top ten projects and the rest of the story

Some bloggers are posting their top ten projects of 2007. Before I finish the story of my first date and-happily-ever-after with Veto, here are mine, in no particular order:

I always like designing a new tree, and this year Loopy and I tackled a fun one for her room. It still needs some finesse, like a crazy-quilt tree skirt, but we loved the wild colours and the snowman theme. Everything came from the dollar store or Michaels $1.50 bin!

Renovated the entire house... our master bedroom is one of my favourite rooms and the most complete at this point in time. We dealt with soggy walls that had to be taken out and removed. But on the bright side, isn't that wallpaper fabulous?

And if a favourite project can have a favourite room then a favourite room can have a favourite feature. Behold, the makeup vanity. I'll tour you inside of it someday.

One of the top ten gifts I made this year has to be the Kansas City Chiefs wreath I made for Ol' Rempy. It turned out cute, cute, cute.

I was also pleased with the diaper cake I made for cousin Terry's baby shower. She just had that baby on the weekend, you know. A baby boy named Tyrus - Gramps' middle name. He was named for Ty Cobb of the Detroit Tigers back in 1915.

Over the summer, I participated in Club Little House again. It's always fun. This year I made twelve tiny ironing boards. It was more work than even I anticipated but of course The Fan and The Secret Weapon helped out.

The most enjoyable swap was Little Melfie's fairy jar swap. I had the honour of making a jar for Melissa herself. She loved that little fairy with the eyeglasses and named her Ellie.

Some projects just work better than you can imagine. In the heat of late June, our friends Lance and Marlys asked me to take photos of them before their first baby was due. We ended up with over 120 great photos to choose from. Easy, when your subjects are good looking.

And the good-looking creation? Baby Chase, born in July. We took photos of him when he was just ten days old.

Back at the house, I'm thinking that Loopy's room turned out pretty well. She and I hung the textured wallpaper and she did most of the painting on it. I organized all of the bedding from sale bins at the Anthropologie in Orlando, Florida and the rest online.

Maybe I am most pleased with the pergola we put up in our yard over the summer. I bought it with my 40th birthday money. It was our first year with a garden and did we ever enjoy.

It took us an entire weekend - a hot summer weekend - to put slate on the front steps. I did most of the grouting and sealing myself. I also painted the front door red as a stop-gap until I can find a wooden craftsman door at a salvage someplace.

And now... back to the story. I almost didn't go out with Veto. Kim gave him my phone number. And I did a horrible thing. I call screened him.

Basically, when a girl wears a slinky sparkly shirt, she can expect some strange fallout. I got a few phone calls after that night, and I was avoiding them all. I cannot stress this enough. I was determined not to go out on any dates. One fella that had phoned me a few times before and I had successfully avoided also started phoning again... call screening was in high gear.

Now, what you also have to know about me is that I love to torment phone solicitors. I like to put them on hold for a very long time and check every few minutes to see if they are still holding. I like telling the ones who sell magazines that I'm blind, and I pretend to start crying and ask them to read aloud to me from the magazine they are selling. It's horrible. But.I.Have.To.Do.It. I.Can't.Help.Myself.

So the phone rang and in deep call screen mode, I saw that it was a local gym. Thinking they were up to their usual hawking of memberships, I decided to answer the phone and pretend to have no arms and legs... I know. This whole story is making me sound horrible, isn't it?

Only, it wasn't the gym. It was one of the guys I was call screening, calling from the gym. Shifty! He asked me if I liked musical theatre. Of course I like musical theatre, what kind of a question is that? Well, he just happened to have tickets for RENT tomorrow night. I didn't particularly want to see Rent, and I really didn't want to go out on a date with this guy. But you know in You've Got Mail, when Meg Ryan says horrible things and it just comes out and she realizes how mean it is after she's said it, or in Mean Girls, when Lindsay Lohan gets the verbal diarrhea? I got the verbal diarrhea and rudely spit out, "so somebody else cancelled on you and you're calling me the night before?" and then I realized what I'd said. Somebody was calling to ask me out, and I was horribly rude. And then I remembered some of the smartass things I'd said the night I wore that sparkly shirt and thought, "I'm not that person. I can't be that person." So I apologized right there and then and agreed to go to Rent the next night.

