real cupcakes and a movie review

Kelly gave me the More from Magnolia Cookbook for Christmas. This weekend, I made the vanilla cake/vanilla buttercream cupcakes. They turned out excellent, but I remembered too late that I'm not a fan of vanilla... and these are really vanilly. I think I need to work on my swoosh-icing method to replicate the Magnolia Bakery look. Here are the Saucy versions:

All dressed up and ready to go! The sprinkles are from AJ's Grocery in Tucson. Loaded into my fancy cupcake caddy from Wilton (I used my 40% coupon at Michael's).

The dogs - both Duke and Wrigley were sick all week. Duke's neutering last week went well enough but his dewclaws got infected. Then his eyes got infected. Oh, wait.... did I already tell you this story? Then came the kennel cough - for both dogs. The cone was a necessity to prevent chewing off his crazy leg bandages. Did you know you can give dogs Triaminic cough strips? Dogs don't like grape, it turns out. Big four-paws-up for bubblegum and cherry, though!

Awwww, geeeez Mom! Don't take my picture! I feel ridiculous!

We needed a serious movie to cleanse the palate after Hannah Montana. Loopy and I picked up The Fan for The Other Boleyn Girl - man, have I been dying to see that movie... it was pretty juicy. Since Loopy and I both have secret crushes on Jim Sturgess - it was extra juicy. I pulled Loopy's hat over her head during the love scenes. Basically there were only two little dodgy scenes that I needed to restrict - and the knit hat and her hands over her ears (earmuffs!) did the trick. It was a nicely pared down story from the novel and didn't disappoint.

Loopy and I conferred and together we rate this movie 4.5 cupcakes out of five, five out of five if you like steamy love scenes and you are allowed to watch them.


Junie Moon said...

What yummy-looking cupcakes; I love your version of them. I've been hearing about the book and will add it to my wish list of acquisitions.

Your dog does indeed look like he doesn't want his photograph taken, how cute but also how frustrating for him to wear the cone. I hope all is well in dog world soon.

Thank you for the movie review; yours are the only ones I trust.

Melissa said...

I have serious cupcake envy. The edible ones, not your cupcakes. Just wanted to clarify.

MJ said...

Great looking cupcakes! Your icing technique puts mine to shame!

I'm not sure if I could persuade my dh to watch the flick though ~ sounds too chic-flic for him but I'll work on the history angle!

Anonymous said...

Oh, it's definitely NOT a 'chic flic' fact, you need to know a good bit of history to fully understand the plot. Saucy & I were surprised at the comments we overheard - "Who's THAT?", "What did THAT mean"..etc. So (unless you are Saucy, who reads EVERY book first) you can cheat (like me) and go on-line and do a quick-study-up! Now, I'm all inspired and I am re-reading my "Ye Olde History" and really enjoying it - especially since I became side-tracked with a study of The Crown Jewels. Fascinating! Loopy, Saucy & Veto take me to a lot of movies that I would otherwise not see - lucky me! the fan

saucygrrl said...

Oh I have the SAME Magnolia book... looks like your icing could probably use just a bit more confectioners sugar to firm it up a bit.

michelleb. said...

The pastels are so pretty. I may have to try this recipe as I am more of a vanilla girl than chocolate, however that would leave me to eat two thirds of the cupcakes as most of my family likes chocolate. As for the movie I oved it also. Oh, if only my high school history teachers had used Phillip Gregory's books to teach, I would have paid so much more attention.

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