder room... well... let's just say... it needed a little sumthin' sumthin'. Let's start by closing the toilet lid, shall we?

Like all new fixtures, wainscoting, extra storage and designer lighting. Crown moulding and a rich ceiling colour help, too.

Upstairs, the main bath was crying for help. Mismatched, worn out, disgusting. Old makeup was wiped on the wallpaper. Yes, that is what I said. Wallpaper removal ASAP! New fixtures! New lighting! New vanity! Plenty of Mr. Clean.

My signature: loads of white terry cloth, marble counter, wainscoting (of course) and extra storage space. You're welcome, new owners. Enjoy.

Even the upstairs hallway needed a pick-me-up.

Let's visually widen it with the use of wainscoting, thus carrying it from up the stairs and the bathrooms. Extra lighting and plush carpeting make for a soft transition between rooms upstairs.

Speaking of bedrooms... do you remember the blue room? It actually had double closets... they were just hidden under piles of... stuff.

Some teenager will be in closet heaven when she moves into these bad boys. Plus, this is a huge room at over 15 feet long! Still blue, but a Martha blue. Much better.

You've seen the ensuite to the master bedroom. What a difference that made. Just a simple change in layout and now we have this:

Goodbye another funny cutout in the wall. Now you are part of a giant walk-in closet. Goodbye archway, too. Veto hated you.

We have a great feeling of accomplishment now that the project is complete. On schedule, on budget and ready for sale. I just hope it goes quickly - sometimes these things take an average of two months - but we have a few people seriously interested who have made return visits with their realtors. Now we just have to keep our fingers crossed and the lawn mowed.

Well readers... what do you think?



Anonymous said...

I lack "the vision". I would have run screaming from the home after my first look.
I'm jealous of people who have "the vision" on such big projects.
Good luck with the sale!

Michaele said...

Wonder of wonders, Miracle of miracles!


The house went from *nightmare* to DREAM- you guys did an amazing job!


marymurtz said...

As a Realtor, I would have to say this would be a dream house to sell. You did a terrific job!!!

MJ said...

Wow. I hope you don't leave the dragonfly towels in the kitchen! (Yup, I noticed)! Great job!


It's truly amazing. So many touches I would love in our home. I wish you the best of luck. I'm sure it will sell!

Oliver Rain said...

Wow. It almost makes me want to pack up and move to Saskatoon. I've been anxiously waiting for the reveal. You all did a wonderful job. I love all the little extra details like the faux-apron sink, chalkboard, backets. Very nice.

Lisa Milton said...

You are a genius. I should have made you my personal consultant last week; so impressive.

(I am now tempted to paint my oak cabinets. I don't think I can pull it off between showings...but it is lovely. I'll have to keep it in mind for our next place.)

Chandra said...

Gorgeous! Makes me want to paint all my walls "Saucy Blue" now!

Cheers to a fast sale!

Carrie said...

Wow! It all looks so beautiful!

Pam said...

great job!!!
is it in saskatoon? my friends are looking for a new place.

Anonymous said...

You guys really did a wonderful job on the house. I'm sure it will sell fast. I can't believe you just painted the cabinets in the kitchen. Wow....they look brand new. Can you post on your blog what colour you used and what type of paint. Thanks

Anonymous said...

There is a reason I am called 'the fan'.. it's because 'braggart' sounded, well, (maybe too close for comfort??) But, folks, the photos don't begin to do saucy's work justice. That house was mind boggling horrid and let's be fair, it was filthy...and now, it is like a new show home, but in a wonderful, old established neighborhood. Saucy did the MOST amazing job - and she counts pennies faster than Scrooge himself. Way to go saucy!!
One day, as she was urging the tradesmen along, a little voice piped up. It was Devon,one of the painters - he said "I'm going to be SAD when this job is done. I just love coming to work with you every day"! saucy keeps all the crew in donuts, pizza and Tim Hortons coffee! It was such a cheerful workplace, some of the guys were singing! But saucy's no pushover. No siree - she points out errors, insists work be re-done, she gives big guys the boot if they don't do the work correctly. I'm impressed. But then, I'm...the fan. xoxo

Junie Moon said...

What a fabulous and amazing transformation! You all did a wonderful job with this and I'm positive it will sell soon.

