congratulations susan

My sister-in-law successfully defended her Master's thesis today. Not only that, it went so well - she may even win an academic award for it. Can you say smarty-pants? It's really impressive.

I went over to my new favourite store that I shopped at yesterday and had spied these nice spring flowers. I picked out the colours I wanted and the vase and came home and put this arrangement together for her. Don't you love that vase? I love pussy willows.

Spring break starts for Loopy tomorrow. Eleven days of no school! I'm sure we'll visit the Build-a-Bear Workshop that just opened in our city. Here she is on Grand Opening day, holding her latest creation, "Berry". It was too early in the morning for Mama and Gramma, we ended up in Starbucks after all that stuffin' and lovin'.

Berry's name comes from the local berries grown in this areas called "Saskatoon berries" and she can live alongside all of the other bears from BABW we've been collecting over the years... they're all named after the places we got them:
Miami and Orlando - the twins from our trip to Florida in 2000
Eddie (a gift for Macy) - from West Edmonton Mall, 2003
Callie - from Calgary, 2004
Navy - named after Chicago's Navy Pier, 2006
Kiss-im-mee - from our Valentine's trip to Florida in 2007

Notice that she's dressed up to bake some Saskatoon berry pie!


the fan said...

Susan Rocks!! - not only does she teach full time, ride herd on three very active boys (with a husband who is out of town most of the time)but she and her husband have completely re-built/renovated their home ALL BY THEMSELVES!!! The Woman as scary - she wields a wrecking bar and every single electrical tool. She has her own tool belt, for the lova Mike! AND her cinnamon rolls are legendary. Way to go, Susan!!
p.s. Susan & Veto?? - do I have luck with the in-laws, or what?!?!

Pepper said...

Nice work, pass on my congrats to Susan! That is a huge accomplishment especially with her busy life!!!!!

Pretty flowers Saucy. Guess I better get busy and accomplish something too!!! I feel inspired!

Melissa said...

Cheers for your sister! And cheers for your excellent taste in floral arrangements!

Junie Moon said...

Congratulations to your sister-in-law. This is an important achievement and a major milestone in her life. I'm so tickled for her!

Your flowers are gorgeous and so perfect to welcome the official beginning of Spring today.

I've never actually seen a Build-a-Bear but have heard about them. The next time I'm near one of these stores, I'm going to visit so I can see what it's all about.