saucy movie review - the bank job

I do love caper movies. Heist movies. Robberies, cons, scams. Tonight Dear Veto and I saw "The Bank Job". It's supposedly the true life story of a robbery of a bank in London, from which the money and valuables stolen were never recovered. The story was prevented from being told because of a government gag order that was alleged to protect a prominent member of the British Royal Family. Those scallywags.

This was a groovy little picture with a swingin' style. Set in the early 1970's, it had great costumes worn by a virtually unknown (to North American audiences) cast. I had an awful headache and I think that may have been what prevented me from really enjoying it at the start. Bright lights! Make the bright lights stop!

The verdict? Four cupcakes out of five. It dragged in a few places and my noggin and I found it noisy sometimes.

I was glad to have a little date with Veto because he is only in town for one more day and then he leaves town for the rest of the month. When he's away, the kids and I slip into a completely different routine. We eat breakfast food at supper. Loopy and I snuggle in together at night, making one less bed for us to make in the morning. Generally, we get a bit lazier, but we miss him terribly. Now I'll be counting down the days until the end of the month when I get to meet up with him in Arizona.

I think I'll get a few things done up around here, do you suppose? I'd love to finish off the craft room once and for all - it's so close - and post the final pictures. And the laundry room, I only have a little bit left to do, like the counter and backsplash. I think I need some motivation.


Pepper said...

Sheesh, I neglect to check the blog and it is crammed full of news!!!! Great job on finding the house to redo...looking forward to seeing the end result!!!

You are a busy girl.

I think I will watch the movie...four cupcakes is a pretty darn good review!

Melissa said...

Thanks for the movie review--I was pretty sure I wanted to see it and now I'm positive!