the bumps

There are babies coming at us from all directions. This is my sweet cousin Chantelle, she's got about eight weeks to go. My Aunt and Uncle are probably freaking out. Aunty Den is already Grammy (including a set of twins), but she is likely going overboard already for her new grandbaby. Remember way back when she gave us those fortune cookies? Chantelle is a phenomenal kindergarten teacher so you can imagine what a great mom she'll be. She's the kind of teacher who hatches ducks under lights in her classroom and then keeps them as pets... in her swimming pool.

This is my friend Lecia and her husband Jim. Lecia and I went to university together. She is a talented artist, teacher, scrapbooker and blogger. And check her out! Isn't she absolutely adorable?

"Baby bump" photography is all the rage right now. So is the phrase "baby bump" and actually I'm not that fond of it. Remember last year when I took pictures of Lance and Marlys? How fun to see maternity becoming so chic. Downright glamorous. Not in my day. Today's mothers have selection from the latest designers, in the latest colours. We had puffy denim overalls with a second set of buttons.

She hasn't posted any bump sightings yet, but Natalee over at 100 Percent Cottam is also expecting. How she manages her already-birthed cute offspring and blogging (often more than once a day) is beyond me. This fall our non-blogging friends Shawn and Andrea are also going to have an younger brother or sister for baby Cadence. I'd best get shopping.

Veto took Loopy and I to see our celebrity boyfriend Jim in 21 tonight. Although dreadfully predictable, it was entertaining... and the scenery (and Las Vegas too) was excellent.

Veto was trying to take my mind off the fall I took down the stairs today. I'd show you my bruise, but that's one bump you don't want to see.


Mrs. G. said...

You forgot to tell me how many cupcakes. I depend on you for cupcakes, Saucy.

Lisa said...

oh yikes! Sorry about your fall. Ouch! Was the movie any good?
Please thank your sweet fan for stopping by my blog :) I'm glad she enjoyed the pictures I took over the weekend.

Scrappy Jessi said...

what fall?? hope your ok!!!
beautiful pics of your friends.
ya baby photograpy wasn't really in 16 years ago.. these are amazing. what a treasure to look back on. gorgeous!!!
hope you are nursing your bruise.
have a great weekend.

Junie Moon said...

I'm so sorry to hear you fell down the stairs. Although bruises can be horrid and painful, I hope that's the only injury you sustained (not that I am glad you even got that).

How wonderful for everyone with their pregnancies. I'm always touched by the way new life is celebrated and I do remember your gorgeous photos last year.

Saucy said...

How negligent of me. I thought I'd forgotton something. I forgot to hand out three-and-a-half cupcakes... no more, no less.

100 Percent Cottam said...

ooh, i'm honored to be one of your bumps! i have to say, all of the nice folks around me keep telling me i look the same (i should - i'm only 11 weeks!) but i'm feeling that bump already! :)