things i adore

a stream of conciousness list
that doesn't include family members
just things

teddy bears. old movies. yorkshire terriers. making lists. crossing things off lists.
sorting things. art supply stores. planning parties. blog hopping. leaving comments.
getting comments. wrapping gifts. ladybugs. the number five.
platinum and diamonds. slippers. fresh flowers. book stores.
magazines. dragonflies. sunshine. sleeping. tea. raspberries.
yoo hoo. getting postcards. staying home. my iPod.
bedazzling things. taking photographs. baking. pears. costco ice cream.
the red sox. my glue gun. aprons. a manicure. cupcakes.
soaking my feet. Saturday Night Live. The Office.
carmex lip balm. nice hand cream. new socks.
my collection of Martha Stewart Living magazines.
my camera. the pearl earrings I've worn every day since 1983.
my craft room. the photo I took of Gramps. hot chocolate with marshmallows.
frozen yogurt. thunderstorms.
loopy turning into a lovely young lady. proactive skincare.
benefit cosmetics. getting my feet rubbed by buddy.
going for a long walk if I'm up to it. buying when it's on sale.
getting ready for Christmas. frying a whole chicken Martha's way.
blue boxes with white bows. peonies from the garden.
sprinkle doughnuts. Tim Horton's iced capps.
when the dogs both nap with me on the sofa.
people who read my blog.


Lisa Milton said...

This was the perfect wake-me-up this morning.

Good, good stuff.

marymurtz said...

I LOVED this! I did a similar post a while back---

I really love your blog, by the way.

Carrie Sue said...

That's a great list, I'll have to try and do something similar on my blog.

Loopy said...

You forgot ME!

100 Percent Cottam said...

this is a FABULOUS list! i'm with you on oh-so-many of them!

Saucy said...


We need to have a discussion about "skimming" when you read and about "fine print". Read what it says at the top of my list.


PS. Go to bed.

Junie Moon said...

What a great list! I love how you celebrate the things in life that bring you joy.

Janet said...

how I love positive posts...and thunderstorms, too :-)

Melissa said...

Awesome list--I liked you before, I like you better now.

Danger Panda said...

Carmex is the best. That stuff's addictive!

Christine said...

Thats alot of pink! :P Also: Carmex is amazing! Definitely on my list of things.

Christine Bruce

SandraD said...

Thanks for sharing your great list - peonies & raspberries are 2 of my favs!