welcome to my holiday home

Karla's Cottage is hosting a Holiday Home event... welcome to my holiday home... at least some of it. We just got home from our holiday in Arizona this morning. This is our first year in this house and we love it so much, I think it will be our holiday home for years to come. Karla wants us to share "what we love about our home at the holidays"... come on in, won't you:

The urns are decked out but next year I think I might add more sticks and whatnot to them. I also need to figure out what to do with those window boxes. I love having a welcoming front step, especially during the holidays. It's a challenge to keep it ice-free around here. The urns are new but I'm looking forward to changing them for the seasons.

Inside the front porch hand four funky longstockings. Very Pippi. I wish someone would fill them with goodies but they're just for colour.

I love the idea of a front porch, all decked out before even entering the house. Next year, I plan to do more in the porch.

Inside the foyer, some of the glass jars are filled with faux snow and ornaments. I'm loving mercury glass right now. Never pay retail for it. This display only looks like it came from Pottery Barn. Goddess help me, I love things in jars.

The mercury glass ornament collection is on the small hallway tree. I add more little ornaments every year. I'm loving to collect special ornaments when we visit places. In Chicago I picked up one that looks like the Wrigley Building and in Arizona I found a pink Volkswagen Beetle.

The mantle is a collection of more mercury glass mixed with twigs and other miscellany. The blackbird was there at Hallowe'en and he's still there. I don't know, I just like him.

On the bookshelves I have more of those silly jars filled with snow and stuff. This little polar bear comes out every year. Loopy just adores him.

The tree this year started out being a mix of chocolate brown and baby blue but it morphed into this silver/teal/navy/brown concoction and I'm only halfway pleased with it. I do a different theme for the main tree every year. I start planning sometime in the summer. Don't worry, it's all done on a dime, ornaments are repainted, recycled or picked up at thrift stores and sale tables in the summer.

But thanks to those stylish Swedes, the wrap all coordinates (IKEA) with the tree ornaments and the paint colours in the room.

The little shelf in the powder room, decked out with my little bottle collection and some funny greens:

Showing you the back of the toilet? Sure, why not. The snowglobes are from the old "Frosty" and "Rudolph" cartoons.

The tree in the master suite is decked out with things that remind me of our wedding: pink flamingos, doughnuts and bubbles. You had to be there. The tree takes me there when I look at it. In Arizona I found four wedding-cake ornaments and I was over the moon!

Loopy and I fixed up a new tree for her room this year. It all started with the Dollarama snowmen. This entire tree is dollar store, homemade, junktable fun. Her felt initials are from the dollar bin at Michaels. The fuzzy snowflakes are from the Dollarama also, we hot glued bright buttons to them. I found that cutout felt garland in Chicago at the outlet mall. And teh maribou? Michaels. Pretty snazzy. If you recognize the glittered balls, they're from my banner. We gussied up old balls with glue and glitter last month.

The rest of the ornaments will go up this weekend, after I've recovered from my travels. The carpenters are here today and tomorrow finishing the laundry room, the bookshelves and the dining room wainscoting. Photos to follow.
So what do I love about our holiday home? Mostly the planning that goes into decorating it. I take loads of photos and every year I scrapbook a two-page layout of the finished product using some of the name tags from gifts, ribbons and bows, wrapping paper and other salvage from the decorating. To me, the planning is the best part. What about you?


Mrs. G. said...

Saucy, can I come live with you? I love you and I love your house. And I think Veto is cute. I'm sure I'd like the kids. And I'm fond of pepper steak.

MJ said...

Wow. What a lot of work you put into X'mas! Phenomenal the way that you love this season!

Junie Moon said...

Everything looks so fabulous! I love your mercury glass ornaments and will keep a look out for some here.

I laughed about the part with the blackbird because my husband refuses to take a similar bird (in our case, a Raven) down off its perch on the kitchen pot rack. It's been up since Halloween of 2002. He calls it Edgar (after Poe) and says that Edgar is our pet. Goofball man!

I was thinking that potted rosemary trees would be lovely in your window boxes but I don't know whether that sort of thing is available where you live. They have Christmas tree-shaped rosemary plants here in the grocery store.

Anyway, thank you for the fabulous tour of your holiday home!

Adeline's Shabby Cottage said...

That is just gorgeous!! All of it! AND I loved seeing the toilet lol! I always wonder if other people decorate the backs of their commodes too!!

The Rose Room said...

Beautiful glass jars and ornaments. Love it. Merry Christmas and Blessings, Rachael:)

Jenn and Jacqui said...

Saucy, can you come and decorate our new Nest? Your home is gorgeous, we adore the apothacary jars with baubles, just beautiful! Love the long stockings and the urns are beautiful. A lovely home :)
Jenn and Jacqui

Natasha Burns said...

Oh wow your home is incredbile! I love everything! The pink flamingoes, mercury glass, the lights, it's all so perfect!