told you I was spoiled

Let me get this out of the way: listed here are some of my gifts, in no particular order except that the first two were made for me. Yes, it's all bragging. That's just what I do. You know that.

What do you think about a twelve year old girl who makes a teddy bear for her mother? By hand, each little stitch a stitch of love and frustration... her little self all hunched over, I can just see it, all focused on her task. You think, "I wish my little girl were just like hers" but in reality, unless you're totally into obsessive-compulsive, grumpy preteens with hearts of gold, well, you get the idea. Meet Cashew the Button-Eyed Bear:

As if anyone surfs blogs while standing, be warned to sit down for this one: my brother made me a television for my dollhouse. Yeah, right! He made it:

New episodes of Heroes... only in the dollhouse!

Sixty channels on this thing and I still can't find anything to watch! Will somebody pass me the clicker NOW!

They play this every single year... and every year, I'm stuck like glue to the tube the night it plays, even though it's probably on DVD. I must watch it with commercials, in hopes of seeing the Santa on the razor whoosh by.

For a minute or so I was wondering if this TV aired anything made past 1978, but then my good friend Keith popped up on the screen.... my not-so-secret crush...

If you're wondering how he did it, he made it out of one of those photo-display keychains. He had to try a few of them to get the right size. The curved screen is the plastic from a fresh pineapple packaging. I can still download more photos onto the TV, he supplied me with the cord and instructions. I will need The Tudors, The View (just so I can complain about it and change the channel), The Weather Channel, Letterman, and I may consider something educational, but he put the Dog Whisperer on already so I may be at my quota for learnin' TV.

On Boxing Day, I pooled the gift certificates I had from my birthday in May and from Christmas and Veto and I picked out four Sid Dickens tiles, having established that they are not art, but they are reproductions of art created by an artist, and there you have it, art for the bathroom:

Sweet Pepper found the coolest thing... a pressed glass candle holder that holds flowers. I cannot wait to get this bad-boy up and running. It's a good thing my cousin is expecting and will need a baby shower in the spring. Pepper knows I dig the antiquities.

Mrs. G. buttonholed me as being a "purse girl" and I suppose I am... always thought of myself as more of a shoe gal with a bit of a jacket and hat thing happening but with the arthritis, well, the handbag always fits and is never uncomfortable. Veto brought me back that sassy Juicy purse, only in pink. It's sweet. It may be the most functional and comfortable bag that I have. He's probably hoping beyond hope I will finally retire the bag that looks like a tape player with the coin purse that looks like a cassette tape. He's tired of everyone commenting on it and stopping us. "I used to think it was cute but now it's annoying" were his words about that. One Kate Spade, one Coach and a few vintage bags later... I still have that silly tape purse. Poor Veto.

But this Juicy Fluffy bag in pink leather... it's so me! Imagine this bag in pink:

When doesn't Saucy appreciate a bottle? It was on this Christmas, in honour of her adoration of all things even remotely related to Marie Antoinette, that her brother and sis-in-law brought her a cake server shaped like a shoe and some Coppola wine, you may have to scratch your head over that connection to MA.

I'm also feeling a very English royal vibe, with not one, but two copies of The Tudors on DVD. Heads will roll. Get it? Heads will roll.


Tootsie Farklepants said...

OMG! I'm so in love with Keith too! And that tv for your dollhouse? The coolest thing I've ever seen!

Gabriela said...

Thanks for your visit and kind comments. I guess you should ask in your favorite stores if they carry Somerset Studio magazines {Stampington}. I hope they do.

All the best for the New Year.

Warm regards,


Mrs. G. said...

Dear Saucy's Brother,

Your attention to tiny detail and your clear and present sense of humor lead me to ask: are you married? I will leave my husband for you. That's how much I dig those rabbit ears.

And Saucy, this post reminds me, once again, that you live in the classy town of Saucyville while I reside in a little hovel called Derfwad. Our tiles are golden-rod circa 1973. My purse is a Trader Joes bag.

MJ said...

What a great tv for your dollhouse! Good going, little brother, for all the effort and imagination required to make it happening for Saucy! Lucky, lucky Saucy!

Love the tiles too; I concur that they are art reproductions but that is a good thing for the bathroom with all the humidity etc (& also for the kitchen with all the grease, etc!!). Incidentally, an Andy Warhol exhibit is opening on Jan 26, 2008 in my little city. Let me know if you are coming!

Junie Moon said...

I adore the little bear, especially the fact that your daughter made it. What a wonderful gift of love!

And that TV--oh my, what a fabulously creative brother you have.

All of your gifts are awesome and I'm so glad you were treated so well for Christmas.

Q said...

Dear Saucy,
Such talent! You are spoilt, as all should be!
I have enjoyed catching up. Happy 2008! May you have lots more spoiling and fun.

MJ said...

I mis-read your post earlier ~ I thought you made the teddy for the Fan! Wow! Loopy! Great job! What a lovely and memorable X'mas gift for your mother!

Jenn and Jacqui said...

Hi Saucy, love this post! How wonderful is Cashew and the TV, fab!! Lucky girl Saucy! Happy New Year fom across the miles! Jenn and Jacqui

Professor J said...

That TV is wonderful! And Cashew would have to spend all of his natural days on my bedside table--he's just that cute.

I'm glad to see you had a merry one.


That TV is too much. Your family seriously needs to be featured in a Miniature's magazine, be entered into the state fair and be on Martha Stewart. Thanks for the eye candy and entertainment. Happy New Year!

100 Percent Cottam said...

those tv's are cracking me up and making me weep all at the same time. at least lost comes back soon.

Saucy said...

Here is a little update, guess where Pepper found that sweet candle holder/flower vase? It was at her Grandma's house when they were going through it in the summer. And she thought of me! I love it so much, and where it came from. Thanks again, dear friend.

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Thanks for stopping by Creative Blogs.
My heart stopped at your Sid Dickens tiles! I own 6 so far and I'm not stopping.......they're not art? Oh they are to me! :)

Anonymous said...

Mate. This blog is amazing. How can I make it look this good ?.