come dancing

We just really, really wanted our wedding to be like a great party. And then it started to sound like the greatest party ever, and a great party needs great music. I was crazy about the music. I hired two of my senior graphic arts students from that year to man the DJ booth. Then I provided them with a very specific playlist to stick to.

Before the wedding, while the guests arrived and enjoyed the tailgating party and some refreshing beverages (Mike's Hard Lemonade) songs about weddings played:

"Wedding Bell Blues" by the Fifth Dimension

"White Wedding" by Billy Idol

"He's Gonna Marry Me" by Dolly Parton

"White Trash Wedding" and "Ready to Run" by the Dixie Chicks

... and songs like that. The moment we kissed and were pronounced man and wife, "This Will Be" by Natalie Cole played. Then "Accidentally in Love" by The Counting Crows played - Shrek 2 was just in theatres and the song was huge - played while we signed the documents and came back down the aisle for photos.

While we had photos, the guests mingled and blue champagne was served. Fun, upbeat, happy celebration songs played.

We slowed it right down during dinner for Diana Krall, Elton John and Frank Sinatra. James Taylor too, of course.

Then for the dance - what a great list of songs we had, all hand picked! There was great dancing music - no Macarena or bird dance either. Everybody got up and danced to "Dancing in the Moonlight" by King Harvest, "Come Dancing" by The Kinks and even Rick Springfield.

For a cool surprise, I hired a Beatles tribute band called Liverpool to come by the dance and play a set. Nobody knew they were coming, not even Veto. They just strolled in with their instruments and began to play - as the fab four. The look on Veto's face was priceless. They played for a little over an hour, everyone stood on the dance floor and danced and watched, just like at a concert.

Now I have to go to bed. I've been up since 6:30 a.m. and it is closing in on midnight... and there is still so much to do but it will all have to wait because Buddy graduates from high school tomorrow. Yes, there will be pictures.


dancininthemoonlight said...

Dancing in the Moonlight!!!

Angela said...

Congratulations Buddy Budderson! Hope you have a great graduation celebration! I am sure you deserve it!


Rue said...

Hi Saucy :)

I would have loved to have been a guest at your wedding. It sounds like soooo much fun :)

Congratulations on your son's graduation!


The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Your wedding sounded like a blast! What a great surprise to have the *Beatles*...
(your blog name just cracks me UP! Love it!)