reno by the numbers, the sequel

Do you remember playing this game last year? Here we go again:

47 days
1 house
1940 square feet of hideousness
1 saucy
1 veto
1 crazy demolition
3 extra large waste bins removed
1 bank of kitchen upper cabinets removed
800 square feet of laminate flooring pulled up
800 square feet of laminate flooring sold on eBay
2 bedrooms merged into one large suite
1 bathroom added
1 bathroom (unworking) bathroom removed from basement
1 basement gutted
1 basement re-insulated
1 basement floor painted
0 working bathrooms
743 drives to use public washrooms
16 iced caps
2 cartons of smores granola bars
3 cases of water
1 fridge on the deck
1 fridge on the porch
11 bundles of wainscoting
1 drive to Prince Albert
7 bundles of wainscoting
1 friend buying wainscoting in Regina
1 drive to Davidson
1 friend meeting Veto in Davidson
5 bundles of wainscoting
1 shipment day at lumber yard
17 bundles of wainscoting
1 super adorable young carpenter
1 old wiley veteran carpenter
1 new carpenter, not very old but not really young
200 linear feet of crown molding
2 really sweet helpful young plumbers
1 really cute young electrician
2 amazingly helpful painters
1 fantastic hardwood guy
1 idiot drywaller
1 tiny fire
2 excellent flooring installers
1 very professional young landscaper
2000 dollars worth of sod
6 peony plants moved to saucy's garden
1 tree removed
1 eyesore of a tool shed demolished
3 new appliances for saucy's house
3 used appliances moved to reno
1 very cool vintage hospital surplus desk found in garage
1 really happy teenager, proud owner of surplus desk
1 really nifty young metal worker
1 quilted stainless steel backsplash
2 strong young stone workers
1 gorgeous marble countertop
2 snoopy old guys working next door
1 reluctant tour given
1000 little things pointed out by snoopy old guys
1 lesson learned
1 set of ho-hum oak kitchen cabinets
27 cabinet doors
1 paint sprayer
2 gallons of blackish-brown melamine paint
27 crystal door handles
12 drawer pulls
1 faucet liquidation sale
1 very early morning for saucy
2 shoulder checks and cart pushes
5 hot deals on plumbing fixtures
2 very impressed plumbers
1 bathtub retrofit
1 more lesson learned
400 Martha Stewart paint chips
1 colour choice
29 inquiries about "freshwater aquarium"
13 people think it is blue
11 people think it is green
2 people think it is grey
2 undecided
1 colour blind husband
1 new roof
1 new water heater
1 old light fixture sold on eBay
45 dollar money order sent to hold light fixture
0 light fixtures picked up as yet
1 old light fixture in the way
1 old dishwasher for sale
1 reno on schedule
1 budget pretty much on track
10 days left

When I mention that the tradespeople are young, I mean young! I guess I must be old. Our carpenter Rylan is only twenty. The plumbers have just started their own business... they just got their tickets this year. We got their names from our metal guy, he's only about 25 if he's a day. The boys who measured and installed the counters wore baseball caps tipped over to the side of their foreheads, that's how young they were. The landscaper is just a young fella who works at the golf course like Buddy Budderson. The average age of worker on this project if I had to guess... about 27. If that.

I think this photo pretty much speaks for itself. With the children over at The Fan's for a visit and Veto out of town on business, I had the whole place to myself. I had a long bubbly bath and when I got out, I slathered myself with Oscar de la Renta lotion and plopped my feet into the whirly foot soaker and then the paraffin wax dip. I drank a chilly Dr. Pepper and watched my favourite design show on TV. Can you say heaven?


Junie Moon said...

That's quite a list there, girl! And I'm discovering that everyone seems younger today. When a repairman shows up who looks like he just graduated from the playground, I have started asking about their actual work experiences as I can't imagine they really know anything. I must be getting really old now.

Your idea of heaven sounds scrumptious. We have a revolving door of visiting family this week so I may have to treat myself to your "heaven" on Monday or Tuesday next week to find my balance again before we leave on vacation on Wednesday.

3rdEyeMuse said...

heaven couldn't have arrived at a better moment - sounds like you've earned it. :)

Amstershiresauce said...

I so envy your list of workmen. We are of the mindset and budget that if we can't do it ourselves, it will not be done. However, I've put my foot down about the drywall. Hub just does not have the patience or finesse to match a wall finish. That we will hire someone to do. I have spoken!

jennyonthespot said...

That is a cute, cute picture...