four days! just four more days!

Loopy is going buggy this week over the new Disney Original Movie, "Camp Rock" it premiers in four days, twenty hours and eighteen minutes... but who's counting? Loopy is. We think she's sorta like Lisa Simpson on the episode she got addicted to Cory and phoned the Cory-line hundreds of times a day. Veto has started calling her Lisa. Everything is about the Jonas Brothers right now. Jonas, Jonas, Jonas.

I asked her if she wanted to invite a few friends over to watch it with her and she said not. I will be so glad when this school year is over! The mean girls are on parade these days. What do you do with comments like:

"I was in Walmart on the weekend and saw your cell phone there! Did you get your phone at Walmart? That is sooo lame."
"You have the old iPod nano? Everyone else has the new generation. Yours is so old."
"Your pants are green and so is your jacket. Way to totally overuse the colour green."
"Sorry you're not invited to my party. It's just that, you know, I only really want to have certain people there."
Nobody needs to prompt Loopy with her replies... this is what she came up with:
"What were you doing in Walmart then, if it's so lame? What were you shopping for?"
"Yeah, I've had this iPod for two years almost. I love it. Did you just get yours?"
"Oh yeah? Well, way to overuse the insult. I like green."

... and my personal favourite:

"Don't be sorry at all. I only want to go to certain parties."

This is just an example of the fun little shots that our photographer got of the things going on throughout the day... the little details. How much am I enjoying going through my wedding photos this month for the blog? Soooo much.


Cheri said...

Blog party? Did someone say "party?"

Lisa said...

Good for Loopy! I'm glad she gave it right back to them!
Lovin' the photos too!

Helena said...

I LOVE Loopy's replies! Way to go girl!!!

MJ said...

Great come-backs Loopy! Nastiness is as nastiness does!

stephanie (bad mom) said...

I am only just tangentially aware of the Jonas brothers (my daughter is only 8 and I'm doing my best to shield her from most hysteria-inducing programs; wish me luck), but your Loopy sounds fantastic.

Way to rock the comebacks to Mean Girl drama.

My Crafty Little Page said...

Wasn't it easier with boys? Just punch each other in the arm and go on about their business. How mean can girls be?
You ROCK, Loopy. Stay away from the idiots who say stuff like that - they are so ORDINARY.

Miss Sassy said...

Wow - girls can be so snarky. Way to go Loopy.

Janet said...

Loopy's got her head on straight, that girl!

Angela said...

Ha! That Loopy, quick as a whip!
You go girl (the girls that make those kinds of comments will be history in years to come- you won't even remember their names-its the good friendships that are important!)

I love the beauty and details in your wedding shots... wish I had a scanner so that I could join in the blog party!


Melissa said...

Can I take Loopy back in time with me to 1977 so she could coach me on the mean girl responses? I already know how proud you are of her, or I'd say that you should be. What a brilliant and clever young woman!

3rdEyeMuse said...

whe I grow up can I be just like Loopy?!? that kid ROCKS. :)

Rue said...

Hi Saucy :)

Sorry it took so long to get over here... the house for sale, the farmhouse I want, personal family crisis... you know, the usual LOL

I can completely relate to this post about your daughter. Annie needs to take some classes from her though. Great comebacks ;)

Happy Anniversary!