nano oranges

Just how tiny can an orange be? Here is a tiny honey orange, in comparison to the new iPod nano Veto presented to me at dinner on Friday night. It was the anniversary of our first date, five years ago. Old nano was starting to cough and sputter. New nano is lighter, cuter, more powerful! Tiny orange is adorably cute and miniature. Check out that wedge on the tip of my finger. And sweet! Incredibly cute and sweet. Has rendered me incapable of a complete sentence.
My exam mark from two weeks ago? I know you're about dying of curiosity, aren't you? Yes. 121/125. I did the math myself. In my head. Apparently, I'm pretty good with numbers too.

My Valentine swap is in the mail for Sarah. I really don't think it's going to reach her in time for Thursday, so here's a peek inside that crazy little cigar box I filled for her.

I made the banner using the old method of paper punch, using a pin to add the detail. You can vary the size and intensity of the punched holes by punching through both sides of the paper into different backing surfaces such as felt, cutting boards and tea towels. Each glove is slightly different. The letters are K and Co. Twinkle Type glitter letters. I sprinkled a few other little girly things into the package... you know, just because.


Junie Moon said...

I've never seen an orange that tiny before, how amazing! And how sweet of Veto to gift you with a new Nano.

Congratulations on your excellent exam score. I am not surprised but I am ever so pleased you shared the results.

Your swap package is gorgeous and Sarah is going to have so much fun opening and playing with each enclosed treasure.

MJ said...

What fun! The iPod is a great anniversary gift ~ what exactly are you growing in that planter?!

The swap looks like a lot of fun. Maybe one day I'll get to do one; I'm just starting to draft Thurs' lecture so I'm feeling a little time-pressed these days. No swaps permitted and very little crafting (aside from helping N!).

Enjoy your day!

Melissa said...

What a lovely gift!
Congrats on your score!

Oliver Rain said...

I love the swap package. I would definitely swoon to get that in the mail.

Congratulations on the exam! I love getting great marks. It's such a boost.

The little orange is so cute. Where did it come from? I love the Nano too. I got an Ipod touch for Christmas, which I love, but it seems so bulky next to these cute little guys.

Melissa said...

Cute, cute, cute swap package!

Mrs. G. said...

I wish I was your valentine!

prettyinpink said...

I LOVE the nano..I'm all about practical gifts. AND it's PINK.

Saucy said...

There is no website for the nano oranges, officially marketed as "Honey Mini Oranges"... I can tell those of you who reside in Canada, they are available at Safeway, in the cutest little cardboard crates ever.

For those of you that reside in the US, you've probably seen these, maybe even a year ago.

Tootsie Farklepants said...

That sculpture looks like a nude surfer. Dude.