post holiday post

In spite of all my yattering, I barely finished things in time for Christmas. My sister-in-law spent ten minutes on the floor of the craft room while I took everyone's coats, she was graciously wrapping two last-minute gifts for me. It was that crazy.

Loopy and I created our annual cookie-kit house on the night before Christmas eve:

The Fan, bless her heart, made star-shaped ice sculptures to hold votives on my front step. I'll use them until they thaw down, so probably April or May.

I quite literally was pushing painter out the door when it was time to set the holiday table. Wainscoting and new paint in the dining room, done! Doesn't it set off Wanda's rug beautifully? Shhh! Stop laughing! She'll hear you. She only lives two doors down from me now.

I switched up some of the stuff in jars. Now it's green stuff in jars with Christmas stuff in jars. Very nice with the new wainscoting, paint colour and Wanda's rug.

Veto said "veto" to a new light fixture... what's a gal to do? Make him hate the one we have, of course! It's better than it was, I spray painted most of the brass but masked off the big ball at the bottom. I added the shades, Veto calls them "hats." He can't veto the hats, or I think the rule is he'd have to un-veto a new fixture.

Christmas crackers stuffed in a jar with faux snow...

And the Christmas table was set just in the nick of time! The turkey was eaten right down to it's skeleton so there were no leftovers, just a little stuffing, and why keep stuffing... so I tossed it and that was that. No leftovers for us.

The china also did great service to Wanda's rug. I'm not sure if Veto remembered its provenance but everyone complimented us on it. Are you wondering how Martha I am? I'm so Martha, the oranges were brushed with egg white and dusted with edible glitter and sugar. That's pretty Martha.

And now, after seeing all of that, you're wondering... what did Saucy get for Christmas? Saucy got spoiled! Spoiled rotten. If you return for my next post, you will be shocked at just how much spoiling and bragging can happen on a blog. See you then!


"Jillian" said...

Saucy, your dining room looked SMASHING! I love the green, the wainscoting AND the light fixture! Great redecorating with the can of spray paint. With a name like Saucy I was surprised your place looked so MARTHA and so traditional...but I loved it! Bravo!



So many things! Love your crown molding in the dining room, crackers in your glass apothecary jar (great idea), all of your mercury glass and your star shaped ice sculptures.

Mrs. G. said...

Your house is so pretty, and you are an amazing cook, and you have impeccable taste and smokin' sex appeal. All that said, I am not surprised that you were hideously spoiled by Veto et al, and I can't wait to find out what you hauled in. I hope it's sparkly like you.

MJ said...

Your dining room looks great! Are you still planning on putting up some wallpaper to?! I think I'd wait a bit first because it looks so calming!! Glad to hear that everyone enjoyed their X'mas dinner too!