saucy movie review

Our movie this weekend was National Treasure Book of Secrets. I have a soft spot for caper movies, especially anything to do with history, antiquities, freemasonry, and the office of POTUS. Even Nicholas Cage (being Coppola-related) wins me over in this franchise, of which I am sure (spoiler alert!) there will be a third.

The implausibility of the entire thing makes it appealing. There weren't too many special effects scenes to give me a headache, and the romance was kept to a minimum, keeping Buddy Budderson happy also. Being seventeen, romance doesn't mix with action at all.

Overall, I'd recommend it only because I enjoy this sort of stuff - now you know what a geek I am - but you can wait for the DVD if you aren't sure or there are no teenagers in your household to please. Three cuppy-cakes out of five, with a smattering of extra frosting because freemasonry is way interesting and so is Harvey Keitel.


Lisa said...

OH I loved this movie! DH & I went to see it Friday night and it was a packed house! I'm a history junkie and the concept is enough to blow you away.. loved the action, was glad there wasn't any killing, blood, super amount of violence or language. I really enjoyed it.

Have a great New Year!

DivaDeb said...

Nick IS great in this one, but I must say that Riley...well, Riley ROCKS. Funny funny guy. And I totally agree with you on the sequel! This was a classic 'middle movie' plotline - where the plausibility wears a bit thin, drags on, leaves too much out, and yet somehow keeps you riveted to the story because you just KNOW that those clues will come in handy in the next film. I can't wait!

(I loved seeing tons of families in the theater - imagine, a film that teaches kids about history AND is intriguing!)