quickie update

Just in case anyone is checking this oh-so-neglected blog, I have a list of tasks accomplished since February 1st... but no photos. My camera cords got packed away. If I can, I'll skin that cat another way soon and then you can see the progress.

Many, many thanks to everyone for your words of encouragement while we live in this sawdusty mess. It's getting a little stale but I can't complain, we will have completely overhauled over 3000 square feet in seven weeks if we finish by the end of the month. So far:

repaired and replaced drywall and some ceilings
removed closed and repaired wall
completely replaced the existing staircase with oak stairs, posts and rails
crown molding in living room, dining room, office
refinished dining room light fixture
repainted every room!!
all new carpets, hardwood, slate tile
upgraded electrical system
replaced fireplace and chimney
stone hearth installed, waiting for mantle
gutted main floor bathroom - it's ready for new sink and toilet
made toile curtains for craft room
refinished chandalier for Loopy's room
installed new cabinetry in laundry area and new washer and dryer too!
shopped for all the rest of the lights and they go in on Saturday!
built a new master closet
had wallpaper hung in master bedroom and upstairs hallway
had new shaker panel doors made for every room
refinished original french doors
had new trim and millwork installed throughout house

... and more than that but those are the highlights. So you see, I've been busy. Busy, busy, busy with no computer hooked up yet and our phone wasn't even hooked up until today. I'll be back soon with photos, I promise.