party like its 1986

Disclaimer: this post is filled with 80's phrases, like, totally.

We invited six chicks to the party but two of them couldn't make it. We had four chicks.
Last night we had the amazing, radical, awesome party for Loopy's 13th birthday. I was 13 in the 80's. How much fun was our 13 going on 30 theme event? Party on with us to find out....

In the morning, I put together the goodie bags with all the loot I brought back from Arizona in December for the elegant brouhaha. The bags were from Bath and Body Works. The purchase of gift bags in December dictated the hot pink, red, and lime green colour scheme. The socks are from Target and so are the candy-striped sticky notes, gel pens and striped tissue papers. I found the pinwheel candy erasers at the Dollarama before Christmas. Nerd shopper! Each bag also contained either a Twizzler, Bubble Yum or Sweet Tart bath product brought back from Marshall's in Chicago.

How about that cute lipgloss that looks like a chocolate bon bon? Claires.

Loopy started the DVD on the screen before everybody arrived so we were all theme-y. Her iPod was playing songs from the soundtrack.

The table was set up for "makeovers for four". I found those sweet mirrors and Dollarama and decorated them with a bow. Individual sponges and shadow applicators were put out along with individual mascara, eyeliner pencil, blush and lipgloss for hygenic reasons. Everybody took home their own makeup. I sprinkled Bare Minerals foundation powder onto everyone's plate so we could colour match for each skin tone.

The lipgloss is Dessert by Jessica Simpson. The rest of the makeup is Bonne Bell and Aziza. I remember when those brands were haute couture makeup. I had an Aziza lipgloss that my mother brought me home from New York in 1984 that was soooo coooool. It was swirled pink, mauve, and purple. I was really somethin' in that gloss. Did you ever rock the Bonne Belle Lipsmacker on a lanyard around your neck?

Pepper brought her modeling portfolio out for the occasion last night. It is a major blast from the past to look at. She borrowed some of my totally radical wardrobe for her photo shoots back then. The girls loved looking through it. Totally 80's hair on Pepper! She sported the big earrings in a few shots but still looked so glam. She was a finalist for the Teen Great Model Search in 1983 and her page from the magazine got the girls so excited!

Yes, the flower arrangement stuff is from Christmas. I couldn't resist. Did I ever tell you about decorating an entire mall with candies and M&M's? Someday, I am sure you would love to hear how I turned 4000 paper bowls into hard chocolate candies. Some other day.

The girls loved playing with their makeup. It was pretty clear who had experience putting on makeup already! Loopy is at a disadvantage here, because she only wears it for special occasions, and then only if I put it on her. She's a Carmex girl.

Someone had the bright idea to put makeup on Pepper and I too! We declined. Although at this point in the evening we decided that if any one of them was going to put makeup on us, it would be Alexandra. She's got mad makeup skills.

I set up The Secret Weapon's photography lights in the living room. The girls finished their makeup and lounged eating candies while we readied the photo shoot. Pepper gave everyone instructions on how to pose for the camera.

Loopy's American Girl magazine cover is out for a decoration, too... so are the Tootsie Roll blankets and pillow!

Candy bonanza! Also, little paper games and quizzes downloaded from the 13 going on 30 website.

Lots of the candy, including the jelly bellies, the wax bottles and the starlight swirls were brought back from Walgreens in Arizona. If you haven't thought it already, you can say "heavy luggage"... Veto sure did.

Umm... by the way, there's still lots of candy left. How much candy can four teenage girls eat in one sitting? Lots. I still had too much, of course.

Razzles! We had to have Razzles! First it's candy, then it's gum. The Fan ran out and found Razzles before the party. Everyone tried to get a "razzle red" mouth.

After we snapped the shots, Pepper and The Fan and I retreated to the office to PhotoShop them. In a moment of perfect timing, the pizza arrived just as we wrapped up the photo shoot. The girls started the movie, giving us a running time of 98 minutes to decide which shots to use. As you can see... we had lots to pick from!

My goodness, we were thrilled with these shots! We were especially digging the hat shots, for our cover shot purposes. The lights were pretty hot so everyone got lots of turns in front of the camera. This also let everybody switch out hats and accessories, of which I had many scattered out.