I love your strategizing about the kitchen appliances. Did you achieve your goal of getting new ones for your own house?

Anonymous said...

Saucy, You have done one amazing job on this project and I am not surprised one bit. My fave part is the fireplace that you did yourself....can you come do mine? JJ.

Congrats, you need to be proud!


p.s. I think now that I am single I am going to make it a goal to be JT's fourth wife. After Friday night, it is official...I am in love. Do I have a shot?

Tanis said...

You've always had the knack! What a wonderful transformation!

Maremone said...

AMAZING! You made such small changes but it looks so so so so good! Great taste!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Hot damn! How much would you charge to reno my house? It is all lovely--the window boxes, the sweet kitchen cupboards, the chalk board, the beadboard, the white clean-ness of it all. Whew. You are amazing.

Starshine said...

Wow. You guys did a great job. I didn't know you were flippers!

I love your new blog design (I love Lilly Pulitzer!)

3rdEyeMuse said...

wow! talk about night and day - what a fabulous reno! well done. I think I'll be surpsrised if it's still on the market at months end. :) fingers crossed for quick taker (and a tiny bidding war). :)

hippyhappyhay said...

It's perfect! From the window boxes to the chalkboard, to the baskets. WOW. Great job!

Angela said...

OK... I looked at this post this morning and have been thinking about it all day. There are so many wonderful innovative details and such hard work put into this that is incredibly obvious, that I don't even know where to begin. So just consider the comments from me quietly *understood*, since you have left me flabbergasted and jaw droopingly amazed! I also think that the Fan is entirely generous but not overly so when she mentioned what a great job that you all did, but setting up a wonderful work environment too? What more could you ask, no wonder it was all done on time, in budget, and beautifully!

Congratulations Saucy, here is hoping that you and Veto get an offer waaaay above and beyond your asking price -because it is soooo worth it! Now, would you please e-mail me so that you can help me figure out what to do to update my house!


Saucy said...

Yes, it is for sale in Saskatoon in the Eastview area. Well - established neighbourhood with beautiful large lots and tons of trees. One block south of a public school, one block north of a separate school - close to shopping, the freeway, downtown, the university. Excellent neighbours. It has a giant garage - with a woodshop! Fully landscaped... with a super clean, undeveloped full basement ready to go! This is an awesome property! Our realtor is Barb Heisler of Sutton Group.

Geekgrl64 said...

Wow, it is beautiful!

alittlebitofscrap said...

Absolutely Beautiful! Too bad it isn't here in Anchorage, I'd be tempted to put in an offer. Very Lovely :)

Kr8inKaren said...

Wow, I am exhausted just looking through the photo's and truly inspired!
I too have awful Oak cabinetry in my kitchen, in an established neighbourhood on the west side of s'toon. I have been wanting to paint them since we moved in last year. (Yep, they're STILL nasty oak) What paint did you use - did you brush or spray?
Congratulations on bringing another house in S'toon into the
21st Century!

Aspergertopia said...

Bravo, Bravo. Beautiful and inspiring! We just bought an older home in need of lots of TLC. Love the cabinets. We plan on painting ours too. I read that you got the paint from RONA, but do you happen to remember the color? Oh, and thanks for stopping by my blog. Love connecting with bloggers from Saskatoon.

Susan Carlin said...

I feel like I've just watched a "best of" show on HGTV. Wow. Now I'm looking at my house with new eyes and want to redo everything. Great work! Thank you especially for sharing your Reno Tips. Congratulations on a job well done.

Lisa said...

I am dying to flip a house. hubby and I redid our first and second home and made quite the profit when we sold them years later. He can do EVERYTHING under the sun and does construction for a living so we have that covered. I have the paint and accessory portion covered. We just lack the funds at this point. Someday, some way we shall flip a house. It will be a small flip as opposed to a huge mega bucks flip for the first one.

Your turned out great. Amazing what some paint and elbow grease can do huh? It looks so much better, cleaner, newer, healthier. Amazing. You did a fantastci job!!!

{Happy Homes} said...

OK, that was THE MOST AMAZING transformation I have EVER seen!! I have the OLD kitchen in my home...uggg! I'm so in need of some "vision". LOVED what you did to the space! Did I mention how much I loved it?! ha!

a new visitor...tonya

"Kreative Karma" said...

