tomorrow i am derfwad

Tomorrow I join the ranks of the most esteemed writers of my generation a handful of select bloggers as a guest blogger at Derfwad Manor. If you haven't met Mrs. G, the lady of the manor, let me introduce you.

Mrs. G is a mother, blogger, teacher, homeschooler, writer... and an inspiration. Her self-effacing and insightful wit keep her readers on the edge of their computer chair for more. Derfwad Manor was the original site of the Secret Celebrity Crush, where Mrs. G publicly declared her love for one Johnny Depp, and then got labeled a Sinny Sinnerson in her comments by an anonymous Judgy Judgerson. Nevertheless, Mrs. G dragged other bloggers out of the sinning closet and we subsequently declared our own celebrity crushes.

Mrs. G copped to the lies she told her children. Many of us fessed up to a few more of our own. We all regret raising such computer-literate children, because now the cat is out of the bag and we can't put the generic cereal into the Lucky Charms box anymore. But we're not blaming Mrs. G. Honesty is cleansing.

By far, the most interest that Mrs. G has sparked on her blog is for her own retirement plan, The Woman's Colony. Graciously, Mrs. G has shared her plan with her readers and invited us all to join her there. Once Mrs. G gets Oprah on board - and she will - her plan will come to fruition and we will all retire to a place where no toilet seat is left up, where Matt Damon-alikes are butlers, and three squares are prepared daily by not us.

Truly a class act, Mrs. G publicly apologized to a woman she wronged in the past, none other than the quasi-famous actress Sally Kellerman.

Come visit Mrs. G at Derfwad Manor and sign up to live at The Colony with us one day. The peace we will find there knows no bounds. Plus, James Bond will be the gardener, Mrs. G says so.
And because I'm no class act, it's time to reveal my final mark for Art History:

Yes, I flaked on the final. You do the math. I went into the final exam with a 99% average and it was only worth something like 20% of the final grade. I'm no math major, but I guess leaving and just not doing the essay portion probably hurt me.
I took the class for fun. About two hours into the final, it occurred to me.
"Hey, this was fun until a few minutes ago. Not having fun. I wonder if American Idol is on?"
And there you have it. 92 percent.


MJ said...

Ahh. An under-achiever at 92%. What a role model you are for Loopy and Buddy.

Janet said...

Congrats on your 92! And I said the same thing about Mrs. G. ... no doubt whatsoever! The only thing is...I'm going to have to fight her for Johnny. Sigh...I'm a peacenik tho, maybe we can resolve it by sharing him?

Saucy said...

Well Janet, that's a little boho for even me, and I was raised in a very hippie-dippy household... you two can share him if you like but I get Matt Damon all to myself.

DivaDeb said...

I just love love LOVE that you walked out on your final exam! A truly freeing experience, I'll bet!

How we all wanted to do that in school (when it wasn't for fun....)
And 92% is not a horrible mark, Miss Saucy. I mean, you coulda' flaked out on a lot more, but you didn't!

Tricia said...

Thank you for thinking of the tweasers. I always forget to pack mine.

Junie Moon said...

I popped over to read about the Women's Colony and left a note for her that I was at the gate and would someone please let me in. What a wonderful idea and true utopia. I'm all for it!