if martha could see me now

As my friend Mrs. G over at Derfwad Manor suggests, blogging is all about the connections. I've made wonderful connections through this little bloggedy blog of mine for two years now. Two years!

I started blogging myself after stumbling onto my now-friend Amy's blog, Inspireco. I was "googling" my new (at the time) fragrance, Shelly Kyle's Tiramani. Amy's post about the scent she was selling via Inspire Company opened the blogging world to me. Now Amy is not just a friend but also a daily read. I've participated in her Club Little House swap three times - and I'm going to be an inspired friend later this summer. What fun.

I ran into Derfwad Manor after the loss of my dear Uncle Hugh. It seemed that I'd found a blogger who also lost her Uncle Hugh. Now I am a daily visitor and the term "derfwad" has drifted into our vocabulary.

I count dear June among my friends and we had a chance to visit in person while visiting Tucson last December. Just like it did for penpals, the world continues to shrink for bloggers.

The blog world continues to grow. My grade-school friend MJ dipped her toe into the blogosphere last year. I'm starting a new blog soon to document the renovation of our newest property. My cousin has a wedding blog where guests can RSVP, get directions, check the gift registry. And who's also blogging? Martha. This is truly the one time in my life I've attempted something before Martha.

As I approach my two-year blogiversary (I'm planning a blog party and you're invited) I've compiled a list of my favourite posts... not necessarily the ones with the most comments, but the ones I have fond memories of. We've had a fun two years together, haven't we? Enjoy.


MJ said...

Lots of news to read this time! Two years blogging sounds like a long time but it passes by so quickly!

Liked the bump photos that you showed. I had bump photos taken when pregnant with K and N that I'll show to you sometime. If I can find them. When I find them. I can't find much due to the reno. My dh did most of the packing. Enuf said.

Junie Moon said...

Two years--what a great accomplishment! The connections we've made with others is astounding. It has been an adventure to meet others, share, learn, and even to grow personally via blogging. Blogging has given me an outlet that I didn't even know I needed.

Congratulations, Miss Saucy! Your blog is delightful.

Cha Cha said...

Happy almost birthday! Thank you for sharing your writing - we are all better for it.

Professor J said...

Great fun. Thanks for sharing some of your favorites.

Mrs. G. said...

I remember the first time I followed you over here from Bossy's. I was hooked and I haven't missed a post since. Happy 2 years!! Miss G. is through with college in 2012, so we should probably start planning the wedding in, what, six months?

You guys are my favorite Canadian Derfwads.