loopy's photos and a movie

Here are the photos I took today of Loopy. We had a nice time in a downtown alleyway. We didn't make the Hello Kitty graffiti, I put that in with Photoshop later. You do remember my New Year's resolution, don't you? I'm still working on putting Jessica Alba's body with my head.

This photo shoot was about Loopy... forget Jessica Alba!

Are you lovin' the purple streaks? They'll fade out quickly when the weather gets nice again and she's back in the pool every day. As The Fan would say, "it's just hair... don't worry about it".

When we do a photo shoot, I get everything set up with little to no fuss for Loopy. I have the location scouted out beforehand so we don't spend lots of time looking around for the right spot. I know what time of day to get there, I try to know what the light is going to do. Loopy doesn't do to well with huge chunks of time... it's part of her Asperger's. She gets pretty easily frustrated. I also don't want her to get too hot.

We took today's photos in less than thirty minutes.

My faves! Classic Loopy faces. Quietly disinterested but pleasant.

After the grueling work of our photo shoot we had a quick bite of pizza, picked up The Fan and we were off to see Kit Kittredge an American Girl starring Abigail Breslin. We have so anticipated this movie, Loopy is such an American Girl fan.

What a fun bit of summer candy this movie was. The performance by Joan Cusack was so lovable and madcap. Stanley Tucci was great as usual and Abigal Breslin shone brilliantly as Kit. It wrapped up with a couple of good little twists, all derived from the book series but translated nicely to film.

It was a great movie for kids and adults to see together. This was classic family entertainment dished up by the company that sells the dolls and books. On the way home, we decided not to award cupcakes to this movie, we can't really justify comparing this genre to the movies that we usually see... so we are giving Kit Kittredge an American Girl five doll heads out of five doll heads. Do with it what you will.


Susan said...

Loopy is so beautiful! Isn't it fun to do things with our daughters? I wish mine still was at home even if she is 29. ;0)

Rue said...

Loopy is gorgeous! Beautiful photos of her too :)


Sarah and Jack said...

Isn't she gorgeous?

Even though I have no good reason for seeing that movie, I think I might because I have heard the period costuming is good? You know how I love those 1930's fabrics!


She's looking soooo grown up! We saw the movie yesterday. We loved it. I enjoy all of their movies. Loved the Felicity movie too.

Oliver Rain said...

Loopy is gorgeous in these photos. I love the outfit. Did she put this together on her own, or does mom help? We are excited about Kit Kittredge here too. The doll heads are a bit disturbing though.

Anonymous said...

Yup, definitely a good 'period piece' I will want to see it again to get all the little details that you don't see on the first run-thru...the set design, dress styles, fabrics, etc.
Oh, I'm so proud of our Loopy - she's a beauty INSIDE! She's razor sharp, witty and insightful - good job, Mom!
the fan
p.s. The doll heads ARE a bit spooky, what movie was that?the one I WON'T watch with the doll head????

Angela said...

Wow! Loopy sure is growing up... what a beautiful young woman!
I have always said you are an excellent photographer and I seem to be right. I still need lessons from you, I think. If you get any good ideas for family photos and photos of my three boys that would be fun, let me know... I would love to do something like you have done and could sure could use the help!

I saw a couple of time period tv movies that were on just before this movie came out. I really enjoyed them and think that I would enjoy the movie too... my husband and boys just sat and shook their heads- they just don't get it... I so NEEEEEDD a daughter!


amyf4 said...

She looks so grownup! I always get thrown for a loop (ha-ha) when you mention something she does or has that ages her, I totally forget she is not an 18 year old! I wish I a) had the talent for photography you have, b) had a daughter who was interested in all things girly and c) had Photoshop.

3rdEyeMuse said...

mad fabulous Loopy photoshoot! love the shot with all her hair in her face ... and the purple softly suits her. :)

thanks for the movie review ... am going to have to drag my critter, but I am determined now!

Saucy said...

We love the purple streaks.... and guess what? We did them ourselves. Usually Andrew does them but this time we wanted them fresh for the Jonas Brothers concert and we thought they might fade out at the lake so I did them myself with tinfoil and a toothbrush in the hotel room the night before the concert! Pretty good, huh?

hunnybunny said...

What a beautiful girl you have! She got it from her mama, she got it from her mama (sung off key, attempting to muster Will.I.Am). We are going to see Kit too, in fact I'm told I'm going with her "#1 fan". I personally like the doll heads, but I am twisted like that.

My Beautiful Mess! said...

The pictures of your Loopy are beautiful. I too loved the movie and I happen to love the Kit doll heads - very clever :)

zigszoo said...

what a beautiful girl! Cute, cute cute!