oh! my! jonas!

The following is an account of the events that took place on Friday, July 4th at the opening concert of the Jonas Brothers Burning Up Tour 2008... according to Loopy and her sidekick, Saucy:

When asked what colour of hair he preferred, Joe replied jokingly, "purple" and so we did it! Loopy had purple streaks for the concert. Purple streaks and boots just like Demi Lovato wore in Camp Rock!

Check out those bad boys. We got them here. We love them. We just love them.

Mom used her eagle eye to spot one of the guys from the movie! He was just walking about the grounds of Ontario Place, nobody was paying him any attention. Mom punched him on the shoulder and said "hey there" and asked for a photo. He was really nice.

The opening act was Demi Lovato... why is she so smiley? She has a big money deal with Disney, that's why. She smiles from ear to ear. Then she goes back to her hotel room and counts her money.

Bring on the Jonas Brothers! Everyone was screaming "Jo-nas! Jo-nas!" Saucy was screaming "Ad-vil! Ad-vil!"

When those boys appeared on stage, the crowd went wild. Wilder than wild. Turns out, the boys were a little wild, too...

They brought out Demi for a song - the big song from Camp Rock. Everyone sang along.

They turned it down a notch a couple of times too. The mothers liked those parts especially. During the performance is the best time to buy a tee shirt, by the way. There was nobody in line and Saucy took her time picking out the perfect hoodie for Loopy.

But Saucy, as she is prone, was left to wonder. All of this screaming and chanting was directed primarily at the two younger brothers, Joe and Nick. Why? What of the oldest, sideburn-sporting brother? His name is Kevin.

If you don't find it too creepy dear reader, Saucy would like to suggest that Kevin be an honorary secret celebrity boyfriend. She feels that he has been overlooked, nay overshadowed by his glorified counterparts. In our youth-obsessed culture, Kevin has been cast aside at the tender age of twenty-one for the popularity of his brothers, ages eighteen and fifteen, natch.

Saucy realizes that she is far far too OLD for Kevin. But she's putting it out there. Kevin needs someone to scream his name.

Have you ever been to a concert and been irritated that the people in front of you stood up, thus forcing you to stand up to see the concert too? This happened to Loopy.

Loopy was infuriated. Loopy takes no prisoners. She politely asked these four ahem, young ladies, to be seated so that everyone behind them could have a view of their favourite singing siblings. But they refused.

Undeterred, Loopy stormed off and found a security guard. She returned to the scene, with a scowl on her lovely face... dragging security guard by the sleeve and pointing at the offenders.

Thus proving once again, never trust a girl with a fake Chanel handbag.

Loopy and Saucy made friends with everyone in their section. Loopy was a bit of a hero. Everyone cheered when the four fanatics were told to be seated, thus ensuring that the entire section could remain seated... for a while, anyway.

But during the peformance of those boys... it was impossible to stay seated! The prospects were too great!

As you can imagine, the audience was filled with girls. The only males in the concert park were the Jonas Brothers of course, and this guy:

Security guard saw the concert from his vantage point quite well. Most of the time, this is how the concert looked:

Or you could look at one of the giant screens to see what was going on... more of Joe and Nick. Not that much Kevin. Why? Why?

Fireworks and pyrotechnics are best viewed from far away, anyhow.

Check out the cute musician-girls in the red dresses. The song "Burnin' Up" mentions a girl in a red dress and high heels... this must be her.

The finale involved the burning up of the Jonas crest. Finally, a shot of Kevin.

How many cupcakes can one Loopy give a concert? Infinity cupcakes! We came home this morning. Now life can get back to normal, in spite of Obsessive-Jonas-Disorder (OJD).


Mrs. G. said...

How exciting! All the girls in my classes LOVE the Jonas Brothers. Especially Nick.

Oliver Rain said...

I'm all for having Kevin as the honorary secret boyfriend. Loopy is looking most beautiful. I love the boots, dress & purple streaks. Welcome home!

amyf4 said...

You are so brave to enter that den of fanatics! I have one little girl that would love to go, the mom, dad or older brother-not so much. Yay for Loopy for standing up to nasty stander-uppers.

Rosa said...

Love to hear about everything right down to the clothes worn! Gee, remember those days when every piece mattered, especially when attending a concert! What memories your descriptions brought back to my concert days. I think these days, I'll stay home and read your account. Fun! (btw, how's the ribs? I was worried about ya when you hadn't written after the ball incident!)

