eight crazy nights

At our house, even Wrigley the dog plays driedel. He has to use the cheat one with Hebrew and English on it. He's not that smart.

What do I want this year? Here's my list for eight gifts, plus a gift on December 25th. That's Christmakkah, baby.

Day One:

Of course I still want it. He may have even bought it for me. I couldn't resist, so I asked the girl at the store who she sold it to... she was completely evasive and when pressed further I asked her if it was a handsome man in his forties. "Um, yeah" was her reply so in order to narrow it down I inquired, "wildly handsome?", and her reply was "pretty much." And so that's it. I think Veto got me the stove. Or possibly there is one other woman in this city that may be luckier than I.

Day Two:

I know it's naughty to ask for a Christmas tree for Hanukkah. I would like a flocked, prelit one for my glass ornament collection.

Day Three:

That Juicy Couture handbag that had me all messed up and confused, thus allowing Veto to purchase orange luggage at Nordstrom Rack. Feh.

Day Four:

Speaking of Juicy, a little bling and a nice charm for my silly charm bracelet. There are too many to choose from! But I'll settle for anything. I'm just that accommodating.

Day Five:

How about some real silver charms for my serious bracelet? I've not had a blue box in a while. In 359 days, but who's counting?

Day Six:

I'll have me a little Henry the Eighth on DVD, thank you very much! Ooooooh thank you.

Day Seven:

The Wilton Cupcake Cab! Honestly, I don't know how I've been toting cupcakes all these years without it. Oh, wait. I haven't been. I eat them at home. I never share cupcakes. But if you buy me the cab, maybe I'll share with you.

Day Eight:
The yummy scent of Tiramani by Shelley Kyle. It's nice because really, nobody else wears it. If you can't find that for me, you can get me Maybe Baby by Benefit or Juicy Couture. Again, accommodating.

And lastly: Is this art? The age-old question. For Christmas, maybe a piece or two of the Sid Dickens memory block collection. Oy! My father the artist would kvetch. Such schlock. But a piece or two, tiled into my bathroom renovation, that would be nice?


Anastasia Beaverhausen said...

Yes, the oven is to die for and that stuff at the bottom is art...whether dad thinks so or not.


Mrs. G. said...

I hope Veto got that stove...I can just imagine the pepper steaks you could make in that baby.

So Saucy has the purse thing. Shoes I get, but purses just don't do it for me. And I don't know this Juicy...I'll google it when I'm done here.

But that cupcake tote? It speaks to me.

MJ said...

Very cute post ~ got a chuckle out of the cupcake tote commentary.

I have no idea what to want for X'mas. My dh won't shop without a list and I haven't a list. I've suggested an iPod but I really don't know what one is except that it isn't a CD-man nor a Walkman. Yikes. I hope I don't have to learn how to program it. I hate reading manuals.

Saucy said...

Oh, I've got the shoe thing bad, too. And a really bad jacket thing and to be honest with you a bathing suit thing. I will tell you about that sometime.

Denise said...

I love Sid Dickens. They're collectibles and seem to gain value once retired. Besides, it's easy for my boyfriend to buy me a gift I'll be happy with no matter what.

Saucy said...

Well that's it then. I guess I'm going to have a "Sid Dickens Thing" too.

Professor J said...

Wrigley the dog looks whipped! You folks sure know how to party!

Here's hoping that Veto bought you the stove.

Dogwithnobrain said...

Loving Wrigley!

Loving the PRessies.

Happy Hannukamas.

Tiffany said...

That stove totally kicks! And the cupcake caddy...I've seen it in action as both cupcake and cake holder - it's what every bakin' girl needs!! Lovelovelove!

We had "High Stakes" dreidel last night at my friend Deb's Hanukkah celebration - it was intense and soooo much fun!

Happy Christyulemakkah (being pagan, raised Catholic and having Jewish friends, we're all about the multicultural celebrations down here)!

T=ME said...

Happy Hannuka! May all your wishes come true! Terri

kim (OliveJuice) said...

Oh I HOPE he's gotten you the range!! We ended up with the kitchen-aid 6 burner and I LOOOOOOVE it! I make up reasons to cook-- even if it is only to through in a frozen pizza. :)

prettyinpink said...

Saucy, will you post instructions on how to glitter up Christmas ballls like the ones in your banner? I would love to try it!

DivaDeb said...

Saucy, love, I just found a Juicy Couture OUTLET STORE not ten miles from my house, and thought of you and your obsession as soon as I saw it! OI VEY!!!

T shirts are only 90 bucks. Those charms are 45 each. A pink heart-shaped box of glass ornaments is 75. Purses start at 150. sigh. I am just too used to TJ Maxx, I guess....

stephanie said...

Ooh, I want Henry VIII too! Wait, you just mean the DVD?

And the cupcake cab - though I also wouldn't necessarily need the cab part since I would neither bake nor share them...

Fun list :)