Thank God Pepper was there! The girls were really relaxed that Macy's mom was a professional model. They took her suggestions very seriously.

We easily had two or three seriously great shots of each girl. Here are the finished covers:

Alexandra looks great in her glasses and this hat. She looks so much like her mother in this picture. We went to high school together, we were both cheerleaders. Just another way this party took us all back in time!

Okay... how cute and funny is this? Alexis is the most shy girl of the group and easily she was the most comfortable in front of the camera! Pepper and I were like, "you are a natural!" She totally worked it! Check out her intese gaze!

Like her mother before her, Macy is a natural too. We had loads to pick from. She also had a brown hat picture we should have used. I'm totally printing it for her. Our goal was to have a different hat on each cover but we got mixed up. I thought Alexis had the brown hat... but her brown hat pictures were awesome, too!

The birthday girl was the only one who required a PhotoShop touch-up to her makeup. She is a real Flinchy Flincherson when she tries to use mascara. But a little flick of the mouse, and voila!

Pepper and I still had time to run to WalMart in -40 weather in Sarge's sticker van to print the pictures. Nobody's out in this weather on a Saturday night, so we won't wait too long! The WalMart girls are super helpful and print the 8x10's ASAP. They even help us put them into these totally, like, awesome frames on sale for four dollars! We cannot resist framing them, too.

By the way, "the reveal" was totally the best part of the night! Each girl was just shocked when we presented their framed picture. We loved seeing each face!

Also, let me tell you how unfailingly generous, kind, and encouraging each girl was with each other. When they saw the photos, they were like, "you look amazing" and "ohmygod, you're so beautiful" they said to each other. They passed each other's photos around admiringly.

Time for cake! Cupcakes, that is. With hot pink frosting and lime green sprinkles, of course. Did I ever tell you how much I love the Wilton cupcake tree?

No room for candles on cupcakes, but I remembered that I had cupcake candles from IKEA in the cabinet... and little bon bon candles from the Very Saucy Giveaway leftover, too. Loopy blows out the candles on the bed of Necco hearts.

We serve the cupcakes and cotton candy ice cream on heart-candy plates. The girls drink milk out of peppermint candy glasses. The milk gets minty. They are starting to overload on sweets and at this point they ask for vegetables. I am not making this part up. We give them carrot sticks.

Present time! Loopy opens Teen Vogue and a gift certificate for MAC Cosmetics from Alexandra. She is thrilled. How perfect for our theme! You did know that MAC is a Canadian company, didn't you?

From Alexis, Loopy gets a gift card at Lululemon. The girls are all mad for Lulu. It's a Canadian company too, by the way. She still has some gift cards from Christmas so she's ready to do some serious shopping.

Ooooh, cozy! Macy brings soft, cuddly Ugg booties with pompoms on them. We need them in this weather! Pepper has hers on all the time, so does Macy.

Time to go home, loaded down with loot bags, photos and frames, makeup, mirrors... and tummy aches. At thirteen, this is the sure sign of a good party. And although I say it every year, I think this was the best one, like, totally, for sure.


Oliver Rain said...

I've been dying to know how that party went. Plus I'm trying to distract myself from doing schoolwork and doing a great job of that.
What a fabulous evening! It's got me thinking about Lizzie's b-day party. Probably not quite as elaborate. All I can say is WOW! Loopy is a lucky, lucky girl.

Scrappy Jessi said...

how fab, totally!
im an 80's girl too!!! i LOVE the 80's.
looks like a totally radical b day!
bitchen gifts!
totally tubular treats! love the candy dude!
she , and the other models are gorg girl! simply fabu!
glad you all had a great weekend!!!

100 Percent Cottam said...

wow wow wow!!! this is one amazing party! i'm totally (like, totally) linking to this post from my blog. i LOVE LOVE LOVE it. nice job!

Melissa said...

Holy Smokes! You went all out! What a great idea. This is soooo cute.

Junie Moon said...

That is the most fantastic party! I'm so tickled for Miss Loopy and her friends. What a special evening for these wonderful girls. Miss Saucy, you are the absolute best and every little detail is fabulous.

