welcome to my blogiversary party

Two years. 317 posts... welcome to the party. May I offer you a drink? I'm serving Saucy-tinis, my signature martini recipe. Equal parts pineapple juice, Absolut mandarin vodka, and green melon liquor... mmmmm... but they're a little potent. If you plan on driving back to your own blog, I need to keep your mouse with me.

No party of mine is complete without an array of appetizers. Just something to nosh on while we visit about crafting, decorating, fashion, family, likes, dislikes, and anything else that springs to mind.

No party is complete without a cake. I've chosen a handbag cake... yes, I'm a handbag girl. And a shoe girl, a jacket girl and a cosmetics girl. A girlie-girl. The cake looks almost too nice to eat, but we're diggin' in, sista! With ice cream. It's my blogiversary.

If you insist, you can help me tidy up. Even my trash bags are stylin'. There won't be any leftovers, just some napkins, broken glasses and maybe my banner will fall down.

But seriously, I have to celebrate two years of blogging. Many friends met. Some in person, even. I'm planning a big giveaway: friends, if you leave me a comment - not just a comment - I'm looking for something specific here. What have you gathered about me from reading this blog? What are your assumptions? If I were a flavour of ice cream, what would I be? What's my sign? Tell me something about myself... shock me. The comment that "gets" me will "get" a nifty prize that I will make just for them.

The prize: I will make a fairy jar with a photo of someone dear to you trapped inside as a garden fairy, an angel, or whatever you like, but no clowns. I have to draw the line somewhere.

All comments, assumptions, guesstimates and summaries will be accepted until Wednesday.


MJ said...

You know how to throw a party! Love the photos of the family; noticed one important one missing!

Considering I know your sign, I will suggest that you aren't store bought ice-cream. Rather, you are slow-churned homemade ice cream, created with patience and lots of love by the Fan and the Secret Weapon and influenced by Uncle Bug and the faceless other that create layers of personality. The ice cream is made with the most expensive and fresh ingredients including vanilla beans and yet is unpredictable because pieces of Belgian chocolate, bubble gum, peppermint are found unexpectedly in the ice cream.

Mrs. G. said...

I can't tell you how much I LOVE the photos on your sidebar. I can see you got your smokin' good looks from The Fan.

I have kept coming back to your blog, because you, Saucy, come across as a loving, free spirit. I admire your appreciation of beautiful things and your ability to celebrate them without seeming obnoxious or snotty. I love reading about your family, and I tell the story of how you stole that poor woman's rug at Anthropologie all the time. Happy 2!

Janet said...

It's totally obvious where you get your sense of humor from...LOL! Love the pics on your sidebar, especially uncle bug ;-)

Melissa said...

Okay, I totally love garden fairies so I am going in, both feet first:

You are creative (duh) and love beautiful things. You have a loving family, from whom you get your humor, your support, your curiosity and your passion. You have a sweet tooth, an appreciation of good movies, and fabulous style. SO (wait for it...) if you were a movie star, you'd be Julia Roberts. If you were a flower, you'd be a pink peony. If you were a pencil, you'd be a very sharp, periwinkle blue, No. 3 with a partially-used eraser.

Lisa said...

Ditto Mrs G! I agree with what you said 100% but furthermore... I get blown away by how much energy and detail you give to your current projects! Love, Love, Loved Loopy's b-day bash! and if I were to guess a sign.. I'd say Leo or Virgo.. Leo because you have great hair! Virgo b'c only Virgos have the patience for such great detail ;) It is a blessing to receive a gift from you because the packaging is just as much of a gift as the gift itself...
and one last thing.. I really admire your story telling abilities.. I may not comment every single time I read it, but I read ever single post! Happy Blogiversary!! Looking forward to more years :)

Junie Moon said...

When you celebrate, you do so in great style and that's one of the things I love about your blog. You remind me that style is not necessarily a case of who has what but how to celebrate life in a way that enhances its joys--and that is what I really think style is all about.

Your question about ice cream made me immediately think of raspberry--delicious and full of flavor bursting forth but also sassy. Raspberry is, to me, a very sassy flavor which says, "Here I am, I'm sweet but I have my own ideas about how things are going to be." Love that!

Scrappy Jessi said...

congrats doll.
i love you and your blog!
love all the louis stuff too!!!
all i know is we are both some sort of crazy!! haha
have a great celebration.

Oliver Rain said...

Ooo, thank you for the nosh and beverages. Just what a celebration needs. I'll need to get some ingredients and try a Saucy-tini.

Let's see. I'm no good with horoscopes. I was going to cheat and go through your posts & figure it out, but I'm just too honest. I can definitely tell that maintaining friendships is very important to you, which means that you are a great friend. You are an creative over-achiever, in a really good way (like me!) Why order pizza & buy a cake from Safeway, when you can plan a MUCH better birthday EXTRAVAGANZA. You definitely raise the bar for us all in blogland. You like to take care of people, but also enjoy being taken care of, which is why Veto & you are well matched. And why you have such great relationships with your family.

You have totally inspired me & you are a fellow Canadian too! I never would have begun my blog or delurked. if I hadn't found your blog. I visited you for so long before I every wrote a comment and I'm so glad I did.

As for ice cream...I think you are vanilla....with LOTS of fancy toppings. Everything--chocolate sauce, sprinkles, M&Ms, cherries, the whole works. And it's served in a beautiful vintage dessert dish, along with an antique silver spoon & a crisp linen napkin.

Congratulations on 2 years. It's been such a joy to read about your wonderful, beautiful, happy life & I look forward to many more entertaining posts.

Anonymous said...

I know it's already Wednesday and probably too late, but I've been thinking about this comment and have finally come up with who/what I think you are(to me anyway). You're a puddle jumper! You're the cute little girl in the bright raincoat with matching hat and sparkley galoshes jumping in the biggest puddle with both feet. The spray goes everywhere and droplets hit everyone within 10 feet. Instead of pouting or running away, everyone who is lucky enough to get sprayed with droplets screams with glee. Translation: You come up with the most amazing ideas and don't skimp on the details. And man, you make doing it look fun AND you share the "how to"! For example, Loopy's mini birthday breakfast. You didn't stop at eggs and bacon. There were waffles and croissants and all served on tiny little plates! The Fariy Jar swap. Not just a jar - you revamped a lantern!!!
You are so cool, I would have been intimidated by you in school, but inside I would have been dying to be your friend.
Happy blogiversary!

Angela said...

Happy blogiversary, Sasha!

WOW! I have been reading your blog for a long time now... let's see.. You are creative, crafty, and intelligent, thoughtful and funny, as well as, sensitive with a great sense of humor, someone I would enjoy calling a friend!

You are a Jewish Canadian; a teacher, past cheerleading coach, an art lover, amazing party planner, wonderful mother to two sweet kids, a great wife, daughter, sister, and friend. You enjoy miniatures, movies, magazines, musicals, traveling, sports, shopping (especially finding a good bargain), photography, scrap booking, blogging, photography (you have an excellent eye for that), decorating, baking desserts (especially cupcakes, and all things lemony and chocolaty), all the music on your ipod (and then some), eating donuts, doing laundry, collecting little oddities, nature (dragonflies, birds, dogs, etc.). You are a snazzy dresser and a good friend.

Man, I think I am going to cry... I have longed for a friend like you for so long... one that comes over (by way of the back door) for tea and chat, or to help me plan my son's birthday party, etc. Where have you been all my life?


kalurah said...

How did I miss this????