Only thing is, the guy wasn't Veto. It was someone else. And it was, completely and utterly, the worst date ever. Rent, the touring version. Ugh. And there are two empty seats beside us, and when they are occupied a couple of minutes before the curtain goes up, I am introduced to the guy's sister and her husband. It is a double-date. With family. And it went from Bad to Worse. Oh yes it did.

After the third-rate performance of one of the most depressing musicals ever, I cannot get out of going for a drink. Guy is talking about his car. Guy talks about his house. Guy announces that he bought a grand piano for the living room of his house even though he cannot play the piano, he just thinks they look cool. Guy asks if I can play the piano. Guy's sister peppers me with personal questions. Guy's brother-in-law is a doctor and he and Guy's sister have a fight about his pager.

But I can't finish the story tonight. Buddy Budderson needs to use the printer for school. You'll just have to come back tomorrow to hear the rest of the story!


100 Percent Cottam said...

wowzers, woman! you're like a superhero. i can't believe your many talents. i'm very impressed!

Angela said...

You little tease!
Ok, so I guess I will come back tommorrow! (wink)


Scrappy Jessi said...

girl your so funny!!
ok i read the whole thing, and bam commercial break!
ill be back later!

prettyinpink said...

Thanks for sharing your top ten with us! What an inspiration!
Is the slate slipppery in the winter? We are re-doing our front steps this spring and can't decide between slate and tile.


You are so entertaining. I have been laughing outloud reading this post and once again, am totally amazed at all that you've accomplished.

Sarah and Jack said...

The bedroom is so very candice olsen.

(I saw Rent in London, and thought it was great, lol.)

Renee :) said...

Wow,talk about a post!Where do I begin.Ok,I LOVE that super stylish & sleek vanity of yours,love the rooms and everything in them.Love the baby picture.Totally LOVE the girls & I love the outdoors,so we would be having girly parties all the time outside if we had that in our yard!Love the front steps!I just love the colors of the pillows,comforter,etc on your bed....are they from anthropologie,too?Also love the colors on that tree!Ok,now that date has gone bad...I'm dying to know what happens...umm,you are at the point of insanity,run outside & into the arms of Veto who is holding a dozen roses b/c he's been stalking you b/c he was too shy to ask you out then he takes you in his arms & asks you to marry him...right? :)

Melissa said...

Your house is gorgeous. Your taste, impeccable. Your treatment of men? Cavalier. But oh, so funny.

T=ME said...

Are we being screened for the rest of this little teaser!!!! Hugs, Terri

Tiffany said...

Okay...where's the rest of this story? I'm living vicariously through your past right now! I want to know the rest...well, we all know how it ended up and continues to this day, but...more story...please? Please!?!


(I'm really loving this story)

MJ said...

Next time I visit your house, I plan on leaving fingerprints all over that vanity, especially in places that are difficult to eliminate fingerprints. I have little experts who've been training me in the art of 'leaving fingerprints'!

My dh's favorite ploy with surveys is to tell them that he charges $100 per survey for his time and information. The telephone callers quickly terminate the call and we've seen a reduction in telephone surveys phoning our house.

Junie Moon said...

Your 2007 projects are exquisite and, as the recipient of one of your CLH endeavors, I can honestly testify as to the quality of your work.

I'm totally enjoying your dating stories. Your phone quips are so inventive and make me laugh out loud. I'll be back for more (you know I will!).

Lisa said...

You just keep crackin' me up! Torturing the telemarketers, genius! love it! I laughed so hard... lol!
Reminds me of when I was a senior in hs and the military kept trying to recruit me. I gave every unreasonable crazy excuse I could create. I only took the stupid test to get out of school for a day! Hello.. :)

Ok, so when I grow up, I want to be like you. Love, love your style :) and I'm waiting impatiently for the rest of the story ;)

Mrs. Staggs said...

I'm glad that you gave your Veto a chance. He sounds like a special person.

I still love the ironing board project so much, and I think your fairy in the lantern is one of the best fairy ideas that I've seen.

Janet said...

LOVE that fairy jar!b

Holly said...

Weird.... we have a little TOO much in common! Our tree last Christmas was inspired by "Who-ville" with lots of Hot Pink, Purple, Turquoise, and Lime Green... Feather boas, Huge swags of bright netting... TOO FUN! And I HAVE to have your pergola... Or at least the directions! LOL!