MJ said...

What happened to my last comment? It disappeared!

What a great party!

I had thought that The Fan's pizza on a bun was fabulous in grade 3but, sorry Fan, step aside! Saucy takes the cake for best foods and activities offered to 13 year olds!

Kami said...

So cute! I just popped in from %100 Cottom. Great job, so creative!

Lisa said...

Ok, so like totally could you be like my mom? 'cause seriously I so need a totally rad party like that! So so awesome dudette :)You rocked it!! And your Loopy had like the best pictures... I loved it all :)

Mrs. G. said...

Saucy, you really know how to throw a party! I am amazed at the loving detail that you gave to every detail. The photos of the girls are darling. I'm glad that your baby had a very special day.

Melissa said...

I am in awe that all this stuff MATCHED. It's all so CUTE and FUNKY and I wish you were my mom right now.

Moreau's said...

I like love this idea! So rad! The 80's rule! And you have some serious party planning and executing skills!!! I too popped in from 100% cottom! Thanks for sharing your cleverness!!!

Saucy said...

Not usually a quoter of Oprah, but Mrs. G is right... love IS in the details! Oprah says so when she hosts her lavish parties. I'm sorta like my city's Oprah.

Tiffany said...

Like, OH-MAH-GAWD! Sorry, had to get that one in there - what an incredible party! Looks like all the girls had fun.

Gillian said...

Wow... you are amazing! You should be a professional party planner. This is just the most totally fabulous looking party ever! I wish i could have been there and had my own Sparkle cover photo! lol

Cha Cha said...

Saucy, what a gorgeous, super fun party! I'm totally inspired. It's obvious that a lot of love and attention went into this, and the birthday girl will always remember that. Kudos!

Pedaling said...

wow, found you through 100% - you did such a great job - the template for the magazine, the candy - i wish i could pull something like that off, as well.

Melissa Lobdell, Little Melfred's Studio said...

Oh, I am green with envy!!! What a fabulous party! I'll have a 13 year old in December-I really wish I could host a party like this but I doublt HE'd like it! Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you! Happy birthday, sweet girl! I hope all of your wishes come true! xo-Mel

Tootsie Farklepants said...

OMG! That's, like, the best party EVER! You totally rule!

Sunnispace said...

This is the most fabulous party I've ever seen! Wow - how creative, how fun! I'm sure it will live in the memories of these girls forever!!

Michelle M White said...

OK...this is the cutest party ever. Every single detail was just perfect. I want a party just like that for me!!! (Forget for one of my three girls!) You are one awesome mom!!!

Precious Pink Pumps said...

WOw, I am so impressed and so inspired. You did a wonderful job of this. What did the invitations look like?

Saucy said...

Like Oprah says, "love is in the details",

the invites can be seen on my flickr pages at

feel free to use it!

Fairlie said...

Oh.My.Goodness. Tell me you do this professionally? It puts any party I've ever done in the shade. And what a great theme...I'll be saving that one up for two years time.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

justhay said...

Woman, this completely, totally, utterly rocks. I will show this to Madi, (who may petition you to adopt her), and she will freak out.

amy * stem * said...

Looks like I am totally late to the party here but I would LOVE to blog about this on my blog if you don't mind. This.Is.Adorable.

Anonymous said...

I love this idea - I'm stealing your "Covergirl" idea for my daughter's next b-day. You're soo creative!

jkddz said...

Your so creative... Love the candy bar... that is what my brother had at his wedding this summer! the kids went nuts! Going to use this idea for the next birthday...
Kari and Danica

Kate said...

Best. Mom. EVER!!! This is by far my FAVE post on your blog. Every paragraph was a new "What?!? That ROCKS!"

michelleb. said...

My oldest had the same theme for her 13th. photo shoot as I am only now learning how my camera works out of AUTO mode.

E said...

I love this party! I saw it was featured over on Tip Junkie today. What a blast that party must have been and with all the goodies you get from Dollarama, I so wish we had one here!

Puanani503 said...

wow! I love this party theme, this one is off the hook! Awesome Job on everything!

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