worse, then better, repeat.

While renovating, you must tell yourself that things are going to get worse before they will get better. Repeat this mantra over and over at every stage - and eventually it will sink in.

Our house flip has been stalled on "worse before better" for a week or so... lots of progress, but no "better" parts... until this weekend.

You see?? Better already! The new staircase is in, the funny I-don't-know-what-the-hell-that-shape-is is closed in and things are beginning to look alot like normal. Finally.
And what is normal? Normal is Saucy taking pictures of other people working. Here, Veto looks worn out and tired as he puts the finishing touch of paint on the garage. He worked on the garage all last weekend and this weekend.

Remember: repeat, "worse, then better... worse, then better"

The humble beginnings of a kitchen pantry there on the right. The plumbing above the cabinets is proof that we went ahead and put a bathroom in the master suite, oh yes we did.

And this? The gem of the backyard. I have a new understanding of people after posting this beauty on kijiji for FREE. Lots of people like free, useless crap. I got emails from 27 different people wanting this!

Best line, from the guy who came to take it away (for FREE, may I add): Geez, this is going to need a lot of work. Some of those pieces near the bottom need to be replaced, and it needs paint. I'll take it off your hands, but it's going to need lots of work to make it respectable...

Best line not spoken by Saucy: Duh! It's FREE. I know 26 other half-blind people with questionable taste who will come and get it if you don't want it. You're ungrateful. I should push you down that well like that little kid from Texas.

But I said nothing, because The Fan didn't bring me up that way... oh wait... she did! What was I thinking? Did I ever tell you that she threatened to cut a knife salesman with his wares when he woke her early on a Sunday morning? Oh yes she did! She really did.

How about some positive vibe? My birthday gift from Miss Kelly! Ooooh she spoiled me so. Check out this sassy little beach coverup... in just my perfect colours.
Cupcake caddy.... freakin' nice! The Martha one! That Martha. That Kelly.

And just in case I have bakers block... a cookbook of 500 cupcake recipes. I'm on it. Starting this weekend.

Oh, and Loopy and I are going to have a fight over this, we decided. A dragonfly shirt. Sweet.

And yes, I can get things done under my own roof these days. I made it into the craft room to set up the snazzy ribbon rack that The Secret Weapon made for my birthday. This bad boy holds one tonne of ribbon, satisfying my obsessive-compulsive need to sort and organize.

Oh, and Veto hit me in the head with a hammer tonight. He feigned that it was an accident but secretly I think he was disgusted that I took photos of him at work and I was.... taking photos. I may have a massive concussion, I haven't decided yet. Just in case, I made him take me to Dairy Queen for preventative therapy.


SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Hmmm....I'm lusting after that craft room...

Junie Moon said...

Renovations are a horrid job but at least you know the "better" part will eventually reward you.

A very happy birthday to you, Miss Saucy. I'm sorry it involved Veto's hammer hitting your head but the Dairy Queen medication sounds like a grand idea. I'm sure he feels awful about that mishap. That ribbon rack is awesome, what a fabulous gift and idea.


Your craft room is looking so sensational!

Lisa Milton said...

Words to live by. My early pre-moving prep has turned my house inside out.

(And I love your lovely gifts. I might need a dragonfly shirt in my life too.)

Keetha said...

You have a craft room? A CRAFT ROOM? I'm so jealous.

Michaele said...


Think if I repeat the above phrase enough times my darling husband will catch on?


Janet said...

LOL I just wish any room in my house looked as good as the craft room of yours! Happy Birthday :-)

Melissa said...

You have a wonderful attitude about renovations. I think everything is looking better;)
BTW, you should have said what you thought to the dolt taking the FREE wishing well. That's why we put free crap by the curb far from the house--then we don't have to hear anyone's thoughts about it (hahahah)

Tanis said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Camellia said...

I want in on the fight for that dragonfly shirt. It's the cat's pajamas. And I have been painting my upstairs bedroom for FOUR WEEKS! and decided to change the trim paint TODAY. I have been cursed by the Gods, just like Prometheus and Sisyphus. I cannot tell you how long it took me to scrape the garage so we could paint it. I love to see your renovations. Perhaps you and Veto and Bossy could drop by sometime this century. NO matter how late in the century, I'm sure I'll still be PAINTING THE UPSTAIRS BEDROOM.