when the going gets tough...

... the tough get shopping!

Yesterday in spite of all my drywaller/hardwood installer drama, I had lots of running around to do. I had to give my landscaper a lift home... right past one of my favourite haunts in the core of downtown. It's under new ownership. Maybe, if we say "pretty pleeeeze" the new owner will let me feature her adorable shop here on the bloggedy-blog-blog. Now, when I say the girl has "an eye" you will have to take my word for it until I can show you photos. In the meantime, I found a vintage pink clock for the craft room. You know I adore clocks.

As I was walking out the door of the store, I spied with my little eye a beautiful vintage glitter Nicole Sayer ornament. Of course I needed it, I really really needed it. I had some mad money in my bra.

While taking those photos in the craft room of my latest booty, I realized I'd never shown you the replica Marshall Field's clock I found in the vintage department of the State Street Marshall Field's (now Macy's) in Chicago. Natives of the Windy City arrange to meet under the clock at State and Wabash. I usually spend a day or two by myself in when Veto and I visit the city, lolling about at the Art Institute. We always arrange to meet under the clock when his meetings are done for the day. It's the heart of the theatre district and we like the restaurants there. When I saw this baby in the vintage department... I had to have it for home.

Then I booted into one of my other favourite haunts... Liquidation World. What a good day to slip into that place. It was packed to the rafters with beautiful LG appliances. This was the exact refrigerator that Veto had his eye on for our new kitchen we are planning. He's a fridge man. I won't even tell you how little I paid for it. You might cry. The only little problem... it may not fit through the door into the kitchen.

Did I ever mention to you that I was secretly hoping to knock the outside wall of the kitchen to the backyard with french patio doors? I may have to look into that further.

That sounds like enough shopping... but I was on a roll. I had to take Buddy Budderson for dress shoes to go with his suit for graduation. We ended up at Winners. As usual. Score! As well as Buddy's shoes - Juicy Couture casual footwear for me! Excuse the paint on the Levi's please.

And these bad-boys! So comfortable. I've worn this brand before, you can walk miles in heels and never feel it at all.

If one pair makes you feel good, two makes you feel great... and three... nirvana. These wedges are Guess brand. Very comfortable.

I was so worked up about the fight in the reno yesterday, I forgot to post a wedding picture for the day. Let's make up for that glaring omission right now:

Oh I did, I really did. The Fan's house smelled like a bakery. We baked and baked and froze and baked. We scratch coated, crumb coated, frosted and fondanted. I made batch after batch of royal icing and piped hard little roses onto trays. I made way too many. I ended up making a wedding cake for a friend of my matron of honour the weekend after my wedding, using all those extra roses. And there were still too many.

Piped onto the fondant the day before the ceremony... then I filled in the holes with leaves and a funny dot pattern, it was all very forgiving.

What a perfect cake topper for us! Two dogs coming together in a family. How symbolic. Remembah! Saucy lurrrves pastry pictures. Dig 'em out for the Virtual Wedding Party on the 26th.


Lisa Milton said...

I'm so impressed that you made your own damn cake. That's work, baby. And beautiful.

hippyhappyhay said...

Sheesh, for real. I half expected you do say you'd carved the dog toppers by hand too.

Now, where do you get bras with money in them? I need me one.

Natasha Burns said...

what a fun post!!! LOVING the shoes! oh my all three are right up my alley, I would have bought them too. The cake, oh my the cake!!! you MADE that cake??? You're amazing!!!

Greta said...

I don't believe you.

;) (totally kidding)

Melissa said...

You made your own cake too. Sigh. I think I either love you or loathe you. But you keep mad money in your bra, so that settles it.

Brenda Kula said...

Well, glad to have found you. You certainly have a "saucy" little blog! Amusing, fun, and yes I've gone w-a-y back! I immediately and ceremoniously smacked you onto the greatest invention, Google Reader, and shall come back to visit soon!

Mrs. G. said...

I love that clock. I mourn that I wasn't at your wedding-clearly it was THE place to be. I'm gathering up my best wedding photos.


Once again, very proud of you. Love the fact that you made your cake. How do you learn all of these skills??? I have the same little glittered chandelier thingy hanging in my craft room. Now I "need" the wish.

Donna O. said...

I'd be more than happy wearing those shoes and nibbling on that cake!!! Yum to both!

Sugar Bear said...

Oh my gosh - the cake, the shoes, the glitter! It is a utopia!

MJ said...

You had a great kick-butt day after all! What great purchases!

I can't believe you made the cake. I won't be posting any more photos of my poorly iced birthday cakes...

Rebekah said...

Mainly, I'm admiring your very particularly lovely pedicure. That's a pedicure what puts most others to fancy-foot shame! (And delovely shoos too!)

Saucy said...

Well actually I am in sore need of a pedi... I am having one next Wednesday *ahhhhh*

The glitter WISH is from Kohl's (after-Christmas) sale.

I learned to decorate cakes when I worked during my college years in the bakery department of a local grocery store. Nothing fancy, but it inspired me to learn more on my own. I always misspelled "Happy Birtday" on cakes. Oops.

My bra always matches my panties and always has money in it, a lesson The Fan taught me when I was still in a Dici.

Tootsie Farklepants said...

I'm very impressed!

Mrs. Staggs said...

I love that pink clock!

I am so impressed with that beautiful cake that you made. You are such a talented person Sascha.

I hope all is well and happy with you and yours.

Best wishes!