halloween spoilers

This year Loopy is going to be "Claire Bennett" from Heroes. I've got the material and whatnots I need so hopefully we can start whipping it all up this weekend. No pattern. That's how I roll.
The question is: should she be regular Claire (above) or injured/healed Claire (below)... we can't decide yet.

And me? To answer the door, I'm getting dressed up in the costume Loopy wore last year... only look at what I bought on eBay! Aren't these glasses too fun? They cost very little, I'm sure the shipping will amount to more than the glasses themselves.

Here's Loopy all dressed up last year, in her Grandma's (aka "The Fan's") prom dress. She wasn't wearing glasses, they're just Mo's Doo Dads. I really wanted to track down some funky glasses - I hope they arrive in time for All Hallow's Eve.


Mrs. Staggs said...

Oh my goodness, how perfect those glasses are! They look like Mo glasses for sure, and will be perfect with the prom dress.
I love Halloween, and look forward to it all the year round!
Take care Miz Sasha...I'm thinking of you!
P.S. Too bad about the Cubs. Now who are you pullin' for? I'm hoping the Indians come through this year. It's been pretty cool to see Jacob's Field filled with fans again!

Lisa said...

Depends on whether you want to do simple or go for it complicated... I like the regular CB myself. I don't do gruesome at all. I'm a bit of a wuss, can't even do horror flicks without having a nightmare. The all messed up CB would be pretty impressive. Have fun with that!

Junie Moon said...

Based on the pictures, I'd say regular Claire as injured Claire seems to involve pulling up her shirt which will get tedious after a bit and problematic when you've got your hands full doing other things.

The glasses are great and will make a great costume accessory.

MJ said...

You are a queen of costumes! I love the scrapbook page too! Lovely!

I'm not familiar with Heroes; the injured Claire is a little gorey and could be messy (as per Junie Moon) plus it would be hard to keep makeup looking right unless you have the material fixed just right. My vote is for the uninjured Claire so that Loopy can focus on fun, not on keeping her costume together for full effect.

Q said...

Happy Thanksgiving.
Now down to the fun stuff!
The glasses are very Mo!
I wonder where my mother's old glasses from the 1950's went???
Have fun.

scrappaleica said...

You sew just like me girl, pattern, what pattern? I start with one and NEVER have ever finished following it. I think Loopy will be great no matter which way! Have fun.