my name is saucy and this is my flip

Are you like me? Do you watch the "house flipping" shows and think what ridiculous projects they are sometimes? Do you find yourself thinking that you could do a better job than the television flipper? Well, come see my new project:

Veto and I found a house with "loads of potential" as they say on TV. It's rather large at almost 2000 square feet... we don't take posession of it until April 30th.

Now tell me, honestly... what would you do to this space? With only eight weeks and a limited budget:

First off, I'm going to have the cabinets painted. I've ordered a new stone countertop. I have to do something about that funky wavy bit above the sink. The mirrors have got to go. Oh, right! Hardware for the doors and drawers. Check.

I've ordered carpet, tile and some linoleum. There's quite a bit of hardwood too, I'm planning on refinishing it. Or shall I say, having someone refinish it for me.

The "potential" is hidden here, in the mudroom/laundry. I hope they take all that stuff when they go.

That bathroom. I don't even think I need to dignify that bathroom with an explanation. I'd tell you the worst part, but you'd be so horrified, you'd never read this blog again. Well, I'll risk that. There is makeup smeared all over the wall near the sink. Years of makeup. Foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, liner. I think it was excess makeup on the brushes at application. Seriously. I am not making this up.

Missing several closet doors if indeed there ever were any. Sponge Bob up there on the shelf is laughing at me. He's crying "blue paint, ha-ha! blue paint!"

The current owners combined two small bedrooms upstairs to make a large master suite but (like every other job) didn't finish. I'm hoping, if the budget allows, to turn the long, unusable side of the room into an ensuite bathroom with a walk-in closet.

and now for an earthshattering announcement:

My very own Guitar Hero is coming to my city this summer. How much do I love James Taylor?
  • I own every single CD, I have duplicates of some of them... I wore one right out "back in the day", before MP3 players.
  • One of my earliest memories is of driving with my mom in her Impala named "Ezzie" and JT was crooning on the AM radio. It was a warm autumn day and it was way before seatbelts and baby seats. I perched up on the front bench-style seat and fiddled with the knobs to make it louder. I stayed in the car - in the car! and listened to You've Got a Friend while my mother went into Safeway. Those were the days.
  • His "Greatest Hits" collection? My only tuneage to be stranded on a desert isle with.
  • I am pretty sure Baby Boom Baby was written about me. I'm the little turtleneck girl.
  • Veto took me to see JT for our first anniversary. We sat in the fourth row. When he casually strolled onstage, picked up his guitar and tuned it... I had tears streaming down my face. Again, not lying. I would never lie about James.
  • Further proof that I am the Baby Boom Baby? He sang it right to me. Right at me. ME I TELL YOU!
  • I think he may have winked at me.

    Tickets go on sale Monday, thus giving me three days only to cover all my bases and ensure that I get good seats. If you don't hear from me, be assured I am camping at the Ticketmaster.

Surprise! Look what sweet fun arrived from Sarah! A jolly Valentine banner. Now, I can't wait for next winter. It says BE MINE. Do you think if I sit in the front row and stretch it out James will see it and be mine?


Melissa said...

Good luck on getting your tickets! He is charming. Of course he sang right at you.

A move? A new house? Renovations? I can't wait to read about the adventure!


I can't wait to see what you do with your "flip". It will be fun watching the progress. I can't believe those closet doors. How can they live like that?

Oliver Rain said...

Sweet banner. I'd just stick it up right away to admire it for a while.

I never really listened to JT until I got my ipod. He was one of those recommended artists that show up whenever you buy music. I was lost at "Sweet Baby James" That song just makes me happy.

I looked a so many houses like the one you just bought when we were house hunting. It does have lots of potential, but only someone with vision could make it happen, and I already know you have that vision. I agree with all your ideas. I think that blue paint will take several thick coats of paint. Isn't there some type of product that will kill whatever may be growing in that bathroom. ugh

MJ said...

The thought of a house flip makes my stomach flip. Thanks but not for me! Glad someone has the stomach for it!

Enjoy your concert with JT. I'm sure he was singing just for you...