the birthday girl

Born at 3 lbs, 7 oz. Here I am at 8 days old in the "plastic house". I came home at a mere 4 lbs and no monitor at night, having already defied the odds.

Fromt the moment we first laid eyes on each other... I adored Buddy Budderson and he adored me right back!

But I will torment you every day and night! We will argue and fight like cats and dogs sometimes! Nya-nya, I cannot hear you! Other times, we are inseperable. I will cry for ten days straight when Buddy goes to Italy in sophomore year.

But if you put a hat on me, I look adorable. And I calm right down, too. They won't know for another eleven years that I have multiple disabilities. Right now, at twelve months, I am having some problems sitting up. I won't walk on my own for another full year.
This photo wins the WalMart baby beauty contest! Free diapers, so I am already earning my keep!

I become the official mascot of mommy's cheerleading team. She sews me a tiny matching uniform and everybody carries me around. They lift me up on their shoulders and I love it. I squeal with delight when they dance their dances. I am their lucky token, like a gnome. If I am there watching, they will win.

I work hard at physiotherapy. Here I am on the wobbler. I'm great on the wobbler. My balance is improving by leaps and bounds. I'm going to be a cheerleader too one day!

Mom will host elaborate birthday parties to celebrate the day I was born, when the doctors said I would never make it. They will get bigger and crazier every year. One year, she will bake six cheesecakes... each one a different flavour! I adore cheesecake.

Here I am with The Fan, looking glamorous at Mom and Dad's wedding. I could have danced all night! Oh, wait. I did dance all night. Before The Fan took me home, I ran to find Veto and call him Dad for the first time. It was the best wedding gift he got, he says.

And now! Teenager. 13 years old. Life isn't easy all the time like it is for other kids. I'm a math genius, though. I get very good report cards. Instead of physical education, which my mother insists is a "colossal waste of good energy" I volunteer with the preschoolers. It's a better use of my time and the the preschool teacher loves having me there to help. She tells mom all the time how wonderful I am.

My other challenges include Asperger's Syndrome and being too cute for my own good. Okay, Loopy didn't write this, Saucy did. But it's all true. Every word of it. Happy Birthday to my scrappy little girl. I love you.


Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday, Loopy - you lucky lucky girl!

Melissa said...

Go Loopy! Go Loopy! It's your birthday!

(From the looks of it, she's had quite a lot of fun so far in her lifetime. How awesome for her.)

Cee said...

What a beautiful, sweet daughter you have been blessed with. Happy Birthday to Loopy!
Cee in Osler

MJ said...

Happy birthday Loopy! Hope you have a great time at your party! Your party is the envy of blog-world! I'm going to get your mother and you to plan K & N's birthday bashes! Get ready for crafting!

Natasha Burns said...

Happy Birthday Loopy!!! What a cutie you are and you defied the odds too! have a great day!!!

Scrappy Jessi said...

What a fun life you must have.
have a super birthday week! ok month, milk it for all it's worth!

Sarah and Jack said...

Hapde Burfday to your growing up girl!

prettyinpink said...

Happy Birthday Loopy! Hope you have a wonderful party!

Mrs. G. said...

Happy Birthday to my favorite kind of American Girl...the smart and sassy kind!

Oliver Rain said...

What a sweet way to say happy birthday. She's got a great mom and it looks like she's doing so great! And she's beautiful too. I hope the party is wonderful. I look forward to some details next week!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

what a sweet post.
Thanks for stopping by "everyday!"

Q said...

Happy Birthday!
Loppy is so beautiful!
May her year be filled with sweet delights.

Junie Moon said...

Happy birthday, Miss Loopy! The story about you is beautiful and I think you're super special!