have you met joe?

I've made a fashion decision. I'm going to dress with Joe Fresh Style for the entire spring and summer. If you aren't from Canada, then you don't know Joe. Joe is the house brand of clothing at Loblaws... here in the west known as The Real Canadian Superstore. Yes. A grocery store.

You must see the spring fashion show. Today I slipped into the Superstore for just a quick minute and came out with this outfit plus a flirty raincoat for under $100.00:

(Not the real proportions!)
How about those wide-leg pants? Sassy. I have to report them to be made well enough... surely better than The Gap quality and infinitely more stylish. I'm going to pack in a few more pieces before the weather requires it. My wardrobe is in sad need of an update. The wretchedly cold weather and my less than stellar health has made way for too many long sleeve tees, plenty of fleece and jeans. I need outfits.

If you visit the Joe website, you might find it very similar in style (but not in price) to Anthropologie, my favourite spot to shop south of the border. I think Joe did his research. You can download three little indie-sounding songs there too... but be warned, the website hasn't got a fraction of the super-cute items you'll find at the store. Right next to the pasta aisle.


Junie Moon said...

What a cute outfit, Miss Saucy, and I can see you wearing it and looking ever so glorious.

Mrs. G. said...

You and Joe look like you are going to be very happy together!

100 Percent Cottam said...

ooh, lovely lovely. this will be on my to-do list when i make my trek to canada this summer!