MJ said...

Yikes. I am bracing myself for similar experiences. Be grateful you only have 1 daughter! Would you consider lending yourself for future girl screaming concerts if I supply the Advil and the ear plugs?

Starshine said...

What a fun Mother-Daughter adventure!

hippyhappyhay said...

Loopy should be given a medal! Unfortunately I am that uncool that I can't tell them apart, and I keep mixing them up with the Naked Brothers Band. I know.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

It's official--YOU get to be Mother of the Year. I don't "get" the Jonas Brothers, but my sons even like them so there must be some charm...

My favorite part of your post? The security guard.

Anonymous said...

Go Loopy!!!! the fan

Oliver Rain said...

Saucy, there will always be a place in my heart for you. We just won't ever discuss cats, will we?

Tootsie Farklepants said...

Right now I'm very grateful that my daughter is only 4. My boys (8 & 11) would have nothing whatsoever to do with any of this.


My favorite part of this post is the manic screaming leading to marriage. Because, I know, right?

Rue said...

You are so stinkin' funny saucy! I never did get the screaming thing LOL Marriage! LOL

Oh and there's ice cream right down the street from the parade ;)


Jan said...

Just had to comment. I'm late visiting everyone, my grandson is visiting and we're busy all the time. Love this post. Rock concerts are the most fun. I still go, but only old guys, cuz, I'm old.

Moob said...

I loved reading this post...my daughter's name is Lupe, pronounced "loopee" hehehe...but we went to see the JB on her bday, 2/5 this year and you described the experience perfectly!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Joe I really have a big crush one you and when is your next concert? where is it? can i have a cd of it.love amber schell 12 years old in mountain view wyoming. My email adress is schellamber2@yahoo.com. Write back.

Anonymous said...

Dear Joe
i really love you and i want to know when your next cd will come out can you give me one of your other cd's because i don't have one and can you sign it? and can you give Amber schell one too? sincerely Tylie Slagowski in Mountain View Wyoming email adress schellamber2@yahoo.com. I LOVE YOU SEND BACK

Caitlin! said...

thats funny that she dragged the security guard over! I went to their tour also in Tampa..it was AMAZING!!


Jordan Orris said...

ok that whole bit about the girl with the fake chanel handbag was HILARIOUS.

I feel her pain because there were drunk people in front of me at my first JB concert! Oh boy it was funny though...

Jordan- celebc@cox.net

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha. your mom is AWESOME! to go and get the security guard hah way to go mom! it sounds like you both had a wonderfulll time. the last concert i went to was last august...and my mom just admitted in april that she actually enjoyed it...that made my day! =]

Alyssa C

NancyBradshaw said...

Haha. What wonderful evening! I think Loopy is my hero! And you too! I think Kevin deserves as much love, if not more than the other two. Or at least Joe. I mean who in their right mind dates Camilla Belle?


CaseyParsons said...

I was able to take my daughter to the concert in Charlotte, NC last July. It was an awesome experience. She stills dreams about this concert everyday.
Casey Parsons

Kaitlin said...

it looks like you guys had an amazing time!! :)


franniejonas said...

you guys are funny you must of had an amazing time! I wasnt able to go but thanks to you guys I got to see what it was like!
Good for you for standing up to those stander uppers!
and I agree why does everyone like Joe and Nick What about Kevin???
He rocks too you know!!!!!


Mariie-Piier said...

It must have been SO MUCH fun! Well still a JB concert so I'm pretty sure it was, even though I never went to one yet! Almost got to in Boston but anyway it happened 9 months ago it would be time to move on...which is hard to do...But I agree, Kevin deserves WAY more attention. He's actually my favorite brother, not because I want to date him or anything but he's so nice and talented, who could not know this ?!
Anyway...You're so lucky to have got the oppurtunity to go to this concert :)

Mariie-Piier said...

Oh yeah and those standing people...I can't stand that! Every outside shows I've been, there's always someone who gets on his feet even if he KNOWS that some can't see because of him! But I would not have the guts Loopy had, that's for sure, congrats xD

cgarcia0x said...

i love the story about the four girls! i would totally be mad at them too except im afraid .. i would be one of them hahaa i truthfully would do just about anything to get noticed by one of the jonas boys! ps, kevin is also one of my celebrity boyfriends!