my to do list

Last night was a late one so this is my Thursday post on Friday morning. We went to see a production of Buddy! The Buddy Holly Story with our dear friends, the Murrays. We also had dinner at a great restaurant beforehand and I had the rare opportunity to slosh back two pink martinis. It was delightful. The food, the company, the martinis, the show. Buddy is so fun and audience-interactive. I won't spoil any of the surprises in case you get to go.

This production deserves almost five cupcakes. For regional theatre it was amazing but unfortunately always compared to the original. But amazing nonetheless.

Unfortunately for me, the short lady who was originally seated in front of my was treated to some very chivalrous behaviour by a young (tall) man who offered to trade her seats so she could sit nearer to her friends. This was my view of the show:

Seriously, I have lots to do today, and over the next two weeks. Two weeks from tomorrow we list our reno property with the real estate agent and hand over the keys. Painter starts on Monday upstairs, flooring starts on the main floor. I have to get ready. Here's my to-do list:

fill those tiny air-nail holes in all of the wainscoting

paint the cabinet doors (yes, I decided black/brown)

find a nice girlfriend for my carpenter

borrow a router from The Secret Weapon and prepare the baseboard for after the flooring is done

find time for my daily iced capp and doughnut

pick up more staging supplies (seashells and rocks) at Dollarama

find a good home for the cool vintage desk in the garage

blog about the cool vintage desk in the garage

contemplate the cool vintage desk in the garage
mention to Veto that I might like to move that cool desk to our house

agree to list cool desk on eBay although I don't want to part with it

convince Veto that it would make an excellent kitchen island

this will mean convincing Veto that we need a new kitchen

break the news to Veto that his new fridge won't fit through the door of our house

help Veto realize that we will need to break a hole into the back wall of the house to move the fridge in, thus creating the perfect storm to build a new kitchen at our house

medicate Veto

add a second coat of varnish to the new oak handrail at the reno property

pick out an area rug from my carpet guy - he's lending me one for staging

start pulling things out of storage for staging

phone super-cute electrician and book him for final hookups

phone super-sweet plumber and book him for final hookups
phone absolutely adorable carpenter and tell him I've found him a girlfriend

update blog roll for the Virtual Wedding Party

add a new wedding picture for the day...

The Fan and The Secret Weapon made the wedding huppah. It was genius. I used for the cover a Ralph Lauren white tablecloth (from Winners of course) that I slipstitched and when the wedding was over, I pulled the stitches out and voila! We have a nice white tablecloth for special occasions.

Oh, and the music. The music was great. I hired two of my senior high school students at the time to play my carefully selected playlist. After the wedding, so many people told me it was like being "in a movie" but secretly I think that was the power of the music. It was like a soundtrack.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with you to do list!! I love reading about this reno - and wedding, and everything on your blog, I guess! Very witty - I'd love to meet you someday.
(TWO pink martninis??! Wow, no wonder you loved the show!) :-)


Helena said...

Can you post a picture of your carpenter, please? Thanks!

Junie Moon said...

Wow, what a to-do list! As for your view of the show, that is exactly the same thing that happened to me when we went to see the ballet "Giselle." I saw stage left and right and nothing at all in the center. It was very upsetting and I wanted to bonk that man for his chivalry. Poop on chivalry when it means I can't see anything (gosh, I sound so mean).

Tootsie Farklepants said...

Your to-do list is impressive!