shameless appeal for sympathy (not illustrated)

Ugh. We are all very sick. Surprisingly enough, with different ailments, just to keep things fun and exciting! Veto has some sort of bronchule/pneumonia type-thingy (yes, I did study one term of medical/Latin terminology - and aced it - but I can still say "thingy").

My rheumatoid arthritis has flared and brought with it a nasty sinus infection as a result of immune-suppressing drugs that for some reason I thought could be taken with red wine the whole time we were traveling, so much for that theory. I was so ill at my regularly-scheduled specialist appointment, she didn't make-me-like-Roger-Clemens and I didn't get any steroid support for my joints. I will officially be on the D.L. for the rest of the holiday season, nursing my nasty rotator cuff injury and having Veto step in to lift the bird to home plate. Even on death's very door I can still muster baseball analogies.

Buddy has mono... uh-hmmmm, the "kissing disease." I will get to the bottom of that later. Who was he kissing, with his mouth full of packing from his wisdom tooth removal? Something is not quite right with that picture. It appears to me it should be called the snoozing disease, because that's all he's done for three days and nary kissed me but once.

Thankfully, Loopy only has a sore throat at this point but has wisely jumped ship and moved to Grandma's with her mathlete stuff and her dog. We'll hopefully see her by Christmas.

On the bright side, the painter left today, job quasi-finished, save for a few touch-ups so I can reveal the new dining room... soon... after some more sleeeeeeep. Wanna hint? Wanda's rug looks fan-tastic!


Jenn and Jacqui said...

Hi Saucy, oh you poor things, that's terrible to be sick now!! Get well soon, sending you Merry Christmas wishes and get Well wishes too from across the miles! Jenn and Jacqui

Angela said...

And you have it my dear... there is nothing like a snuggly blanket and the ear of a good friend to help you feel better.

Please get well soon, Saucy!
I know just how you feel... when one of us gets sick we all do ("when it rains it pours"!) We like to affectionately call it the "Willis Plague". I am also glad to hear that it is nothing more than what a little time and a TON of rest won't cure.

Hope you recover just in time to enjoy your Christmas fully!

Mrs. G. said...

You can't be sick on your favorite holiday!! I hope you all feel better soon. The blogging world isn't as sparkly without you.

DivaDeb said...

Dear girl, I hope that Santa brings your household a bagful of 'feel-better'! You poor things. (LOVE the baseball references!)

MJ said...

Sorry to hear that most are out of sorts at your home. Am glad to hear that Loopy sprung the coop to Grandma's and hope she remains well over there. Am also glad that the dogs are well ~ just what you don't need is sick dogs in addition to sick people. Hope everyone feels better and in jolly happy X'mas spirits soon!

Karen at Junking in Georgia said...

hope you all feel much better very soon thank you for your sweet comment and for visiting Junking in Georgia please return.. I like your blog very much.. Merry Christmas Karen

Junie Moon said...

I'm so sorry you're ill. I'm getting over pneumonia, too, and certainly hope I'm not guilty of passing it along to you when we met.

My ability to read and comnent on blogs are limited right now as something is wrong with my laptop and our internet connection. Hard to get a tech to fix this stuff at Christmas. So don't think I'm ignoring you (or anyone else out ther) but my internet access is very limited right now. I get to post my blog and make a fly-by blog visit and that's about it.

Get well soon!