A-MAZ-ING! Bravo, what an great job! I would buy it! Thanks so much for sharing!

jamieBEE said...

I LOVE it! So simple! Beautiful! WOW!!!!!

Elizabeth B @ A Classic Pearl said...

I am so so so happy Today's Creative Blog recognized you, else I might never have discovered your beautiful blog or seen your beautiful reno. One question: what is the blue color repeated throughtout the house? I love it. I tried to do a Martha blue in my bedroom, but I think it's a bit too bright.

Also, love your reno tips. I have a bedazzled hammer of my own. And I totally relate at having a space in your tool bag/apron for lipgloss. What's a girl to do without lipgloss?

Maribel said...

wow, what an amazing renovation!

SuzyQ said...

Oh my - no words. Very lovely. I think I am in love with black cabinets in the kitchen now.

The Style Sisters said...

What an incredible transformation!! I loved all the changes you made and especially the kitchen and bath!! WOW!! Tons of work. Nice Job!!


amyf4 said...

I wish I had lots of money to ship you here to my house (in smalltown Utah) and have you re-do my house. Of course if I had the money to begin with I could start myself. I have kitchen envy. My kitchen & bathrooms are really next to be done. Wonderful job!

The Inept Aspirant said...

You did a fantastic job! I've always been a huge fan of wainscotting and you used it beautifully. May I ask what paint colors you used on the beadboard and the walls? I might want to copy:) Don't worry- I live far, far from you!

laura said...

Beautiful job!! I am having serious kitchen envy.
When you have the time could you maybe do a cabinet tutorial for those of us who need to paint or rework our own cabinets. Our needs serious help and I haven't the faintest idea where or how to start but I do take good direction : ). Thanks so much for your inspiring and amazing post. The work you did is truly AMAZING.

sweetfunkyvintage said...

All I can say is WOW! You have a gift!

Pepper said...

Nice Work Saucy!!! I knew you could pull it all together! It looks AMAZING!!!!!

Bringhurst Family said...

Like others I too am in need of a good tutorial. I want to paint my cabinets right. Help me out oh wise one.

Her Shabbyness: Sweet 'n Southern said...

No, seriously, come do my house. Stat. I LOVE it. I love the blue color--we're going to paint our bathroom a similar blue, I may be stealing some ideas... i love your style...

Rue said...

Good morning Saucy :)

I am REALLY impressed! Amazing remodel and beautifully done :)


Eclectic Mishmash - totally unfocused. said...

What a lovely, fascinating post. The pictures were mesmerizing.

I found your blog through "TCB" today, but somehow I'm almost positive I've heard "bloggedy-blog-blog" before, as well.

Anyhow, it's amazing! You have a wonderful eye.

I also did look up the real estate listing (because I am curious and researchy like that) since I was interesting to find out how much it was going for. Wowee!

Love the kitchen, btw. No dream home of my own yet, but I have it aaaall visualized, and I've always wanted black (glass door!) cabinets. People looked at me funny.

Can't wait to see the reno of your home!! :)

jkddz said...

this is the first time I had a peek at your blog- was on this post! love it! wonderful job love the kitchen

K :) Family Historian said...

wow.what an incredible flip. terrific job.

edie said...

Oh.MY.Word. You are one talented 'flipper' my dear. I love it all and I think I love the kitchen best. Those black cabinets and that faucet die for!

I am SO excited that you decided to join us. People need to see this! I love your vision and execution.



Wendy said...


Kelly said...

So have you sold it yet? Just curious as to how long it will be o the market- I can't imagine long- I'd buy it in a minute!

michelleb. said...

Going back and looking at this post and the pictures again, after almost a year...I am still amazed. You have such a vision.

I love all the black (kitchen) and white (bathrooms. Beautiful!

Kasey Hunt said...

This is amazing. Great work. I like your style. I love the bead board. It's very warm and inviting. My kitchen could use some major help!!!

Sandy Toes said...

sandy toe

Saucy said...

So many people have asked about that paint colour on the kitchen cabinets. It is from Home Depot.

It is Behr Melamine Kitchen paint. The colour is "Bitter Chocolate" and the number is 790B-7.

disa said...

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