reno thursday

It was another long day. Lots of painting by Randy and Devon. Carpentry by Rylan. Flooring installation completed by Daryl and Chris. Backyard leveled by John and Vince, sod and landscaping done by Duane. I put thousands of plants into the flower beds today.

I know this news won't be too exciting to anyone but me - there was enough sod delivered (at no extra charge to me) to do both the back and front yard. Buddy Budderson will lay the rest of it tomorrow after his exam. Isn't it nice to have teenagers with work skills?

I'm dying to show you photographs but at this stage, it would just give too much of it away. I think I may make you wait for the reveal. Then you, dear reader, will have the full impact of the before and after photos. I think painting will wrap up on Monday. Hardware and bric a brac installed Tuesday, light fixtures on Wednesday, cabinet doors and touch ups on Thursday... I have an open house scheduled for Saturday, June 28th but I won't be here! I will be on

Andrew is my sweetheart friend. We've been buddies since Grade 9. He used to practice doing my hair and makeup... and even making outfits for me! I was his model when he was in hair school, thus my fabled hair history of being blonde, brunette, darker brunette, redhead, blonde, yellow, darkest brunette, burgundy, blonde, highlighted, lowlighted, beehived, crimped and braided.

It was Andrew who insisted that I go out with Veto. Andrew had a sixth sense about us. My only regret is that I didn't make him one of my bridesmaids. Well, you know what I mean.


MJ said...

I'm surprised that Andrew wasn't an attendant. I recall the Hog previously stood for you so you've history of being creative in the attendant area!

I can hardly wait to see the reno outcome!

Lisa said...

Very excited to see the Reno pics! :)

You are lucky to have friends from as far back as the 9th grade! :) Your wedding looks like it was so much fun :)

Jennu said...

I know what you mean--people aren't completely on board with wedding parties that aren't split up like they're about to play a battle of the sexes game show.

I had my brother as my Gentleman of Honor and at the wedding, everyone was cool with it. But for months beforehand, I got so many shocked gasps. All he had to do was stand there and make a toast at the reception. A Y chromosome doesn't really interfere with that.

Fete et Fleur said...

What a beautiful and fun wedding! You look gorgeous!! I'll be back on June 26th.


Lisa Milton said...

How sweet that your longtime friend set you up. I guess he would know, huh?

The pictures have been lovely, all month.