weekend movie review

Loopy and I went with The Fan to see Enchanted, starring Amy Adams and the dapper-yet-somewhat-overrated Patrick Dempsey. It was, as promised, thoroughly enchanting.

Maybe it was the difficult week we had in our family, losing our dear Uncle Hugh... but tonight we just needed to sit and be entertained with some fluff. It was delightfully fluffy and sweet with musical numbers and a New York shopping sequence. Ah, the perfect diversion for what ails.

For the reason that it lifted our spirits and made us grin from ear to ear, I hereby give Enchanted my coveted five out of five cupcake review. Sweet.


kim said...

I am so sorry about you Uncle Hugh. (((hugs))

I agree about Patrick Dempsey. He is a bit overrated.

Saucy said...

It WAS delightful, though! I might have to call it what my crush Steve Martin calls such things, "pure drivel".

Sherry said...

I do think Patrick Dempsey is over-rated but in some ways, it's part of the fun...and it helps you when you are grieving to find something light that takes your mind off things..something that doesn't require deep thought. Sounds perfect.

Anonymous said...

My son saw this with a group of friends (he's 12) and he loved it. I'm looking forward to going with my girl. I love Amy Adams. Did you see her in the movie June Bug?

Patrick D. doesn't do it for me...McYawny.

Mrs. G.

Saucy said...

Mrs. G:

I think the Xanax my mother and I took before we went to the theatre may have helped but I still highly recommend the show even though I can't prescribe you anything beforehand. Junebug was one of the best movies of last year, by far.

Pinkie Denise said...

You are making me hungry with all those delicious desserts! Yum, I like
the vanilla cake with chocolate frosting oh no. This was fun thanks
Pinkie Denise

DivaDeb said...

Saucy, dear friend, I am so sorry to hear of your family's loss. My thoughts are with you and all who mourn your sweet uncle Hugh.Uncles are special.

And I am TOTALLY planning to see that movie when I get a free moment...it IS Disney, after all!
('McYawny' - love that!)

Pepper said...

Abby and I saw it on Friday. We loved it too! Great concept for a movie......the dragon was awesome!
Glad you got MG out, keep up the good work!