saucy the enabler

Have a little jump to MJ's blog and you will see that her birthday gift arrived safely, trudged back in two parts from Arizona... part of it in March and part of it last week. It was a risky venture hopping a plane with 24 Mrs. Field's cookies and a hungry husband, but I kept my carry-on safely stowed under my seat for the duration of the trip. I do love planning little treats for people.

MJ and I have been friends since we were five, and I used to refer to her as "my oldest" friend until she very specifically corrected me - she is "the friend I have had the longest" but not "the oldest", especially considering that I am in fact about six months older than she.

Regardless, Happy Birthday wishes to "the friend I have had the longest" in my life and whose constant presence in my world makes all days sweeter.


MJ said...

I haven't forgotten the whipped cream ventures either ~ K and N will have a test of them tonight & will keep you posted on how they go too!

What a fun package! The cookiejar is washed, dried and ready for duty! Only a few crumbs of cookies remain!

I suspect that the weight of that cookiejar took a real toil on your old pink luggage and/or you had developed incredible arm muscles transporting the cookiejar back.

I concur with little N who said as she looked at the mini Mrs Fields' cookies, "Amazing"!

Natasha Burns said...

Happy birthday to MJ! LOL I like that, not the oldest friend but the longest, too true!

Professor J said...

I love friends. And cookies.

Mrs. G. said...

Saucy, you are a true friend indeed. You haven't gotten back to me about my moving in with you for the holidays.

And that cookie? Hello Gaw-jus.

kalurah said...

Now I need a cookie.